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Middlebury Disorientation Guide pt. 3: Mental Health and Sexual Assault, College Finance, Privilege, and Recommended Classes

This is the third and final portion of the “Middlebury Disorientation Guide” that will be published on middbeat.  This portion covers the topics of Mental Health and Sexual Assault resources on Campus  Make sure to also check out Beyond the Green’s coverage of the pamphlet, and continue to comment and reach out to get involved with the campaigns and ideas the authors have put forth.  Again, you can get inContinue reading


Inside the Military Rape Case: An Evening with Susan Burke, Lead Counsel

Sexual assault in the military has been widely publicized over the past few years thanks to the courage of many military survivors who came forward to tell their stories in the groundbreaking documentary, “The Invisible War,” and to seek justice and reform through a series of lawsuits aiming to change the way the military prosecutes rape. This being said, for far too long the military sexual assault culture went unnoticed – aContinue reading

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WRMC’s “The Campus Voice” Premieres Today w/ Media & Sexual Assault Discussion

Tune in to WRMC 91.1 today at 2PM to hear the first installment of The Campus Voice, a weekly radio talk show about current campus issues hosted by Ian Stewart ’14 and Greta Neubauer ‘14.5. This week’s episode, “Breaking the Silence: Media in the Conversation about Sexual Assault on College Campuses” features representatives from on-campus media sources (including middbeat!), as well as sexual assault awareness activists from Midd and Swarthmore.Continue reading


Middlebury Senior Charged with Felony Sexual Assault

The Addison Independent reported earlier this week that 22-year-old Middlebury College senior Dong Song has been charged with felony sexual assault. The charges stem from an on-campus encounter that Song had with a female Middlebury student early on the morning of Sunday, May 12th. On Monday, Song pleaded innocent in Addison County Superior Court. If convicted, he faces a jail sentence of three years to life, plus a fine ofContinue reading

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[Live blog] Hundreds Turn Out For ‘It Happens Here’: Stories of Sexual Assault

 UPDATE: Their website is now live with stories both in print and audio. Also there will be an opportunity from to discuss the stories and sexual assault in general from 5:30-7:00PM in Redfield proctor. Here is one of them:     A full McCullough Social Space ‘It Happens Here,’ a sexual assault awareness event organized by a diverse group of students who want to “start conversations about the complexities ofContinue reading


Check out the “It Happens Here” Video

The student team behind It Happens Here released this video today to promote their second annual event, happening in McCullough on April 22nd. It Happens Here is a student initiative to raise awareness about the realities of sexual assault on campus. On April 22nd, students will read aloud the stories of sexual assault, violence, disrespect, and miscommunication submitted by their peers. Do you have a story that you wish to share?Continue reading


TOMORROW 3/12: Sexual Assault Oversight Committee Info Session

The prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses has gotten a lot of press recently, as it very well should. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in addressing the issue on Middlebury’s campus, check out this opportunity:      The Sexual Assault Oversight Committee (SAOC) is creating a confidential,      on-campus informational and advocacy program for students with      emergency and non-crisis needs around sexualContinue reading