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Ron Liebowitz’s Invitation for Discussion: A Translation by an of-age Middlebury student

A particularly cunning student recently sent middbeat a satirical translation of Ron Liebowitz’s recent invitation to the student body to discuss campus social life.   While a magnanimous gesture from our President, students have been doubting how much this discussion will actually do to change the social atmosphere at the college.  The author wanted to preface the piece with the following: The intention of this piece is not at allContinue reading


Seniors: President Ron Liebowitz will pay for your graduation breakfast

We got an email from President Ron Leibowitz yesterday asking why we haven’t submitted his announcement that he’s paying for all you senior’s breakfasts already. Well here it is seniors: Seniors: a long-time custom is for seniors to have breakfast on Commencement (Sunday) morning at Steve’s Park Diner in town. A few years ago the president’s office began picking up the tab so seniors could just come, eat, and socialize.Continue reading