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TOMORROW: Community Council New Members & Agenda

from Tiff Chang ‘17.5: Two Announcements: As Metadel Lee ‘19.5 and Mimi Zhang ‘15.5 have stepped down, we are welcoming two new members: Alejandra Gil ’15 and Vignesh Ramachandran ’18! All agendas and minutes can now be found at go/cc or http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/doc/council/minutes. Please see the agenda attached for this week’s topics and upcoming topics. Community Council is a group of ~20 students, faculty and staff that meets Tuesdays at 4:30 inContinue reading

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TOMORROW: Community Council Voting

Tiff Chang ’16 writes in: Vote on banning energy drinks, vote on security cameras and bias incident response team At this week’s Community Council meeting we will be voting on two items, including a ban on selling energy drinks at all Middlebury College food vendors proposed by Myles Kamisher-Koch, dining services and class of ’15, and a proposal by Michael Geisler, VP for Risk and Compliance, to install security camerasContinue reading

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Community Council Meeting on Stress (TONIGHT)

It’s undeniable that the stress of performing well in the areas of schoolwork, social life, and extra-curriculars is sometimes crushing. Most people can agree that no matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to succeed in all walks of life while maintaining sanity, happiness, and sleep (see featured image on this post). We all talk about these challenges frequently, but sometimes talking to one another isn’t enough. If you wantContinue reading

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TOMORROW: Community Council Meeting

from Tiff Chang ‘17.5: “Tiff Chang, CC (Co-Chair of Community Council here). In the vein of better marketing, letting people know what Community Council is up to, here is the agenda for next week! We’ve been talking about addressing student stress for a while, and had six guests speakers and a presentation from Andi Lloyd, Miguel Fernandez and Katy Smith Abbott for the past two meetings, and now we’re ready to work on solutions! MeetingsContinue reading


Liebowitz Reconsiders, Purple Jesus Lives On!

While middbeat was away from the internet doing summer things, exciting news came in. Remember how Liebowitz accidentally ended Purple Jesus and then vowed to reconsider? Well, in July he met again with the Community Council via conference call and…changed his decision in a big way. He said in his letter to the CC: “After the recent conference call and additional consideration I [President Liebowitz] have decided to accept theContinue reading


Liebowitz Error Means Purple Jesus May Be Resurrected

The saga continues. After a strange turn of events involving a screw-up by Prez Liebowitz and Shirley Collado, it looks like Purple Jesus may have a chance at continuing at the Mill. Liebowitz sent an email to the Community Council on May 30th admitting he “never completed the process I have been committed to following” for deciding whether or not to approve the Community Council (CC)’s decision to let theContinue reading


Liebowitz Ends Purple Jesus

On Tuesday, President Liebowitz surprised just about everyone by declining the Community Council’s strong recommendation to allow the Mill to continue to be an official exception to the social house pilot program, which bans hard alcohol. This means the Mill can no longer host Purple Jesus, one of the most popular and storied all-campus parties and the Mill’s longest (over twenty years) and most important tradition. We all assumed PurpleContinue reading


Community Council Releases RLC Report

The Community Council just released the Residential Life Committee Report that recommended Delta be disbanded. It also recommends that the Mill cease to be an exception to the “Community Council/IHC Pilot Party Program,” which allows for longer hours and more kegs or wine at registered parties if the houses do not provide hard alcohol. If the Mill ceases to be able opt out of this program (as it is doingContinue reading


Community Council Convenes to Decide Fate of ADP (Live Blog)

Update: For a more polished account of the meeting, check out MiddBlog’s post. Update: The Community Council tabled the decision until next Monday. middbeat is at Community Counci’s meeting in Axinn 103 and prepared to hear their review of Delta House. The Residential Life Committee recommended that the house be disbanded, look here for more details. middbeat is going to update this post with anything interesting that happens at theContinue reading


The Importance of ADP

Today at 4:30PM in Axinn 103 Delta House (ADP) will face the Community Council who is reviewing the Residential Life Committee’s recommendation to shut down the social house. Check out this post for more information. It’s open to the public but show up early because it’s expected to be full. Mill president Nathaniel Brown ’13 writes in with his thoughts on the issue: If you care about the social lifeContinue reading