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Middlebury Students: College Administrator and Staff Assault Students, Endanger Lives After Murray Protest

** Much of the narrative surrounding Charles Murray’s visit to Middlebury and the protests that ensued has been controlled by the College administration in the form of an email from President Laurie Patton and statements made by Vice President for communications Bill Burger to the New York Times. We at middbeat feel it is valuable to give a platform for all students, including student protestors, to voice their opinions inContinue reading

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#AllSchoolEmailDrafts Black Lives Matter

A black flag peers from behind a now bare tree, false signs of winter obscures its appearance– scraping but a few leaves blocking its visage. Upon walking closer it reads “Black Lives Matter.” In just a short walk from the library to this building a few students look up at this new installation. They wonder why its there, how it got there, and maybe what it means. For some, thisContinue reading

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Voices from the #SanctuaryCampus Walkout

On Wednesday, November 16th, hundreds of Middlebury students and professors gathered outside of Mead Chapel to stand in solidarity with undocumented members of the college community and the country at large in response to President-elect Trump’s anti-immigrant policy proposals. The walkout occurred as part of a national action to call on the Middlebury administration to declare the college a “sanctuary campus,” thereby protecting undocumented students from intimidation, unfair investigation, andContinue reading

Student protesters at Middlebury in 1970.

10 Steps to Protest at Middlebury College

Middlebury College’s Handbook offers an in depth policy on how to protest. The following text of their “how-to” suggestions are from the Demonstrations and Protests component. To read the policy in full click here.   1.) Protest but please whisper it to yourself in the comfort of your own dorm away from any administrator to avoid enacting change or making the institution aware of the issue. Students, faculty and staffContinue reading

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TOMORROW: Middlebury #SanctuaryCampus Walk-Out

*Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez @ CultureStrike “This Wednesday (Nov. 16th), college students across the country will be participating in a walk-out to declare their campus as a #SanctuaryCampus. Across the country, there are over 700,000 undocumented students at institutions of higher education. Trump has promised that he will do away with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), deport undocumented immigrants, and separate families. Middlebury College is one of a handfulContinue reading


The BSU Board on Last Week’s Blackout and the Continuing Importance of Action at Midd

from the Black Student Union board: “This year, we renamed BSU to reflect the diversity of blackness at Middlebury, as well as to invoke a sense of community and collective strength. For us, this meaning calls on us to support issues concerning black students at Middlebury and beyond. We organized the Blackout because a student in our membership asked us to do so, and because we too believe it isContinue reading


TODAY: Pink-Out for Planned Parenthood

Lily Wilson ’18 writes in to middbeat: “Feminist Action at Middlebury is hosting a #PinkOut to show our collective support for Planned Parenthood. All you have to do to participate is wear pink (i.e., its a perfect last opportunity to break out those nantucket red shorts. or one of those charity tshirts you never wear. or literally anything pink.) FAM members will be posted outside Proctor all day asking students why Planned Parenthood’s services are importantContinue reading


A Peaceful Letter to the Graffiti Artist from Anonymous

With the graffiti wiped away, most of us seem to have moved on to end of the year shenanigans and preparations for finals week. Yet the underlying issues prompting the graffiti artist and the backlash to the graffiti remain. Today, middbeat is posting a letter written by an anonymous student to the graffiti artist. Read below for one student’s take on the recent incident and a request for more informationContinue reading


WATCH NOW: Middlebury Unmasked

 In a recent email to the student body, Barbara McCall, Director of Health and Wellness Education, introduced April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The email included a link (go/saam15) to various upcoming events surrounding sexual assault awareness. Be sure to give it a look and watch out for future events. Aside from these initiatives, a small group of student activists recently worked together to create Middlebury Unmasked, a documentaryContinue reading


OP-ED: Hit WHOM Where it Hurts? A Response to The Campus’ “Hit ‘Em Where it Hurts”

In response to a recent opinion piece in the Middlebury Campus titled Hit ‘Em Where it Hurts, which addresses student protest and avenues for change at Middlebury, student activist Adriana Ortiz-Burnham ’17 writes in with her opinion on the issue and her reaction to the article’s claims: In The Middlebury Campus, (Oct 09) Luke Smith-Stevens, in “Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts,” characterizes Middlebury students as “a captive market.” He claims we “are leftContinue reading


Middlebury Disorientation Guide pt. 3: Mental Health and Sexual Assault, College Finance, Privilege, and Recommended Classes

This is the third and final portion of the “Middlebury Disorientation Guide” that will be published on middbeat.  This portion covers the topics of Mental Health and Sexual Assault resources on Campus  Make sure to also check out Beyond the Green’s coverage of the pamphlet, and continue to comment and reach out to get involved with the campaigns and ideas the authors have put forth.  Again, you can get inContinue reading