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The Crampus, Middlebury’s only intentionally humorous publication, is throwing caution to the wind this semester by inviting you to write for us. Think of it as a paper version of Yik Yak but with less plagiarism and fewer odious personal attacks and more good-natured absurdity and hilarity. Here’s a link you can use to submit your ideas, funny or not, and we’ll even credit you if we use them in our spring issue. Take that, Yik Yak!

Fall Family Weekend Observations: The Dad Fashion Crisis


Nice t-shirt tuck-in dad! (image courtesy of Middlebury's website)

Nice t-shirt tuck-in dad! (image courtesy of Middlebury’s website)

If you had relatives coming for Fall Family Weekend, we know you were counting down the days last week. You probably gave a halfhearted attempt at cleaning your room, and kicked your alcohol and maybe your hookup buddy under your bed and out of sight. Because, admit it, you were excited to see your parents this weekend (that is, if your parents are Northeasterners and/or had the time and resources to travel across silly numbers of states to see you for two days).

Your parents probably had a great time looking at trees and listening to Ron talk- maybe they even bought you some sick new Midd gear from the bookstore after you kind of maybe convinced them of the existence of job prospects that exist for liberal arts graduates like your soon-to-be self. If you were one of the lucky droves of students who got to be wined and dined by Mom and Dad at Black Sheep or Bobcat or anywhere that wasn’t the dining hall, good for you! A grand time was had by all.

I also had a grand time with my family this weekend. However, I kept experiencing this strange situation where I would turn my back on my father for one minute and he would be lost, blending into a sea of similarly dressed Middlebury dads in Middlebury hats and some combination of flannel or polo shirt tucked into khakis or bermuda shorts. If you also had a dad here this weekend, you probably recognized this phenomenon, and it kind of made you realize that most of our dads kinda sorta dress the same. The fact that eighty percent of dads here this weekend could have been textile twins is indicative of the sad state of dad fashion: it’s static and limiting. While Middlebury moms are out there expressing themselves with scarves and earrings and exciting patterns, dads are limited to a fairly straightforward wardrobe – there is only so much freedom of expression you can achieve with khakis and a polo shirt. Our poor fathers are walking around as the forgotten, unwanted, oft-abused children of style. Take a look at some examples after the jump: Continue reading