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Thursday Thought: Blah Blah Don’t Complain Be Mindful Blah Blah

Middbeat Dad Aleck Silva-Pinto ’16 writes in: “Often the expectation of a weekend imbues in us a great sense of urgency.  This urgency is then compounded by the amount of weekends one has left.  As my friends and I face a dwindling number of these briefs sojourns my anxiety gets a bit worse.  My Saturday nights are characterized less by good times and more by the constant need to find the best, theContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Thesis? More Like College… More Like Life #Existential

The Renowned Theodore Gold ’16 thinks a thought: “Writing a thesis is sort of like getting into college. And then going. And then reflecting on what it could have been. V meta, like a fractal. (Cause is it all could theoretically culminate at the same time). Dude… trippy visuals and proportions.   You expect something great. Like, transcendent great. Like, maybe this thesis will propel me from the underappreciated political science studentContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Dear Middlebury

This past week, we welcomed flocks of eager and accepted prospective students to our campus for Middlebury College Preview Days. We hosted them in our dorms, carted them off to classes, and shared with them the joys of an over-crowded dining hall—all for the purpose of delivering an enticing taste of what could be their future. We give them this preview, this taste in the hopes that they will comeContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: On Weather and Waiting

from Georgia Carroll ’18: When the snow melts once and for all and the sugar maples’ green plumage plumps our hemlock forests again, Middlebury experiences The Best Weather in the World. Greenery creeps through the campus, peeping up through the mud near Adirondack chairs and outdoor dining sets. Sun and green leaves elicit the Warm Weather Effect: the sun feels particularly strong, the breeze unseasonably warm, and spirits are unusually high.Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Housing Independence

from Allie Hooley ’17: #abroadlife —> #dormlife Housing: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. After too many failed attempts at cracking the top-secret code that is the Middlebury housing draw, I’ve just about given up. No, neither my freshman nor sophomore year housing was ideal, but I did my time and dreamt of better days as an upperclassman living with my best friends in our own cozy off-campus home.Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: A Culture of Binging

We are the masters of binging. We binge drink alcohol and caffeine, binge watch Netflix, and binge on pulling all-nighters to study. This cycle of doing everything in extremes ends up being detrimental to our happiness. It puts us on an emotional and physical rollercoaster that is exhausting. We are lacking a crucial theme on this campus: “everything in moderation.” We all know binging isn’t good for us.  The statsContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Hitting Walls

It’s midnight. You have just frantically scrambled to submit the paper you promised yourself you’d have done hours ago. But hours ago you were studying for your second exam of the week. Maybe you were out too late Saturday night and maybe you woke up extra early to study for that next exam you are dreading, but either way your three day sleep total is the recommended average for oneContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: A Chili Fest for All

One of Middlebury’s most beloved events is coming to town this Saturday.  And when I say Middlebury, I mean both Middlebury, the town, and Middlebury College.  The event is an awesome opportunity for all kinds of fun and games while nomming on some seriously good chili. Before we get too excited, there’s something all of us should keep in mind before we inundate the streets of Middlebury on Saturday.  LastContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: New England Adventure

Isabelle Stillman ’16 writes in: “Last Friday, I drove with a group of friends to Lincoln, NH to see the Ice Castles. The drive took three hours (after bar night, no less), and our knowledge of what exactly “the Ice Castles” meant was little to none. Jordan had stumbled on it on the old Internet and thrown out the idea a few days earlier, not really expecting anyone to latch on.Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Just Say Hi

How many of you have little things you do to avoid making eye contact with someone you are about to pass while walking? Some of my favorites are looking at my phone, pretending to search for something in my pocket, fake cough into my arm or just straight up change the direction I was walking. To be honest, I usually feel more uncomfortable after doing those things than actually justContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Embracing Stress

As the mercury drops in Vermont, I’m struck by my ability to adapt — there’s something both banal and extraordinary about the body’s ability to maintain its preferred 98.6 °F. I don’t consider myself a science-minded person (for God’s sake I just used degrees Fahrenheit) but I’m pretty sure this phenomenon is called homeostasis. I saw it in my sweat-drenched t-shirts from the first week; I felt it in myContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Culture in Costumes

With Halloween on the horizon, one common theme is dominating campus conversation: costumes. Over the course of the month I’ve grappled with many questions on the manner of my own costume(s). How many do I need? Should I aim for humor? Shoot straight for sexy? Will I dare to go solo or tag team with a friend? If only we could go back to simpler times, when the costume deliberationContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Student Stress

Middlebury attracts highly motivated students who have been galvanized by the competitive admissions process. We facilitate an environment of academic intensity that permeates every corner of this campus. It is rare to find a student here who doesn’t push to get the best grade possible or who is striving for a high GPA. There is a latent sense of competitiveness that we all feel that forces us skew our understandingContinue reading

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Thought of Thursday: Waiting For the Weekend

Like many of us, I spend a lot of time waiting for the weekend — tapping my foot impatiently, waiting for the minutes and the hours to tick by, waiting for the nights to slide past, waiting for the first breath of that Friday air. Today it’s Thursday, and probably a lot of us are feeling pretty damn good about that, because it’s almost Friday, and Friday unfolds into Saturday,Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: What’s your blurb?

Sunday Morning, you and your friends gather for the post-mortem, retracing where you last left your dignity the night before (Hot Tip: Check the floors of Atwater).  Your friend is describing her DFMO (all a haze of strobe lights and sweat), but the name doesn’t register. Telling you that he’s brunette, white, and male does nothing to narrow down the pool.  As she lists off the names of his friends,Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: A Romantic Paradigm That’s Freaking Me Out

I’ve spent over 90 hours interviewing Midd students about their romantic and sexual experiences this semester, and I’ve come across a paradigm, a theory, a “rule,” you could say about male-female romantexual (romantic/sexual) relations. It’s controversial, and I kind of hate it, but I want to hear what you all think, so why not middbeat thought of the week it? Guys grow on girls, but girls don’t grow on guys. Nah,Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Splash Anonymous

My first thought upon opening the email from the admins at Splash Anonymous was along the lines of “Here we go…”. Nevertheless, I downloaded the anonymous picture-sharing app to see what was up. Unfortunately, I soon came to realize that my initial reaction would only get worse as I learned more about it. Stronger than my feeling of distrust for how college-age students will use this app is my disappointmentContinue reading