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Liebowitz Reconsiders, Purple Jesus Lives On!

While middbeat was away from the internet doing summer things, exciting news came in. Remember how Liebowitz accidentally ended Purple Jesus and then vowed to reconsider? Well, in July he met again with the Community Council via conference call and…changed his decision in a big way. He said in his letter to the CC:

“After the recent conference call and additional consideration I [President Liebowitz] have
decided to accept the recommendation of Community Council that we do
not end the exception that has allowed the Mill to serve hard alcohol
under specific conditions…”

For those of you just tuning in to the saga, this exception has allowed the Mill to serve Purple Jesus Drink at Purple Jesus parties since the CC instituted a social house pilot program in 2006 that allowed social houses to host longer registered parties with more booze under the condition they only serve beer and wine. All of the other social houses have adapted the program.

So rejoice! A Middlebury tradition lives on.

FYI: Liebowitz sent middbeat his letter to the Community Council regarding his decision a while back (apologies for the delay posting it)–you can read it in its entirety after the jump: Continue reading

Liebowitz Error Means Purple Jesus May Be Resurrected

The saga continues. After a strange turn of events involving a screw-up by Prez Liebowitz and Shirley Collado, it looks like Purple Jesus may have a chance at continuing at the Mill.

Liebowitz sent an email to the Community Council on May 30th admitting he “never completed the process I have been committed to following” for deciding whether or not to approve the Community Council (CC)’s decision to let the Mill continue to be an exception to the Social House Pilot Program so it can continue throwing Purple Jesus parties. What did he miss? Consulting the CC, which has spent time working with the Mill and discussing the nuances of its exception to the Pilot Program and its impact on the community.

Back in April, we all thought it was safe after the Community Council nearly unanimously voted to continue allowing the Mill to be an exception for the pilot program. It seemed like Liebowitz’s approval would be a mere formality. But then he surprised everyone by sending the Community Council a letter saying he would not approve their decision. It was unprecedented for him to overturn such a strong CC recommendation without first consulting them. As you can see in his letter, he didn’t mince words: “After due consideration, I have decided not to accept the Community Council’s decision to formalize the exception for the Mill,” he wrote.

But in his latest email to the CC, he explained that he had Shirley Collado draft two letters concerning the Mill decision: one that accepted the CC’s recommendation and one that didn’t. He claims that because it was such a busy time of year and he just recently made his decision on Delta, he thought he was signing a letter about Delta, not the Mill.

So now he is taking back his final decision until he has a chance to talk to the Community Council about the issue, which will hopefully happen in the next few weeks.

He concluded his email by saying: “I apologize for my error.  I should underscore that I have not arrived at a decision, but that does not mean I will come out in agreement with the Council; I may, or I may not.  I need to have this conversation with the Council to better understand its position.   I missed that step in the process.”

Now there are a lot of question marks surrounding this (Update: President Liebowitz pretty much answered these questions in his comment below). like why it took so long for him to realize his mistake (over a week), what Dean Collado’s role in this was, how often he doesn’t look at things he signs, etc. While conspiracy theories may start to fly, the most important thing is Purple Jesus, with the backing of the Community Council, has a solid chance of making it out of this weird series of events alive.

We will keep you posted on any more news we hear about the state of Purple Jesus.

Liebowitz Ends Purple Jesus

On Tuesday, President Liebowitz surprised just about everyone by declining the Community Council’s strong recommendation to allow the Mill to continue to be an official exception to the social house pilot program, which bans hard alcohol. This means the Mill can no longer host Purple Jesus, one of the most popular and storied all-campus parties and the Mill’s longest (over twenty years) and most important tradition.

We all assumed Purple Jesus was safe after the Community Council voted 14 in favor, 2 opposed, 3 abstentions to let the Mill continue to be an exception to the pilot program and its hard alcohol ban. While many rumors surround the content of the Purple Jesus drink, P Safe monitors its preparation closely and it is diluted to 5.4% abv.–weaker than heavy beer. Furthermore, Purple Jesus events have had hardly any problems with citations or dorm damage.  But Liebowitz decided to decline the nearly unanimous recommendation anyways:

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 4.01.28 PM

This will certainly not help with brewing student frustration over administrative micromanaging of the social scene. And with no Purple Jesus and no ADP, many predict Midd’s social scene will begin to move even more underground and off-campus, which will have repercussions of its own.

We will keep you updated with any more news we hear about Liebowitz’s decision.

Community Council Releases RLC Report

The Community Council just released the Residential Life Committee Report that recommended Delta be disbanded. It also recommends that the Mill cease to be an exception to the “Community Council/IHC Pilot Party Program,” which allows for longer hours and more kegs or wine at registered parties if the houses do not provide hard alcohol. If the Mill ceases to be able opt out of this program (as it is doing now unlike all the other houses) they could not longer throw Purple Jesus parties.

Below middbeat excerpted the most interesting parts, click on the images to make them clearer.

Here is a list of the dorm damage so far this year for Delta (click on the image to make it clearer):

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.41.15 PM Continue reading

Community Council Tables Decision to Disband Delta

The community council just adjourned its executive session for the day. There was a motion on the floor to vote on whether or not to disband Delta House, but it was voted down 8-8-1, so the motion was tabled until next Monday. Doug Adams says this is because the Council needed more time to discuss the issue before they felt ready to vote. A simple majority is needed to move forward on a motion.

Next Monday (March 18), they will reconvene in executive session to further discuss the issue, and will hopefully reach a decision then. middbeat will let you know when we hear the decision.

KDR, the Mill, Tavern and Xenia are all approved for the next few years, however.

Here are some reactions from people at the meeting collected by Joanie Thompson ’14.

Community Council Convenes to Decide Fate of ADP (Live Blog)

Update: For a more polished account of the meeting, check out MiddBlog’s post.

Update: The Community Council tabled the decision until next Monday.

middbeat is at Community Counci’s meeting in Axinn 103 and prepared to hear their review of Delta House. The Residential Life Committee recommended that the house be disbanded, look here for more details. middbeat is going to update this post with anything interesting that happens at the meeting.

4:30 The place is packed:

photo-9 Continue reading

The Importance of ADP

Delta House (formerly ADP). The former image was an emblem that was not Delta's--our mistake.

Delta House (formerly ADP). The former image was an emblem that was not Delta’s–our mistake.

Today at 4:30PM in Axinn 103 Delta House (ADP) will face the Community Council who is reviewing the Residential Life Committee’s recommendation to shut down the social house. Check out this post for more information. It’s open to the public but show up early because it’s expected to be full.

Mill president Nathaniel Brown ’13 writes in with his thoughts on the issue:

If you care about the social life at Middlebury, you should show up to community council this afternoon for the meeting that will decide whether Delta house (ADP) will be disbanded next year.

Many of you have scoffed at the issue, writing it off as a good riddance to a place “reserved for jocks looking for easy pickings and their horny biddie counterparts” (yes, that is a Middlebury Confessional quote). Even middbeat’s own article dismissed the house, as “apparently [having] breaking shit [as] part of [their] culture.”

However, today’s issue is more than that. What Delta represents is more than that. The continued existence of Delta is pertinent to the entirety of social life on campus and the disbanding of it would signal the demise (or at least a reason for even more micromanaging) of all social houses on campus.   Continue reading