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I Have Neither Given Nor Received Authorized Aid on Community Standards

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Brandi Fullwood ’17: After snaking through a maze of push and pull doors, I finally make it into a crowded corridor to get into the Ross elevator. The night as anticipated was less than exciting, but I took some pride in not walking over to the Grille. The elevator lights were blaring and bright compared toContinue reading

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A Call for Common Sense: Responding to Campus Cultural Appropriation

from Brandi Fullwood ’17: “they have been raised to believe, and by now they helplessly believe, that no matter how terrible some of their lives may be and no matter what disaster overtakes them, there is one consolation like a heavenly revelation–at least they are not black” – James Baldwin There will be writers much more radical than myself. There will be many who use emotions to argue against whatContinue reading


Op-Ed: The Phenomenon of the ‘Middle’ MiddKid

by Lizzy Weiss ’17: When I first decided to apply ED to Middlebury in the fall of 2011, I pictured a very specific type of Middkid– outdoorsy, intelligent, relaxed… debating the issues of the world, listening to a less mainstream version of Mumford and Sons, experimenting with Kombucha brewing. I don’t know exactly where that idealization came from– maybe the Middkid music video (be honest, we all watched it) inContinue reading


Community Conversations: Social Life

Last week, Community Council Co-Chair Ben Bogin ’15 and SGA Director of Institutional Diversity Jeremy Stratton-Smith ’17 announced an awesome initiative called “Community Conversations” in an email sent to the student body. Bogin and Stratton-Smith will be hosting biweekly open forums for students and administrators to discuss various issues at Middlebury. Upcoming talks include: 3/5: Middlebury’s Judicial System/Title IX/Sexual Assault 3/19: Support Services for Students 4/2: Inclusivity in the Classroom 4/16: Diversity and Inclusivity 4/30: HealthContinue reading

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Four Super Senior Febs You Should Have Gotten to Know (But You’ll Have to Off-Campus Because They Graduated Yesterday)

They entered Middlebury in February 2011. Now they leave us. But, hopefully (definitely) we’ll see them again. middbeat presents four amusing interviews with members of the class of 2014.5. Katherine Elizabeth “Betsy” Neal Hometown: Jackson, Wyoming Age: 21 Major: Economics Do you have any eccentric passions, hobbies, or skills? I really like fly-fishing. Not that many people do it here. My dad taught me. You go out into a riverContinue reading


The Sophomore Slump Just Became So. Real.

Much ink has been spilled over the notion of a “Sophomore Slump.” A simple Google search reveals that MGMT’s Congratulations was deemed mediocre at best, as was Reggie Bush’s second season with the Saints. Whether or not you believe in the prolific nature of the trend, there seems to be a quiet understanding amongst Middlebury students that there is something uniquely challenging about sophomore year. Yet many upperclassmen also tend to characterize this secondContinue reading


REMINDER: Discussion with Liebowitz re: Social Life TONIGHT at 8

Just a friendly reminder of Liebo’s invitation to discuss social life at Midd tonight at 8 in McCullough.  Students have been discussing the ills of campus social life fervently all semester, yet much of this energy has been directed into complaints instead of action.  This open forum should prove a valuable inroad into implementing the changes students want to see to make social life more, well, social.  middbeat will be doingContinue reading

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Ron Liebowitz’s Invitation for Discussion: A Translation by an of-age Middlebury student

A particularly cunning student recently sent middbeat a satirical translation of Ron Liebowitz’s recent invitation to the student body to discuss campus social life.   While a magnanimous gesture from our President, students have been doubting how much this discussion will actually do to change the social atmosphere at the college.  The author wanted to preface the piece with the following: The intention of this piece is not at allContinue reading


Wesleyan’s Foss Hill and Universal Social Space on Middlebury’s Campus

This post is intended to be the beginning of a conversation about campus social life leading up to this coming Sunday’s conversation with President Liebowitz.  While the conversation over the past month has focused predominantly on alcohol policy, other pieces of campus life, such as exclusivity, must be taken into account as well.  Students talk frequently to a perceived clickiness, and social division in the student body.  This post hopesContinue reading


Liebowitz to Host Discussion on Campus Social Life

This semester has proven a tumultuous one with regards to student reactions to administrative policies regulating, some would say killing, student social life.  Aware of this widespread sentiment, President Ron Liebowitz will host a discussion regarding the relationship between the administration’s commitment to student safety and the student body’s desire for a vibrant social life in hopes of finding common ground. The meeting will be in the McCullough Social SpaceContinue reading


Social House Information Session

In light of recent events and policies, it’s clear there’s significant drama regarding social life at Middlebury. While we all (at least most of us) revel in our campus’ lack of Greek life, social outlets at Midd can feel limited, and, if you’re not in a cappella, sports, improv or the likes, it can be really difficult to meet students in other years. Thankfully, Midd does have some sweet Social Houses,Continue reading


One Small Step… Party Assistants for Hire

Social life surveillance has been a hot topic preoccupying many minds over the last couple weeks, middbeat’s included. The student body’s principle complaint has been the shady ways in which the administration goes about making these decisions, without any apparent student input.  Alas, there seems to be some progress on that front, heralded in by the recent announcement of a new “Party Assistant” position for students. Anyone who has beenContinue reading


Liebowitz Error Means Purple Jesus May Be Resurrected

The saga continues. After a strange turn of events involving a screw-up by Prez Liebowitz and Shirley Collado, it looks like Purple Jesus may have a chance at continuing at the Mill. Liebowitz sent an email to the Community Council on May 30th admitting he “never completed the process I have been committed to following” for deciding whether or not to approve the Community Council (CC)’s decision to let theContinue reading


Liebowitz Ends Purple Jesus

On Tuesday, President Liebowitz surprised just about everyone by declining the Community Council’s strong recommendation to allow the Mill to continue to be an official exception to the social house pilot program, which bans hard alcohol. This means the Mill can no longer host Purple Jesus, one of the most popular and storied all-campus parties and the Mill’s longest (over twenty years) and most important tradition. We all assumed PurpleContinue reading


middbeat minutes: Discussing the Future of Social Life at Midd

Middlebury’s social scene is still in the midst of an identity crisis. It largely began in the 90s when the College got rid of frats and sororities, which provided the foundation of Midd’s social life for, like, a hundred plus years. With the end of Greek life came a make over of the school’s identity from a typical white, privileged New England college (epitomized by fraternities and sororities) to aContinue reading


Giving “Bro” Culture A Voice Of Its Own

Lately, writing-inclined Midd folk have gotten their hands dirty in what I’d coin “Middlebury bro-ology,” or, the study of “bros” at Midd. Recent dabbles in Midd bro-ology include Nathan Weil’s ’15 Middlebury Campus op-ed defending the white-privileged-male-econ major against the feminist “condescension” found in Sam Kaufman’s ‘12.5‘s Campus article, and Cody Gohl ’13’s MiddBlog analysis of “bro” culture. Last month’s ADP disbandment further ignited tensions among “bro-ologists,” as many deemed Delta house “home of theContinue reading