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Photo Gallery: Midd Kids Join People’s Climate March in NYC

On Sunday, Sept. 2014, an estimated 311,00 people filled the streets of mid-Manhattan to “demand action on climate change”  by participating in the People’s Climate March. According to last week’s edition of the The Campus, about 120 Middlebury students went to NYC to join in the demonstration. Here are some photos of the event and a handful of the Midd kids who took part, collected by Marney Kline ‘17.5, a lovely middbeat contributor who attended this march.


FRIDAY Events: Lectures, Screenings, Bonfires, oh my!

It’s the end of another tough week of classes, but personally I’ve never felt as alive and energized as I do right now. I give 100% of the credit to Angelique Kidjo, whose performance last night was electrifying. inspiring. otherworldly. we had a goddess in our midst. SOOO if you’ve got as much energy as I do on an otherwise dreary Friday afternoon, maybe I’ll see you at some/all ofContinue reading


“Chasing Ice” Screening

Photographer James Balog, founder of the Extreme Ice Survey (“an innovative, long-term photography project that merges art and science to give a “visual voice” to the planet’s changing ecosystems”),  will be coming to Middlebury tomorrow to give a screening of his film Chasing Ice. The movie, which airs on the National Geographic Channel on Friday, is the story of Balog’s journey to the Arctic on a mission to gather undeniable evidence of climate change. As Middlebury’s DianeContinue reading


Bill McKibben and other celebs arrested outside Whitehouse protesting pipeline

Yesterday, Middlebury scholar-in-residence and big-deal climate activist Bill McKibben was arrested protesting the Keystone Pipeline with other prominent figures such as Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, civil rights leader Julian Bond, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actress Darryl Hannah and NASA climate scientist James Hansen.  Here is what Bill McKibben had to say on twitter yesterday morning: