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Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate Team Wins D3 National Championships

Update: Here is a more comprehensive report of the championship game. Middlebury’s men’s ultimate team, the Pranksters, won the D-3 National Championships today in Milwaukee, WI beating the University of Puget Sound in a 12-11 nail-biter. This is the first appearance for the Pranksters in the national championships since 2010, when both the Pranksters and the Lady Pranksters (the women’s team) made an appearance at the D-1 National Championships.  AtContinue reading


This Weekend: Ultimate Frisbee Hosts Sectionals

Breaking news- the Middlebury Ultimate Frisbee teams do more than just throw station parties, wear crazy outfits, and have weird nicknames. It turns out they also play frisbee. Who knew! This weekend is your chance to see them in action- the Pranksters are hosting the Greater New England College Sectionals. Games will be played all day Saturday on Fields 1,2,3, and 4, shown on the map below. Here are theContinue reading