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Commencement Speakers Kick Ass

Update: Jonathan Safran Foer published an adapted version of his Middlebury commencement address in the Sunday New York Times’ opinion pages (Midd gets cred at the bottom). It will be out in print tomorrow. When we heard Jonathan Safran Foer was going to be the commencement speaker for the class of 2013 we rejoiced, predicting a great address. And, in our opinion, high expectations were met. HeĀ  made fun ofContinue reading


(UPDATED) Commencement Moved Inside to Nelson Arena–People Are Pissed

UPDATE: It was announced at the Senior Class Photo earlier this afternoon that commencement would be limited seating because of capacity constraints. We now know from President Liebowitz’s all-school email (click below for the full email) that it will be in Nelson (not Kenyon as we previously reported) and limited to three ticked per person. It will also be simulcasted in Mead Chapel, McCullough Social Space, Dana Auditorium, and McCardellContinue reading

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Why Jonathan Safran Foer is Going to Give an Awesome Commencement Address

If you haven’t heard yet, the Campus released who will give the commencement address for the Class of 2013 earlier this afternoon: author Jonathan Safran Foer, probably best known for his book Everything is Illuminated. This a really exciting choice for a number of reasons: First of all, his books are really good so he’s probably really cool. Second, the class of 2013 read Everything is IlluminatedĀ  for their firstContinue reading