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Crush of the Week: Emilie Seavey ’18

We had lunch this week with rugby player/biologist/FYC Emilie Seavey ’18 for a candid convo about woodcocks, Netflix, and running. Middbeat: So, where are you from? Emilie Seavey: I’m from Orono, ME MB: Current relationship status? ES: Taken. MB: Taken!? ES: Yeah! MB: What’s your ideal date? ES: My ideal date? I don’t know, something outside? Maybe, you know, going bird watching or hiking, you know like maybe a littleContinue reading

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Transcription of SGA Presidential Debate

[Editor’s note: This is not a verbatim transcription of the words of the candidates. They talk very quickly, we are trying our best; please let us know if you feel that any statement has been misrepresented] Format: questions from moderators (from the student body), each student will be able to respond and then there will be time for rebuttles. Opening statements now. CANDIDATES: Ivan Valladares ’17 Karina Toy ’17 MichaelContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: On Weather and Waiting

from Georgia Carroll ’18: When the snow melts once and for all and the sugar maples’ green plumage plumps our hemlock forests again, Middlebury experiences The Best Weather in the World. Greenery creeps through the campus, peeping up through the mud near Adirondack chairs and outdoor dining sets. Sun and green leaves elicit the Warm Weather Effect: the sun feels particularly strong, the breeze unseasonably warm, and spirits are unusually high.Continue reading

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A response by SGA Presidential Candidate Michael Brady ’17

from Michael Brady ‘17.5:                                 Yesterday, I received the above email from a fellow student in regards to my campaign posters. The idea behind the poster was to highlight the fact that I’m currently running for SGA President from Europe, while poking a little fun at myself. The portrait I selected is not of a conquistador atContinue reading

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THURSDAY: SGA Presidential Debate

from Ilana Gratch ’16: Hey Midd! Come to Crossroads Cafe this Thursday, 4/14 at 7 pm to watch the four candidates for SGA President debate the issues in advance of the spring elections! SGA President Candidates: Ivan Valladares ’17 Karina Toy ’17 MIchael H. Brady ‘17.5 Charles Rainey ’19 There will be time for audience Q&A, so come with any questions you may have for the candidates! The debate willContinue reading

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THURSDAY: Parker Merrill Speech Competition Semifinals

from Ellen Colton ’19: Oratory Now revives a Middlebury tradition that began in 1825: the Parker-Merrill Speech Competition. In this semifinal round, a dozen students will compete for a place in the finals (April 29), at which prizes of $500, $250 and $250 will be awarded. The topic is “True North: A Principle To Guide Us Through Troubled Times.” And the semifinalists are (drumroll): August Hutchinson, Bilal Ansar Khan, Brennan Delattre, BrianaContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Spring Symposium

from Tatyana Parks ’18: The 2016 Spring Student Symposium marks the 10th anniversary of a campus wide event where students have the opportunity to showcase and discuss their scholarly and creative projects on topics ranging from social change to identity, to religion and science. This full day event will host student work in the form of oral presentations, performances, posters, artwork and readings. We invite all members of the Middlebury CollegeContinue reading

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Crush of the Week, Popular

Middbeat Crush of the Week: Andrew Jung ’16

Senior Andrew Jung ’16 joined us this week as he searches for some final semester romance.  Check out his interview below: Middbeat: What’s your full name? Andrew: Andrew William Jung M: What’s your year and major? A: I’m a senior.  I’m an Economics major with a minor in Computer Science. M: How do you spell your last name? A: J-U-N-G.  It’s German, like the psychologist Karl Jung. M: What’s your favorite kindContinue reading

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Girls & Boys Club of Vergennes Volunteers Needed!

from Elle Bacon: Join us for a Meet and Great with Boys and Girls Club of Vergennes’ new Program Director, Jessica Francese on Tuesday, April 12 from 4:30-5 pm at the CE Conference Room (118 South Main). She will share the needs of the Club with students who have interest in working with youth and families, and sharing teachable activities and skills with Club students. Snacks will be provided! For moreContinue reading

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MONDAY: Bill Maris ’97 “Vermont, Silicon Valley, and the Future” Talk

from the Provost’s Office: Google Ventures founder and CEO, and Middlebury alum Bill Maris (’97) has had quite an unpredictable career. Currently he invests in startups at the epicenter of science, technology, and medicine. He oversees $2.4B in capital, and has funded more than 300 companies in the GV portfolio, including Uber, Slack and Nest. In this talk, he’ll share his perspective on how he went from Vermont to Silicon Valley,Continue reading

