TODAY: “Food System Transformations toward Sustainability”


Adding to the number of great talks happening today: take a break from your studies and come hear Molly Anderson, the Partridge Chair in Food and Sustainable Agriculture Systems at the College of the Atlantic and a current candidate for a food studies faculty position here on campus, speak this afternoon on food, farming, and sustainability. Whether you know a lot about food systems or nothing at all, this is definitely worth checking out!

Date: Thursday, December 4th
MBH 104

Candlelight Vigil at 4:30 on Town Green

Black Lives Matter

In addition to today’s discussion, there will be a town-wide candlelight vigil held on the town green at 4:30.  If you are planning to go to both, the orientation seems to be to go to the vigil first, then to Warner following the vigil.  Can anyone confirm this?  In any case, come out and show your support at both.  These events follow another devastating blow this Monday where a grand jury in New York decided not to indict the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death this past August.  This killing was recorded on a telephone, calling into question the potential efficacy of Obama’s recent request for $262 million dollars in federal funding for police officer surveillance as a method for reducing police brutality.

When: Today 4:30
Where: Town Green
Cost: solidarity

Ferguson Deliberation Continued Today at 4:30

Ferguson Flowers

A reminder that today at 4:30 in the Warner Hemicycle there will be a follow up discussion to last Tuesday’s deliberation regarding the last week’s events in Ferguson, MO.  Mario Picon and Angie Segura write in:

As some of you may know, there was a meeting on Tuesday November 25th held by Jamie McCallum and Rebecca Tiger. It was a deliberation about the court’s decision on the events in Ferguson. Many people, due to break, were unable to participate. However, Thursday December 4th there will be a continuation/brain storm about further action for Middlebury College to pursue. Come join the community to discuss a topic that has affected/effects many of us dearly this Thursday and express your ideas and thoughts about future action you would like to see on Middlebury’s campus!

When: Today 4:30 PM
Where: Warner Hemicycle
Cost: your open mind and ideas



Iron Eyes Cody being awesome

Iron Eyes Cody being awesome


If you’re at all into the music scene at Midd, you’re most likely obsessed with Iron Eyes Cody, the Fat Heads, or Milk Chocolate. Probably all three. With reason, because these student bands are pretty fuckin amazing. After completely packing Meade Chapel when opening for Alpenglow last month, Iron Eyes Cody realized it was most definitely time for something bigger. And, to all of our content, the extended Vermont music scene agreed: Iron Eyes has been selected to play at Higher Ground this December, they’re bringing along Milk Chocolate and the Fat Heads (also student/alumni bands), and, to amp the stakes even higher they are performing on the same night as Lucius and Bahamas, two equally awesome (and rather famous) bands.

Iron Eyes Cody, Milk Chocolate, and the Fat Heads will be performing in the Showcase Lounge, at Higher Ground, on December 4, 2014. The same night, Lucius and Bahamas will be performing in the Higher Ground Main Ballroom, and anyone who buys tickets to the Lucius/Bahamas concert will be able to see the Middlebury bands as well, free of additional cost. Needless to say, this is an incredible opportunity to see a bunch of bands without dropping a ton of cash.

Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 the day of the show, and can be bought HERE on Higher Ground’s website. This concert event is sponsored by the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, and everyone is encouraged to bring canned goods to donate.


We’re hoping to get a huge Middlebury showing at this event, so be sure to grab a ticket before they sell out, and come support some of Midd’s most talented musicians. What better way to celebrate before heading out for winter break?

Tickets for the Showcase Lounge (Middlebury bands only) available HERE

Tickets for Lucius and Bahamas (plus access to the Showcase Lounge!) available HERE

Learn more about each of the Middlebury bands below (info from Higher Ground’s Website):

Iron Eyes Cody:

Everything from slow and haunting to dancy and electrifying, indie rock group Iron Eyes Cody 10689732_1548211012078011_2724811879245445906_nutilize saxophone and harmonica as well as modulated guitar and electric piano to create a diverse sound. The group’s lyrically intense, original songs can best be described as the soundtrack to your next road trip. Featuring Evan Allis ‘15.5 (Guitar & Vocals), Renn Mulloy ‘15.5 (Vocals) Noah Stone ‘16.5 (Keys), Rob Shaw ’16 (Lead Guitar/Bass), Mark Balderston ‘15.5 (Saxophone/Harmonica/Vocals), Joe Leavenworth ‘16.5 (Bakali, Guitar/Bass), and Patrick Freeman ‘15.5 (Drums).

Milk Chocolate:

Milk Chocolate is a Neo-Soul trio from Middlebury College with an untarnished reputation for 483833_316022361856905_1138059393_ntight grooves and tighter vocal harmonies. Their covers and original tunes showcase a mellow sound inspired by soul, jazz, and modern R&B greats from D’Angelo and Erykah Badu to Robert Glasper. Featuring Mohan Fitzgerald ’14, Tito Heiderer ‘14.5 and Innocent Tswamuno ’15.

