Revel in Boredom this J-Term

From Juliette Luini ‘18.5: “Only boring people are bored.” My mother engrained this proverb into my head throughout my childhood. She varied the delivery depending on the extent to my boredom (which always correlated with how much I was annoying her): she would either croon the phrase all knowingly, dismissively mumble it in exhaustion, or aggressively spit it out in total frustration. To me, boredom was a stigmatized state ofContinue reading

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Iron Eyes Cody album release!

Patrick Freeman ‘15.5 writes in: It’s been a long time coming. Iron Eyes Cody, one of our favorite student bands, today announced the release of their debut album, Goodness All Good Saints Have Died. Over the past three years, they have emerged as one of Middlebury’s most exciting student bands, playing memorable shows across campus, Vermont and beyond. They are known for their unique sound, which spans the genres of indieContinue reading

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THURSDAY: The Resilience Project

Hannah Quinn ’16 writes in: Stigma feeds on silence. The purpose of sharing stories of resilience is to break that silence and remove the veil of perfection many of us try to hide behind. While we respect that publicly sharing a story isn’t the right avenue for everyone, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible chain reaction it inspires. The stories you’ll hear on Thursday cover a range of experiences; we hopeContinue reading


J-Term Bucket List

Read at least one book (because let’s be honest our last full read was junior year English “The Great Gatsby”)   Throw a few (friendly) snowballs at friends and enemies alike   Wake up? Drank. Lunchtime? Drank. Don’t pass out, drank. Dinnertime? Drank. Go out, drank. Drank. Drnak. Drjeank.    Have an OG night: Disney Channel original movie (Smart House, Luck of the Irish, My Date with the President’s Daughter,Continue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Tim Hansen, ’18

We’re starting 2016 off on the right foot: with another swoon-worthy crush of the week. And let’s be honest, that Christmas spirit got most of us thinking about sharing the love with someone. If you’re on the look out for an S.O. to keep you warm through those cold January nights (although the dorms are doing that job a little too well at the moment), check out this musical hunk fromContinue reading

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Auditions for The Vagina Monologues 2016

Rebecca Coates-Finke 16.5 writes in: If you are interested in being a part of this Vagina Monologues 2016, this movement, we will find a way that you can lend your own body to our collective voice. You could write your own monologue, placing words to the story of your body. You could be in the performance the weekend of February 26th. You could participate in actions around campus at theContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Sophomore Conference

 Brian Lacharite,Communications & Outreach Specialist in the Center for Careers & Internships, writes in:    Preparation and Possibilities, Middlebury’s Sophomore conference will be held Friday January 15 and Saturday January 16. The conference asks sophomores to think about the following question:  You’ve chosen your major, but have you thought about where it might take you? In addition to a keynote address, students will be able to attend panels specific toContinue reading

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Bring the MAC Truck to Campus!

Middbeat sat down with Maryam Mahboob ’18 to learn more about her goal to bring a late-night dining option to Midd. Read on to hear about her idea and how you can help make it a reality! mb: What is the MAC truck? mm: MAC: Macaroni and Choose. Truck: a large vehicle. One dish: macaroni and cheese. The MAC Truck is Vermont’s first and only macaroni and cheese food truck, when it launches. It’sContinue reading

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20 Thoughts From the Third Town Hall Discussion

from Tiff Chang ‘17.5: After reading the Crampus today I was inspired to write my own slightly-satirical reactions to the third Town Hall Discussion. Of course, these thoughts and opinions do not represent all students of color or students of color at large. See the go links at the bottom. Town hall meeting designed to help Middlebury confront racism perpetuates racism by leaving students of color more exhausted than whenContinue reading

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LIVE BLOG: Third Town Hall Discussion on Cultural Appropriation

In keeping with the previous live-blogs of these events, it is important to remind readers that “as the liveblogger of this event, I just want to warn that, given the nature of transcription, I may have missed important parts of comments made throughout this meeting or erred in my communication of them. If you feel that your opinion was misrepresented, please email [email protected] to help us clarify any changes youContinue reading