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SUNDAY: MiddChallenge Pitch Competition

from Naila Jahan ’15: Come join us in Axinn 229 for an exciting day and support your peers who will be presenting project ideas in the categories below. Drop in to whichever competition suits your interests and/or your friends are competing in. Students are competing for $3000 in grant funding to pursue their ideas. 10:30am: Social Entrepreneurship 12:00pm: Lunch Break (PIZZA!) 12:30pm: Education, Outreach, and Policy 2:00pm: Arts 3:30pm: Business SeeContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Housing Independence

from Allie Hooley ’17: #abroadlife —> #dormlife Housing: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. After too many failed attempts at cracking the top-secret code that is the Middlebury housing draw, I’ve just about given up. No, neither my freshman nor sophomore year housing was ideal, but I did my time and dreamt of better days as an upperclassman living with my best friends in our own cozy off-campus home.Continue reading

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SATURDAY: Yoga Club Retreat

from Chelsea Colby ‘17.5: The Yoga Club is very excited to offer a unique opportunity to go on a Day-Long retreat at Russell Comstock’s non-profit retreat center Metta Earth Institute on APRIL 9, 2016. The Yoga Club will sponsor most of the cost, but those who go on the retreat must pay $5/person. The retreat includes transportation, lunch, two yoga classes, and more. We will leave Middlebury College at 8:00 amContinue reading

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THURSDAY: MAlt Info Session

from Ashley Laux: Middlebury Alternative Breaks is recruiting leaders for February 2017’s MAlt trips! There will be an info session for students who are considering applying to co-lead a MAlt trip. The MAlt Executive Board will provide an overview of MAlt’s mission and will discuss what leading a trip entails and what a strong application looks like. If you think you may be interested in applying, we urge you to attend!Continue reading

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Op Ed: I Know Nothing

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole from Murphy Roberts ’17: Tbh, I know nothing… And I’m starting to realize that’s not a bad thing. Recently, I came to the realization that I have fulfilled all the academic requirements (but the senior seminar) to garner my degree a little over a year from now. That’s scary. It seems like just yesterday I stumbled intoContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: A Culture of Binging

We are the masters of binging. We binge drink alcohol and caffeine, binge watch Netflix, and binge on pulling all-nighters to study. This cycle of doing everything in extremes ends up being detrimental to our happiness. It puts us on an emotional and physical rollercoaster that is exhausting. We are lacking a crucial theme on this campus: “everything in moderation.” We all know binging isn’t good for us.  The statsContinue reading

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TODAY: Community Council Meeting: Student Stress Solutions & Recommendation Workshop

from Tiff Chang ‘17.5: Community Council is a group of ~20 students, faculty and staff that meets Tuesdays at 4:30 in the Crest Room, McCullough to discuss issues facing the College. All meetings are open to all students, faculty and staff. If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to submit a statement to be shared and/or obtain the minutes, please email [email protected] For more info visit go/cc. See the agenda forContinue reading

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Video: Rainey Reads Mean Yik Yaks

from Margaret Lindon ’16: Yik Yak, an anonymous social media app, has become a platform for some Middlebury College students to criticize activists like first-year SGA Senator Charles Rainey for his authorship of two inclusivity bills on campus. Here’s what a few dared to say behind the veil of anonymity. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” series. Directed by: Margaret Lindon ’16, Demetrius Borge ’16, and Eliza Renner ’18 Edited by:Continue reading

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Interview with Positive Altitude

middbeat sat down with the mind behind Positive Altitude to learn more about the origins and scope of the cause. In an attempt to allow this student to maintain anonymity, his/her responses have been categorized as ‘PA‘. Check out (and like) the facebook page and read on to learn more about this exciting cause. MB: First off, what prompted Positive Altitude? PA: My time here at Midd has introduced meContinue reading

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TUESDAY: MCAB Spring Speaker: Jia Jiang “Overcoming Adversity”

from Emma Dunlap ’18: Jia Jiang is a highly sought after motivational speaker, TedX presenter, and the author of the book Rejection Proof​. His career as an entrepreneur has led him to his most recent project – to study the positive lessons of rejection and -painlessly- pass along his insights to the rest of us. He has gained praise from people worldwide for his valuable lessons and for helping people toContinue reading