TODAY– If This Farm Could Talk: Culinary Tourism in Vermont!!

Oh my gosh SO excited about this. We all know how amazing Vermont is, and today we can hear from someone who has found a way to share it with others! Today, Midd alum Chris Howell ‘4.5 will return to campus to discuss his business, Vermont Farm Tours. His company is a small culinary tour outfit offering guided driving and cycling tours, cheese making workshops, and on-farm events. From the event description:

Vermont Farm Tours aims to involve both locals and tourists in Vermont’s agricultural story, and more broadly—to explore place through food. In 2010 Chris received the Wild Gift Fellowship to launch his business: a 16-month program supporting better world entrepreneurs. Chris is currently the vice president of Slow Food Vermont and co-chairs Farm to Plate’s Consumer Education and Marketing Working Group and Agritourism Task Force.

Date: Today, April 17th
Time: 12:30
Place: Axinn 229
Cost: Free w/ PIZZA

Lecture TODAY: No Brokeback for Black Men

Screen shot 2015-04-17 at 8.56.31 AMToday, Assistant Professor of Sociology Chong-suk Han will be giving a lecture entitled “No Brokeback for Black Men: Pathologizing Black Homosexuality through Down Low Discourse.” In this lecture, Professor Han will discuss the down low phenomenon, for which little has been written aside for its implication in the spread of HIV. More on the lecture from Professor Han here:

In recent years, the down low phenomenon has received unprecedented attention in both the popular and academic press. However, much of this work has focused on exploring whether men on the down low present a unique threat for HIV infection to black women. Currently, there exist very few scholarly popular works exploring the meaning attached to the down low, not only by those who promote the label for academic studies or for media dispersal. In this talk, I shed new light on the meanings attached to the down low by the popular press, critically evaluating how it is used to create a category that is marked by an undesirable categorization of black men, and provide and argument as to why black men who have sex with men may adopt the label for themselves.

Date: Today, April 17th
Time: 12:15
Place: RAJ conference room
Cost: Free and free lunch woo!


TODAY: Stop Traffick hosts director of anti-trafficking organization

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.02.15 PM

Join Stop Traffick this Thursday for a talk by Edith Klimoski, director of Give way to Freedom, a Vermont- based anti- trafficking organization. She will be speaking about human trafficking in Vermont, and throughout the US. Please come out to support our group and learn about human trafficking in our own state.

Snacks from Otter Creek Bakery will be provided!
Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 4:30
Where: RAJ Conference Room
Snacks: Yes

MIDDBEAT GIVE AWAY: Win Tickets to Best Coast @ Higher Ground, April 22!


MUSIC LOVERS: Want to go to an incredible concert, FOR FREE? Read up: middbeat is excited to announce we are teaming up with Higher Ground in Burlington to hook you up with a pair of tickets to see Best Coast in the HG Ballroom on Wednesday, April 22! All you have to do is tag a friend that you’d like to bring for a chance to win two tickets to the show on middbeat’s Facebook post about the event! Click here! Spread the word.

Charter House Benefit Dinner Thursday

Charter House

Kiana Cateriano ’15 writes in:

Come support the Charter House by eating a delicious dinner at 51 Main! The Charter House is a homeless shelter located right in Middlebury providing food and shelter to those in need. The menu is set and there will be live music by Mt. Philo. Buy tickets through the box office or at the door.

When: Thursday April 16, 6:00 PM
Where: 51 Main
Cost: $20 ($5 of ticket price goes to the Charter House)



Lecture TODAY: Exploring Lobotomy’s Visual Culture


Today, Miriam Posner of UCLA’s Digital Humanities program will be giving a lecture entitled “Head-and-Shoulder Hunting in the Americas: Exploring Lobotomy’s Visual Culture.” Okay, to be honest, I had to google lobotomy before writing this post– something to do with neurosurgery (should have known from Grey’s Anatomy). After reading the event description (below), I have to say this lecture seems awesome for anyone interested in neuroscience, photography, or profound ethical questions. Read more here:

Walter Freeman, the world’s foremost proponent and practitioner of lobotomy, was also an obsessive photographer. He almost invariably took photos of his patients before and after surgery, often tracking them down years after the operation to capture their images. These cross-country trips to photograph patients, which Freeman called head-and-shoulder hunting expeditions, consumed the physician during the last years of his career. What do we do with an archive like this? Its contents can tell us volumes about the medical epistemology that made lobotomy thinkable. But how can we avoid replicating Freeman’s own rhetorical moves, in which the photographs were mobilized as evidence during scientific presentations?

During this talk, Posner will describe the visual rhetoric that defined the scientific moment from which lobotomy emerged, and demonstrate some digital methods for placing them in context. Against the background of this history, Posner asks, what is the contemporary digital scholar’s responsibility for working with, writing about, and displaying images of human beings in distress?

Date: Today, April 15th
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Hillcrest 103
Cost: Free as yesterday’s free cone

The Orchard Short Story: Marney Kline ‘17.5

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.54.01 PMWhat happens when a dog on a juice cleanse eats one of her divorcée owner’s gluten-free lavender bars? Read on to find out… 

…and submit any and all of your creative work to [email protected]!

