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Changing Times: Multi-School Coalition and Alumni Mobilization Advance Divestment Movement

Students around the world are rising and we will no longer accept silence. Today, the Investure Schools Coalition for Fossil Fuel Divestment sent a letter to each of our colleges’ presidents requesting a meeting between administrators and representatives from our divestment campaigns. We are sending this letter in conjunction with the National Alumni Escalation for Fossil Fuel Divestment and are requesting that our presidents respond by the culmination of HarvardContinue reading


Students March Fo[u]rth for Divestment

This afternoon, 125+ students marched from Proctor Terrace to Old Chapel to demonstrate support for the growing campus- and nation-wide student divestment movement. Passing students stopped to take pictures (#instagram!) as the enthusiastic, chanting parade wound its way down Mead Chapel Hill. The group gathered in front of Old Chapel, where anyone from the crowd who wanted to speak was handed the megaphone and given a chance to do so.Continue reading