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Op-Ed: The Divestment Movement’s Existential Crisis

If you’ve ever seen an orange felt square pinned to a backpack or have ventured through bihall, you’ve probably heard something or other about the divestment movement at Middlebury. Today, we have a wonderfully interesting piece in from Sophie Vauhgn ’17 about her view of Middlebury’s divestment movement in the larger context of higher education. Read on to learn more about DivestMidd and its aims for the coming months.  I, like allContinue reading


Op-Ed: The Middlebury Dilemma

A middbeat contributor weighs in on the People’s Climate March from a few weeks ago where more than 130 students travelled to New York to protest the UN’s 2014 Climate Summit, and speaks to the culture of environmentalism at Midd.  Feel free to share your thoughts below and join in on the conversation. “Shoulda, Coulda, Didn’t”, was the call to arms for the 400,000 other people marching across New York CityContinue reading


ICYMI: Middlebury College Decides Not To Divest

Hopefully everyone has heard by now that Middlebury’s Board of Trustees decided NOT to divest the College’s endowment from fossil fuel and weapons industries. Just in case you missed it (BTW it was noted in this NYT article about college divestment movements a few days ago), Prez Liebowitz outlined three questions that prevented them from doing it: What practical effect would divestment likely have? What impact would divestment likely haveContinue reading


Bill McKibben Offers $50K Reward for Midd Divestment

Bill McKibben, the College’s Schumann Distinguished Scholar (or, in plainspeak, the famous climate change warrior who’s occasionally on campus when he’s not too busy getting arrested at the White House and headlining a badass national tour), made the news this week (even FoxNews!) for winning Norway’s Sophie Prize, “one of the world’s most generous environment and sustainable development Prizes.” Given that McKibben is such a celebrated figure in the environmentalContinue reading


Trustees Choose Not To Vote On Divestment

               All these pics of the weekend’s pro-divestment demonstrations are from Adrian Leong ’16. check out more photos here This past weekend, the Middlebury College Board of Trustees chose not to vote on the divestment of the 4.2% of our endowment (over over $36 million) invested in fossil fuels and arms manufacturing. Despite the panels, endorsements, and demonstrations, the Board decided to “put it off” until next year. Or until theContinue reading


Video of Student Divestment Panel

The College released a video of the student divestment panel that happened last Sunday. Check it out if you couldn’t make it. And keep the conversation going. Here are the panelists: Jeannie Bartlett ’15, Environmental Studies/Conservation Biology major, co-president of the Socially Responsible Investing Club, and a member of the Advisory Council on Socially Responsible Investing Teddy Smyth ’15,  Environmental Studies/Policy major and Student Organizer for “Divest for Our Future”Continue reading


A Brief History of Graffiti at Middlebury

Yesterday’s Hillcrest graffiti pissed a lot of people off, including Bill McKibben, Jon Isham, and SRI leaders (check the letter and comments  on this Middblog post). Many were worried about how it would affect the image of the divestment campaign, and others decried the entitlement and privilege inherent in defacing a building (they had to replace the whole panel apparently). Since it really struck a chord in the community, weContinue reading


TOMORROW, 3/6: Beyond Divestment Summit

  From the organizers– “Beyond Divestment is a day-long summit which seeks to create space for the Middlebury community to explore the kinds of economic alternatives that are springing up all over the world. Join innovators in the areas of alternative currencies, time banking, impact investing, financial system regulation and reform, and “new economy” coalition building, as well as your own friends and neighbors for a conversation about how weContinue reading


Students March Fo[u]rth for Divestment

This afternoon, 125+ students marched from Proctor Terrace to Old Chapel to demonstrate support for the growing campus- and nation-wide student divestment movement. Passing students stopped to take pictures (#instagram!) as the enthusiastic, chanting parade wound its way down Mead Chapel Hill. The group gathered in front of Old Chapel, where anyone from the crowd who wanted to speak was handed the megaphone and given a chance to do so.Continue reading

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March Fo[u]rth (for Divestment and Climate Justice)

If you read Jeannie Bartlett ’14‘s all school email today, you would discover that some of the Board of Trustees don’t believe divestment has enough community support to warrant immediate action. If you want to prove them wrong, tomorrow is the day: A National Day of Action for Climate Justice. For the unconvinced and on-the-fencers there will be a teach-in about why Middlebury should divest. Throughout the day people willContinue reading


Faculty speak out in support of divestment

Student Alexa Beyer ‘15.5 of Divest for our Future just put out this video of faculty members, including Peter Matthews Economics Department Chair and Professor of Economics, and Jay Parini, Professor of English and American Literature and renowned poet and author. The video quality is a little rough around the edges, but the point gets through that seasoned professors and prominent members of the community are on board with divestment–notContinue reading


Students Rally for Divestment

There are few things that I believe in before 8am- I don’t even believe in breakfast until at least 9. But 45 students gathered in the biting wind in front of Old Chapel this morning at 7:30 to show the Board of Trustees that divestment is something they believe in, even before the sun comes up. This rally was the latest in a series of student-led actions calling on theContinue reading

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Students to present board of trustees with divestment plan

Update: Middblog interviewed some of the students present at the meeting about what went down that morning. On Saturday morning at 8AM, seven students will have 45 minutes to present a case for the divestment of Middlebury’s endowment from fossil fuels and weapons industries to the Board of Trustees at their tri-annual meeting. In case you’ve been living in a hole in Ross, divestment has been a really big dealContinue reading


President Liebowitz gets ‘divestment’ message

This pic just in from the mail center. The president has been receiving mail every day since Bill McKibben’s “Do the Math” talk in Mead Chapel on January 20th from Midd students, alumni and parents all over the world urging him to support divestment of Middlebury’s endowment from fossil fuels. If you want to get involved check out Divest for our Future’s website or fb page.