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Tonight: Anxieties. in M Gallery

from Annie Bartholomew’17 are you anxious? do you like art? come down to the m gallery for the opening night of anxieties. check out sculptures and installations made by Annie Bartholomew over j term. plus it’s on the way to the bar, so you might as well stop by. Where: M Gallery When: 7 PM Cost: Free!

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my take on the sunset is better than everyone else’s – a photo contest

Have you ever seen a sunset and thought, “wow, I bet I could take a photo and leave long lasting favorable memories so long as I post to Instagram #vsco #liveauthentic”? Honestly, same. We have all fallen victim to the beauty of Middlebury and the world outside of the actual acrylic bubble surrounding the campus. However, we’ve never outright competed for it. No likes, no community voting, just a good-old-fashioned-behind-closed-door-judgement photoContinue reading


Arts Column: Some Thoughts on Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’

this is the second addition of Joy Zhu ’17‘s arts column: Sometime in late March, some of my friends and I, among whom had religious persuasions, watched To The Wonder by Terrence Malick. Afterwards, my friends A and B proceeded to parse their differences on Christianity. A, a Kierkegaardian, believes that the practice of Christianity is a process of letting God’s voice be heard to you in the process of self-reflection,Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Blah Blah Don’t Complain Be Mindful Blah Blah

Middbeat Dad Aleck Silva-Pinto ’16 writes in: “Often the expectation of a weekend imbues in us a great sense of urgency.  This urgency is then compounded by the amount of weekends one has left.  As my friends and I face a dwindling number of these briefs sojourns my anxiety gets a bit worse.  My Saturday nights are characterized less by good times and more by the constant need to find the best, theContinue reading

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THIS WEEKEND: Midd Mayhem 2016

from MCAB Traditions: MCAB Traditions Presents Midd Mayhem 2016! Thursday, May 12th Student Bar at Crossroads -7:30-9:30 pm -Lemonade and Snacks -Otter Creek Beer, Woodchuck Cider & Wine -Live Music with MSTRYWHSKY Friday, May 13th machineheart concert on Battell Circle -8:00 pm Tropical Paradise at the Marquis -10:30 pm -18+ -Beachside Cocktail Menu -Tropical Ice Luge -DJs Peter HUffman & Norris Ou Saturday, May 14th Pig Roast on Atwater LawnContinue reading

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Op Ed: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet)

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Charlotte Reider-Smith: Dear High School Seniors: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet) You may have heard the news that I’ve seen all over Facebook that last couple of days – Malia Obama is taking a gap year. I’m extremely curious to hear what she will be doing. So, maybe not just becauseContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Gardner Campbell “Romantic Computing”

from the Provost’s Office: We are pleased to announce the second in our series of speakers for Envisioning Middlebury, our yearlong conversation. Dr. Gardner Campbell serves as associate professor of English and special assistant to the provost at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his talk, he will discuss how the paradigm of “romantic computing—the experience of wonders [and] uncanny encounters” through technology—can help us fulfill our highest educational ideals. Dr. CampbellContinue reading

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TODAY: Write-in

from MaryEllen Bertolini: Wednesday, May 4th from 8-11 PM, the Writing Center at Middlebury College will join 75 other colleges and universities from around the globe in sponsoring a Write-In between the weeks of April 24-May 5 .  Supported by CTLR, the Writing Program and the Library, the Write-In fosters a writing community by setting aside time and space in LIB 201, LIB 145 and the Harman Reading Room for studentsContinue reading

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Arts Column: Tristes Continents

In this column, Joy Zhu, a junior from Hong Kong who is studying abroad in Germany, will reflect upon mostly english and european cinema and literature as a foreigner to western civilization ‘Well you say that I treat you like a book on a shelf. / I don’t take you out that often ’cause I know that I’ve completed you’ remarks Conor Oberst in the song You Will. You? Will.Continue reading

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Transcription of SGA Presidential Debate

[Editor’s note: This is not a verbatim transcription of the words of the candidates. They talk very quickly, we are trying our best; please let us know if you feel that any statement has been misrepresented] Format: questions from moderators (from the student body), each student will be able to respond and then there will be time for rebuttles. Opening statements now. CANDIDATES: Ivan Valladares ’17 Karina Toy ’17 MichaelContinue reading

