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Class Ring Discount Ordering Today


If you’re interested in buying a class ring, which we’re not sure anyone does anymore but it could be fun, today and tomorrow are the days to do it. From 10am – 2pm today Jostens, the class ring company Midd works with, will be at the bookstore holding an official ring ordering event. Special discounts on rings will be offered during this two day event. So, if you want a sapphire gem stone to rock at class reunions to come, hit up the bookstore today to check out the great deals.

Date: Today, 9/23, and Tomorrow, 9/24
Time: 10am – 2pm
Place: Middlebury College Bookstore
Cost: Site says the rings cost between $464 and $534. Pero whaaaat?!!

It’s Been 100 Days Since 200 Days, but Who’s Counting?


One of the few perks of being a senior is that the Senior Committee puts on a big ‘ol party for us when we have 200 and 100 days left until graduation. Maybe also at 50 and 25, we’ll see.  To counter the depression caused by the prospect of impending doom / real life, seniors take full advantage of three free drinks and the pleasure that comes along with being exclusive.

The 200 days party which happened approximately 100 days ago was quite an event.  The party featured live music from The Milk Chocolate Project, made up of Mohan Fitzgerald ’14, Innocent Tswamuno ‘15, Tito Son ‘14.5, and Max Eingorn ’14.  They’ll be back tonight featuring Caroline Joyner ’15.  After the music with instruments, there will be a DJ from Top Hat Entertainment.  We’ll see how they compare to the tunes from Mariam Khan ’16 who DJed at the 200 days party.

David Cannistra, General Manager of Retail Food Operations, had this to say:

Having done almost a dozen of these events, it seemed to be the most well attended and people seemed to enjoy the night. We had no major problems with alcohol with any students and it just seemed like it was a good crowd for this one.

To stick with the whole numbers thing, here’s a recap of the event “by the numbers”:

Estimated number of attendees: 500
Estimated total budget for the event: $15,000
Kegs of Switchback consumed: 3
Kegs of Woodchuck hard cider consumed: 2
Bottles of wine/champagne consumed: 84
Average number of drinks consumed per person (12 oz beers, 5 oz wines, 500 people): 2.44
Number of drinks allowed per person in venue: 3
Average drinks consumed before arrival: 6.7
People sent to the hospital from slipping on the floor: 3 (one injured knee, five stitches to someone’s chin, one broken arm)
People who slipped and fell: everyone
Platters of popcorn chicken, pizza sticks, and sweet potato fries consumed: 26
Green mountain security staff present: 9
Middlebury retail foods staff present: 12

For details on tonight’s party, read after the jump.  No beer on the dancefloor. 

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Seniors: President Ron Liebowitz will pay for your graduation breakfast

breakfastWe got an email from President Ron Leibowitz yesterday asking why we haven’t submitted his announcement that he’s paying for all you senior’s breakfasts already. Well here it is seniors:

Seniors: a long-time custom is for seniors to have breakfast on Commencement (Sunday) morning at Steve’s Park Diner in town. A few years ago the president’s office began picking up the tab so seniors could just come, eat, and socialize. Last year, we added the Middlebury Bagel Deli (Washington Street), so come to breakfast at either place. Bagel Deli opens around 5:00 a.m. and Steve’s opens around 6:00 a.m. See you there!

So if you stay up all night 5 am and 6 am are pretty doable. Thanks Ron!


Where + When: SUNDAY 26th  Steve’s Diner opening @ 6 am. Middbagel opening @ 5 am.  UPDATE: also Sama’s cafe which opens @ 630 am. 
Why: Perhaps your last chance


Seniors Voice Their Problems With Midd in SGA Bill


UPDATE: We were notified that this bill did, indeed, pass last night, but that just means next year’s SGA will consider these recommendations.

Before peacing from Midd, Senior Class senators Nathan Arnosti and Michael Hilgendorf and Student Co-Chair of Community Council Barrett Smith put together an omnibus bill comprising dozens of suggestions sent in from Seniors sent describing how they would improve Middlebury if they could (regardless of feasibility). Here is the bill they put together (with no expectation of its passing)— it’s got some interesting ideas. Add your ideas in the comments.

Whereas, the class of 2013 has been an integral part of the Middlebury College community for four years,

Whereas, when asked for suggestions on what would improve their collegiate experience, dozens of members of the senior class offered their input,

Whereas, the SGA strives to represent students’ opinions to the best of its ability,

 Whereas, Oprah Winfrey once said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom,”

Therefore, let it be resolved that the senior class, through the SGA, encourages the administration in conjunction with 2013-14 Student Government Organizations to:

a. Improve the course evaluation system in order to provide students more information when choosing classes.*

b. Improve on-campus sports medicine for non-varsity athletes, and increase resources and support for these groups in general.*

c. Create a fully functioning wifi system throughout Atwater dining hall.*

d. Pave the walkway between Davis Library and Axinn that is currently a worn footpath.*

e. Increase funding for internships and only consider offering credit if doing so does not disadvantage low-income students.*

f. Ensure that at least one television in the gym is set to a channel other than sports. Continue reading