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Sign the Petition to Bring Back Tailgating

You’ve heard about the new Middlebury College regulations on tailgating. No alcohol. No music. Ostensibly, no fun. It’s absurd, it’s wrong, it’s insulting. Namely, it’s just counterproductive. It’s time to make a change. Sign this student-created Petition to Bring Back Tailgating now, if you’re in favor of this argument, and send it to as many alumni as possible. If the Midd administration won’t listen to the students actually living the Middlebury on-campusContinue reading


Just When You Thought Social Life Surveillance Couldn’t Get Any Higher: Alcohol Now Banned at Middlebury Tailgates

Few activities signify fall more than a good tailgate.  Bundled up, grilling, kicking it with friends and family, talking about the game (or not), and cracking a beer (or two) is one of the most familiar and enjoyable activities of the season. While we at Midd can continue to enjoy the first four of that set, the fifth has been eliminated by a new Public Safety Policy banning alcoholic beveragesContinue reading


Liebowitz Ends Purple Jesus

On Tuesday, President Liebowitz surprised just about everyone by declining the Community Council’s strong recommendation to allow the Mill to continue to be an official exception to the social house pilot program, which bans hard alcohol. This means the Mill can no longer host Purple Jesus, one of the most popular and storied all-campus parties and the Mill’s longest (over twenty years) and most important tradition. We all assumed PurpleContinue reading



Tree Vandalism. We’ve tweeted about it and facebooked about it and received multiple tips about it. Needless to say, a post on tree vandalism is long overdue. If you still don’t know why we are so angry about this, scroll down. First take a look at this very nice cedar tree: Click to continue reading beyond the jump.

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Otter Nonsense presents “The Scared is Fucking Scary”

Thoughts? Comment below (click on the post first if you are reading this on the homepage). This is the video you have to see if you’ve haven’t yet. “The Scared is Scared,” made by Bianca Giaever ‘12.5, has 755,000 views on Vimeo now. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted it on his facebook. And now the Otters have parodied it. So it’s a big deal. PS The Otters have a show coming up:  Continue reading