Fat Heads:

The Fatheads are a party blues band based in Burlington, Vermont. They are a high energy two-guitar & drums trio, influenced by houserockin’ blues legends like Hound Dog Taylor and Lightnin’ Hopkins, and bring the ruckus with ecstatic irreverence. Their legs are strong and their bellies are filled with pie. Featuring Eric Benepe ‘13.5, Taylor Bickford ’14, and Austin Bergeron ’13


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.39.04 PM

Come out to the final Wednesday Open Mic Party of the year tonight at 9pm in the Gamut Room!!!! Contrary to previous absurd outburst by the MC Shaw-Jones, we are having WOMP tonight and it’s going to be the by far the best WOMP in the history of time. Headlining will be Icarus and the Wax Wings but to make this the ultimate WOMP we need all of you musicians and performers out there to come out. So take tonight to stop studying for finals, take a break from the library, and come experience the last WOMP of the semester, for the semester is about to get real salty for all of us. Come celebrate.


When: 9pm TONIGHT
Where: Gamut Room

A Call for the Privileged to Consider Race in Upbringing and Memory

White Privilege

Last Monday was a big moment in contemporary American racial politics.  A grand jury in Missouri decided not to indict (now ex)-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, spurring on both local and nation-wide protest at a level not seen since this past summer’s headline grabbing upheaval.  While many anticipated this decision as the natural conclusion for a criminal justice system tipped against black and brown Americans, the decision not to indict the Wilson confirmed the worst nightmares of those hoping for a mere glimmer of justice in an otherwise bleak scenario.

Opinions over the court case aside, the ever developing story line and movement surrounding Brown’s death has ushered in a new wave of discussion and scrutiny of race in the U.S.  I would be surprised if many reading this article today passed their full Thanksgiving without at least a mention of Ferguson, let alone a meal-prolonging, heated debate about the myriad levels of structural and phenomenological issues presented by this poignant example of state violence against people of color.  Such discussions are productive, passionate, and ongoing, yet often fail to involve the personal other than opinion.  It is much easier to talk about the events leading up to Brown’s death, the evidence presented to the grand jury, and the merit of non-violent vs. violent protest than it is to delve into how we personally (and by we I largely mean those of benefiting from white privilege; more on that later) are implicated in the larger arena of racial politics.

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MAltThe MAlt trip going to Puerto Rico this Feb break is fundraising, and we will not be able to go without your support!

When you’re crunching out those papers this week in Davis, and need some refuelling, stop by our station in the lobby outside Wilson Cafe. We’ll have coffee, ramen, chips and other fun, energising things! Please bring cash and help us out!

Dates: Tuesday 12/2 to Thursday 12/4, and Sunday 12/7
Time: 10 pm to 2 am
Place: Davis Library Lobby
Cost: depending on what you buy, between $2 to $4


Translingual Turns 5!

Come out to Translingual Magazine’s Fall Issue Launch Event! It’s our 5th ever issue and we’re pumped! We will have coffee, tea, Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company. Did we mention Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company? If you submitted, edited or read the magazine, do come, and if you know someone that did any of those things, do come too!

Muchas Lenguas

Date: 5th of December, Friday
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Forest West Lounge

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES 2015 (audition call)


Vagina Monologues Come audition for the Vagina Monologues 2015! Monologues and more information found at go/tvm15 and do not need to be memorised! If you want to write your own monologue, come with an idea!

Date: Friday the 5th of December OR Saturday the 6th of December
Time: 3 to 6 on Friday and 1 to 4 on Saturday
Place: CFA 125



Ferguson Nationwide Protests

Rubby Valentin Paulino writes in:

Monday is National Student Walk Out Day, a national call to action created by the Ferguson Action team to unite every community that has lost people to police violence and stand in solidarity with Ferguson, MO. We hope that we can come together as a college and make a change. The visible support will add to the greater pool of demonstrations and protests that occurred this past week to bring awareness to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Let us stand together and support a mass walk out on Monday at 1:01PM —the time that Mike Brown was murdered. Leave your classes, jobs, offices and dorms with your hands up and gather in front of Mead Chapel. At the location we will honor the lives lost and read the names of POC lost due to police brutality.

The purpose of this event is to bring together people around campus who are like-minded and can work together to organize future events concerning police violence against people of color. From here we can move forward and bring our ideas to change our local communities and police practices.

Regardless of race and social class, lets come together to acknowledge the very different experiences of law enforcement that come with white privilege and being a person of color in America.

When: Today, 1:01 PM
Where: Wherever you are, hands up and walk to Mead
Cost: your solidarity with Mike Brown