Robin’s Nest

Helen is gnawing on Willow Hearst’s car seat. Helen, you little beast! She must be reacting to the juice cleanse.

“That’s OK Helen, I’m with you honey.” I reach my hand into the backseat and stroke her pudgy forehead. “I know it’s hard. After three days, though, we won’t feel hungry anymore.” Helen’s body whizzes around and she licks my hand. Sometimes I think this pug loves me more than my own child.

*Ring! Ring! Ring!*

God, it’s Jiminez. About the bake sale. What does she want from me?

*One new text from Martina Jiminez*

Martina: I hear you’re bringing the gluten free option (for Willow Hearst?). Please be on time (10:30 am!). I’m setting up the table now. XX, Martina.

On time? Of course I’ll be on time. What have I ever done to make Jiminez doubt my punctuality? Plus, what’s with the ‘XX’? So over the top.

I put the car in reverse and zip out of the driveway, almost rolling over a miniature bicycle that I’ve overlooked and failed to return to its hook in the garage. Sheila probably fed Willow Hearst gluten this entire weekend. What a nightmare!

It’s 9:30 am, and the gate to Sheila’s cottage is wide open. Beatrice, Sheila’s mother, is sitting by the pool in a hot pink bikini with her grey, sparse hairs in curlers. Tanning at age 77. I am also certain she is still smoking pot quite regularly. Sheila claims it eases her mother’s arthritis. Wonderful example for Willow Hearst.

“Hello Beatrice,” I say. “You know why I’m here. For Willow Hearst. Is she inside? Is Sheila inside?”

“Robin, welcome to my paradise,” Beatrice rasps. “They’re both inside, darling.”

I open the door silently, and Helen and I patter into the dining area. Special K cereal litters the floor and dining table. Willow Hearst is done with breakfast; she sits finger painting at a miniature easel.

Sheila is photographing one of her complex fruit arrangements on the kitchen countertop. Helen, on a leash, starts eating the cereal on the floor.

“No!” I scream, startling both Sheila and Willow Hearst. “No! No! No! Helen is not allowed to eat solid carbohydrates right now! We are on a juice cleanse together!”

“Jesus Christ, Robin!” cries Sheila. “I almost dropped my damn camera!”

“Robin!” cries Willow Hearst.

“I told you to call me mommy,” I remind her as stride over to her painting station and stroke her short blonde hair. We have the same haircut, but my hair is almost black.

Sheila promptly grabs a broom from a nearby closet and starts sweeping the Special K into a neat pile on the floor. Portraits of Willow Hearst in various historical costumes hang tastefully over the stove. Ah, my favorite: the one where Willow is dressed as an old Cuban cigar craftsman from the 1950s. Helen sits in the background, with a cigar between her lips and a tiny black pug-sized fedora fastened to her head. Messy, messy cottage this is. Partly why I decided to separate from Sheila. She’s a disorganized artiste, to put it straight. Also because I discovered that I was not a lesbian. In hindsight, I think I became a lesbian and adopted a child with Sheila because I saw that inspirational documentary about Ellen Degeneres’ career as a lesbian comic and entrepreneur. Really, a piece of work like that can convert anyone with a bi-curious appetite. But alas, I have this beautiful, gifted daughter as a result of my experimental phase.

“Willow Hearst’s pack is packed, Robin dearest,” Sheila interrupts my thoughts. “What’s the plan for the week?”

“Well today is the 2nd grade-hosted bake sale. I’m bringing gluten-free lavender squares to respect Willow’s gluten intolerance – which I see from this cereal mess that you have not respected.” I glare at Sheila. She lives so unintentionally.

“Robin, Willow Hearst is not gluten intolerant. We’ve even gotten her tested,” Sheila challenges me. Typical: resistant and uncooperative in this blessed journey we call parenthood.

“It interferes with her sleep schedule, Sheila – I’ve seen it firsthand! Over and over and over again! She can’t go to sleep after eating gluten!” My voice is raised now. But we’ve got to get on the road.

“We’ve got to get on the road,” I say. “Willow Hearst grab your pack and greet Helen, please. We’re getting in the car now.”

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Middlebrow SPRING 2015 #3.5

Middlebrow’s third official (fourth actual, second to last, basically) show of the spring (well, technically the first show of the actual spring) is happening TONIGHT at 10:30PM in the centrally located Abernethy Room in Axxin. Say’s group co-President and line-leader, Josh Brosnan ’16, “You gotta let it breathe.” So let yourself breathe out some laughs tonight at some improvised comedic stuff.

Where: Abernethy Room in Axxin

When: 10:30PM tonight, 4/14, tuesday

How much: For Free


“Central Park Five” Screening!

DgDO4XAN-C7sdqFBcBu0gci7The Annual Gensler Symposium presents “The Central Park Five”, a harrowing documentary that follows the conviction of five innocent teenagers accused of raping and murdering a white woman in Central Park in 1989.  The group was exonerated after a serial rapist admitted to the crime, but the effect the trial and public reaction would have on these teens’ lives would be indelible.  Directed by the notorious Ken Burns, known for documentaries like The Civil War and The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, this film does not stray from his in-depth and thorough nature.
Date: Today, April 14th
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Place: Gifford Annex Classroom (156)