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Submit to the Crampus!

Ever wanted to contribute to the Crampus? Now’s your chance! The Crampus, Middlebury’s only intentionally humorous publication, is throwing caution to the wind this semester by inviting you to write for us. Think of it as a paper version of Yik Yak but with less plagiarism and fewer odious personal attacks and more good-natured absurdity and hilarity. Here’s a link you can use to submit your ideas, funny or not, andContinue reading


Fall Family Weekend Observations: The Dad Fashion Crisis

  If you had relatives coming for Fall Family Weekend, we know you were counting down the days last week. You probably gave a halfhearted attempt at cleaning your room, and kicked your alcohol and maybe your hookup buddy under your bed and out of sight. Because, admit it, you were excited to see your parents this weekend (that is, if your parents are Northeasterners and/or had the time andContinue reading


Otter Nonsense Improv in Johnson

Adam Benay ‘13.5 writes in: The Otter Nonsense Players will be performing a show in the Johnson pit tomorrow (9/18) night at 10 (pm). Please refrain from leaning on the oil paintings. End communique. Date: Wednesday, September 18th Time: 10PM Place: The pit in the middle of Johnson