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SATURDAY: Yoga Club Retreat

from Chelsea Colby ‘17.5: The Yoga Club is very excited to offer a unique opportunity to go on a Day-Long retreat at Russell Comstock’s non-profit retreat center Metta Earth Institute on APRIL 9, 2016. The Yoga Club will sponsor most of the cost, but those who go on the retreat must pay $5/person. The retreat includes transportation, lunch, two yoga classes, and more. We will leave Middlebury College at 8:00 amContinue reading

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TODAY: Community Council Meeting: Student Stress Solutions & Recommendation Workshop

from Tiff Chang ‘17.5: Community Council is a group of ~20 students, faculty and staff that meets Tuesdays at 4:30 in the Crest Room, McCullough to discuss issues facing the College. All meetings are open to all students, faculty and staff. If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to submit a statement to be shared and/or obtain the minutes, please email [email protected] For more info visit go/cc. See the agenda forContinue reading

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TUESDAY: MCAB Spring Speaker: Jia Jiang “Overcoming Adversity”

from Emma Dunlap ’18: Jia Jiang is a highly sought after motivational speaker, TedX presenter, and the author of the book Rejection Proof​. His career as an entrepreneur has led him to his most recent project – to study the positive lessons of rejection and -painlessly- pass along his insights to the rest of us. He has gained praise from people worldwide for his valuable lessons and for helping people toContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Hitting Walls

It’s midnight. You have just frantically scrambled to submit the paper you promised yourself you’d have done hours ago. But hours ago you were studying for your second exam of the week. Maybe you were out too late Saturday night and maybe you woke up extra early to study for that next exam you are dreading, but either way your three day sleep total is the recommended average for oneContinue reading

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Abroad in Rome Pt. II – Food & Drink, What I Came For

Marney Kline (‘17.5) is studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2016 semester. This is a comedy blog, meaning it’s not entirely factual. Nightlife Last night a bunch of 18 year old Italian boys in a dark alleyway asked me if I had come to Italy to eat and drink. “Yeah,” I told them. “You got me!” Although I’m here to learn the language and become a globally aware citizen,Continue reading

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Buying Power: How Consumerism and the Sexualization of Children Puts All Kids at Risk

from Julia Rossen ’16: As a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation, Kate Price will use illustrations of sexual images in the media and her personal experiences of their consequences to examine the real-life repercussions of mainstreaming and marketing “pornified” ideals of children and suggest strategies for change. Touching on issues of popular culture and how it shapes gender identity, sexual attitudes, behavior and capacities for healthy relationships into adulthood, Price willContinue reading

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Crush(es) of the Week: George Valentine ‘19.5 & Nico Plume ‘19.5

Wondering about the new Febs on campus?  Middbeat sat down with roommates George Valentine ’19.5 and Nico Plume ’19.5 and talked about their relationship dynamic, cheese rolling, and their perfect chili. Left: George Valentine 19.5. Right: Nico Plume ‘19.5.  Photo credits to Sydney Warren 19.5. MB: Where do you guys live on campus? N: GIFF FIVE! We’re roommates.  Room 122, passcode 745….. G: Come visit! MB: Nico, what’s the aesthetic ofContinue reading


An Exciting Announcement About Social Life at Midd

Graham Shaw ‘16.5 writes in: “A few months ago, I wrote an op-ed for Middbeat about the problems I see with Middlebury’s social scene. (Check it out here if you haven’t already). In a very simple sense, I was arguing that our nightlife is stagnant. We are constantly faced with the same slew of options on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night and I don’t think that should be theContinue reading

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Abroad in Rome: A Comedy Blog

Marney Kline (‘17.5) is studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2016 semester. This is a comedy* blog, meaning it’s not entirely factual. * She also writes for Middlebury Discount Comedy, a student sketch comedy group that has shows on March 3rd and 4th in the Hep Zoo – so go!  Abroad in Rome: Loving Life! – Part I  Ever since I hit puberty, I dreamed of being the girl that wrote articlesContinue reading