Photo of the Week

New Series: Photo of the Week

Middbeat is really excited (can you tell we’re excited? pretty much every post has begun this way…) to announce a new weekly series– Photo of the Week! We’re looking for submissions from anyone willing to share their work! Photos should aim to capture an important moment for our community or generally express some truth about that week of the semester. Be creative and share!!

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Anyone who’s spent time dining in Atwater—which should be every single Middlebury student reading this (and if it’s not, make this your #1 back to school goal, you fool)—is familiar with Pat Peters’ absolutely beautiful face and heart. Pat, one of Atwater Dining’s main chefs, is by far one of the kindest, warmest, and friendliest humans I, and all of us, have had the good grace to meet at Middlebury.Continue reading

BARTY-38 (1)

Middchallenge Winner Introduces the Dream Bus

It’s no secret that middkids do some pretty dope stuff over the summer. From internships that take us across the globe to volunteer opportunities in our local communities, our entire student body is scattered this summer trying to gain a little bit of that real world experience that everyone tells us is so important. Right here at home, though, some Midd students have been working on something extraordinary. Just lastContinue reading

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The Sugar Bug: A Short Film by Will Hanley ’15

If there’s one highlight of finals week I’ve always looked forward to (yes, highlights during finals week can exist) it’s the Middlebury senior film & media culture majors’ senior thesis screening night. After months of directing, writing, producing and filming, the senior FMMC majors are proud to present their extremely impressive short films, and we’re always amped to see them—Dana Auditorium filled to the brim with students eager for aContinue reading


Start the Conversation: Life is Precious, by Matt Benedict ’15

Yesterday, a friend, Matt Benedict ’15, contacted me eager to share a piece on mental health he had written. Little did I know how tremendously personal, inspiring, heartfelt and touching his writing would be. Matt, a recent graduate of the class of 2015, former captain of the football team, and cum laude graduate economics major with a minor in political science and classics, silently struggled with depression and inclinations toward self-harm during much of hisContinue reading


Narrative Journalism Presentations

Tonight the narrative journalism fellows will be presenting their final pieces, each of which profiles a Middlebury student responding to the question ‘how did you get here?’ If you haven’t seen these before, give it a little google search. The talent of the fellows is evident, and their work is an awesome way to learn about the diversity of individuals in our community. Tonight, the fellows will be screening theContinue reading

stoop sale

Stoop Sale at Porter Tomorrow

Alice Oshima ’15 writes in: So tomorrow me & Sally Caruso (and some other homies) will be hosting the 2nd annual Porter stoop sale. This time it’s a “stoop sale” and will actually be held on some grass next to Porter during Rowdy Roast. We’ll be selling from 2pm to 4pm. Things will be priced from $3 to $20. Last year it was a great success and we almost soldContinue reading

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Sofia Donavan-Lefuente at 51 Main

Tonight, Midd’s own Sofia Donavan-Lafuente ’18 will be playing at 51 Main! If you’re looking for a night in town to do something a little different, this should be an awesome event. More on Sofia, who is releasing an EP soon (!), below: Sofia Donavan-Lafuente is a Spanish and American singer/songwriter. At the age of 13, she took up the guitar whilst recovering from major back surgery and her songwritingContinue reading


Free Friday Film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If you’re not too busy rocking out to Misterwives or getting your BBQ on at Proc Terrace, be sure to check out the Free Friday Film of the day! High school student Ferris Bueller wants a day off from school and he’s developed an incredibly sophisticated plan to pull it off. He talks his friend Cameron into taking his father’s prized Ferrari and with his girlfriend Sloane head into ChicagoContinue reading



We’ve made it! (Mayyyy-d it, ha!) It’s finally May, it’s finally warm, and we’re in the final stretch before we head home for the summer. What better way to celebrate than with MCAB’s Midd Mayhem 2015 lineup. Here we go: TODAY, MAY 8TH 11AM-1PM: Cotton Candy on Proctor Terrace 4:30 – 7:30: BBQ outside of Proctor (ROSS CLOSED FOR DINNER!) 7PM-10PM: Concert outside Battell and Johnson including MISTERWIVES!!!!! TOMORROW, MAYContinue reading

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RIDDIM Tickets Still Available!!!

HUGE NEWS!! Riddim tickets are still available for the 7:30 show this Saturday!! Okay, okay… so it may not be the 10:30 show, but this should still be AMAZING! Get your groove on this Saturday night and dance off that finals stress. As Annie Powers ’15 says, there will be lots of dancing, both on and off the stage!! Date: May 9th Time: 7:30 PM Place: Wilson Hall Cost: $6– hit up go/boxofficeContinue reading

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How To Be Okay: A Short Film By Chrissy Ritter ’16

This time of year is always tough. The relentless, mean winter finally fades into a welcoming, soft spring-summer (is there really a difference when it’s 80 degrees in May?) that makes us love this place more than ever before. Perhaps this is due to the influx of visible skin, or maybe it can be chalked up to some correlation between sun exposure and ~~good vibes~~, but it’s hard to denyContinue reading

Thursday Thought

Thursday Thought: Student Stress

Middlebury attracts highly motivated students who have been galvanized by the competitive admissions process. We facilitate an environment of academic intensity that permeates every corner of this campus. It is rare to find a student here who doesn’t push to get the best grade possible or who is striving for a high GPA. There is a latent sense of competitiveness that we all feel that forces us skew our understandingContinue reading


Good Title, s.T.R.E.S.S.E.d Campus

With the year coming to a close, many of us are beginning to spend hours in the library, staking out the best carrels, memorizing the places that deliver past five, filling ourselves to the brim with coffee and calculating how much sleep we can afford to lose without a dean noticing. This is the beginning of finals week stress. Interestingly enough, many of us will also spend time on whatContinue reading


Repost: The Importance of Graffiti

By now, the dust has largely settled with regards to the recent bout of graffiti on campus, but campus opinions remain largely divergent.  For, most likely, our last post on the issue, we turn to Beyond the Green contributor Ujay Siddharth ’18 who lays out a discussion of 4 reasons why we should consider graffiti more closely and examine the reasons which motivate it.  The author uses some quotes from past middbeat postsContinue reading