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from Ben Gleekel ‘17.5: “WOMPAPALOOZA III is taking place this Friday at 9pm in the Bunker to celebrate another great year of Wednesday Open Mic Parties! Once again we’ve had an unbelievable space for the student body to come out and appreciate both old and new performers. Last year we really enjoyed putting on a spring WOMPAPALOOZA in the Gifford Amphitheatre, so we thought we might as well start anContinue reading


TONIGHT: Fireside Release Party

from Mara Gans ‘15.5: “Join us to celebrate the release of the inaugural issue of The Fireside – Middlebury’s only magazine dedicated to the outdoors! We’ll have plenty of journals, as well as food and beverages. Our first volume is full of juicy writing, photography, and original artwork. Ever wondered what metempsychosis means? Want to know what it takes to summit North America’s highest mountain? Have a thing for tchotchkes? Do you take pleasureContinue reading


TONIGHT: Origins of Food Meet & Greet

Charlie Mitchell ’18 writes into middbeat: “Still planning your February Break? Come share dinner with Origins of Food at Ross Dining Hall (in the lounge) and learn more about the Origins of Guatemala: Food Justice Feb. Break program! This 10 day service learning program will introduce you to the global food system in the most hands-on way possible! From coffee harvesting and chocolate tasting to medicinal plants and seed saving, we’re reconnecting you with where foodContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Film Society Screening of Salam Neighbor

from Nika Fehmiu ’17 and Phoebe Mitchell ’17: “This Friday night, the Film Society will be screening Salam Neighbor, a new feature documentary on the Syrian refugee crisis, which will be followed by a Q+A with director Chris Temple. The film follows Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci, who spent one month this past winter living alongside displaced families in the Za’atari refugee camp in an effort to better understand the crisis and the reality of refugee life. TheyContinue reading

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Op-ed: Cultural Appropriation and Playground Dynamics: How a Conversation is Turning into a War

from Robert Erickson ’18: In a narrow sense, this piece is a response to an article published in last week’s edition of The Campus titled “Inviting Cultural Appropriation onto Our Campus,” which accuses the rapper brought onto campus last weekend, Felly, of cultural appropriation. In a broader sense, I’m writing to address some of the misconceptions that have unfortunately plagued a great deal of the conversations about race and discriminationContinue reading


TODAY: Ceramics Club Pottery Sale

from Paulino Choh ’16: “If you’re looking for a handmade, artsy Christmas gift for family, friends, or yourself–then this is for you! The college Ceramics Club is having a pottery sale this Wednesday outside of Atwater Dining Hall from 11am-2pm. Hope to see you there!” Date: Today, December 9th Time: 11:00AM-2:00PM Place: Atwater Dining Hall Cost: All prices are student friendly

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Try This, Not That: Filler Question of the Week

It’s been said enough at this point–this time of year is really tough. Sometimes it feels like taking care of yourself–whether that means brushing your teeth/hair, doing your homework, or watching your favorite TV show–is all that you can do, and often times maintaining meaningful relationships with the people around you becomes increasingly difficult. So, first, try to take the time to care for each other–sometimes a simple “Hey, how areContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Vermont Choreographers’ Showcase

Hiruy Ephrem ’17 writes into middbeat: Enjoy an evening of new dance works by Vermont choreographers  Erika Lawlor Schmidt, Paula Higa, The Montpelier Movement Collective, and surprise guests. The evening will feature live music, projected film, innovative improvisation, and dynamic choreography. Curated by Hanna Satterlee with support from the Middlebury College Dance Program. Buy Tickets: $12 Public/$10 Middlebury ID holders/$6 Middlebury students Date: Friday, December 11 Time: 7pm Place: CFA Dance Theatre Cost: $6 for Midd students

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Middlebury College Compliments Spreads Campus Kindness

After discovering the Middlebury Compliments (MC) Facebook page last month, I reached out to the anonymous creators with some questions about their movement of spreading on campus kindness and positivity. Check out their responses to learn more about their mission, the community’s response, the layer of anonymity, and the art of complimenting: Can you define what Middlebury Compliments is to our readers and how it works? Middlebury Compliments is anContinue reading