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Middlebrow Spring 2015 #4

Tonight, Middlebrow will be performing their final show of the academic year, entitled “Two Girls, One Forrest.” This show will also be the last time that group members Forrest Carroll ’15, Melissa MacDonald ’15 and Charlotte Michaelcheck ’15 will be legally allowed to stand on stage.

It has been a long and windy road to this moment for all three members, and there will certainly be a lot of emotional baggage unloaded in the Grand Salon this evening. Youngest Brow member Grace Levin ‘18.5 shared her thoughts on this weighty event, “It was nice being in the group with them. It will be somewhat strange I guess to be the only female. Should be fine, though.” Clearly, it can be tough to bear the gravity of these three forces departing, but we’re positive that tonight will present a feast for the eyes and ears (and some peoples’ mouths).

Feeling nostalgic about this? Check out the promo video for Charlotte and Melissa’s first show back in Fall 2012.

Come on by to the Chateau Grand Salon at 10:30PM to share in this event. The room tends to fill up fast, so get there early to find a comfortable place to settle your butt.


TONIGHT: Sweatervest Spring Release Party!

title-swAccording to my app and the tears in my eyes, spring has finally arrived! And with it– the spring edition of Sweatervest, Middlebury’s own literary magazine. Intrigued? Emily Luan ’15 writes in to middbeat:

Come celebrate with us as we release our newest chapbook!! There will be: copies of the spring issue, beverages, readings from contributors, couches to sit on, people to talk to, and of course an incredible spread of snacks snacks snacks.

Email [email protected] if you can’t make it but want a personal copy!

Date: Today, May 6th
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Porter House
Cost: Free!!


2015 Amka Conference: Education in Africa

2015 Amka conference

Economic history not your thing?  More psyched on education?  Make sure to catch the 2015 Amka Conference on Education in Africa tomorrow, which kicks off at 11 am in Wilson Hall with a keynote speech from Fred Swaniker, founder of the African Leadership Academy.   Big thanks to Umoja, the Middlebury African Student Organization, for organizing the conference, and make sure to check out the event page here, and the schedule after the jump.  There will be talks all day and partying all night, so don’t miss out.

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OP-ED: SGA President Taylor Custer ’15 Responds to Campus Endorsement

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.22.59 AM

In lieu of yesterday’s Campus endorsement of Caroline Walters ‘16.5 for SGA President, Taylor Custer, present SGA President and graduating senior wrote in with some personal reflections on the circumstance.

At middbeat, we thrive to create an inclusive, pulsing campus conversation on all issues, thus we are dedicated to considering and sharing all perspectives. Taylor’s reflection is not a reflection of the middbeat editorial staff’s personal opinions, but rather a platform for campus-wide critical thinking – so please share your thoughts below Taylor’s piece:

In Thursday morning’s issue of The Campus, the editorial board endorsed Caroline Walters for SGA President and Durga Jayaraman for Student Co-Chair of Community Council. Rather than providing any substantive discussion of the full slate of candidates or their platforms, however, the editorial board instead devoted the majority of its editorial to criticizing the current SGA for its “lack of leadership and results this year.​” As the President of the SGA, I felt it important to offer the student body an alternative view of the SGA’s performance this year.​ If anyone would like to respond or ask questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]:

Decide for Yourself

With less than a month left in the academic year, it seems that The Campus editorial board finally realized it has yet to take a firm, controversial position on any important issues related to student life this year. In this week’s issue, however, it decided to break the streak by endorsing Caroline Walters for SGA President. I have no issues with Caroline. I have met her once or twice, and she seems convivial and civic-minded. She is undeniably an SGA outsider. In fact, The Campus editorial board does her an injustice when it states that she has “attended a number of meetings in person;” she has attended exactly one. The editorial board also informs us that Caroline has “read the minutes for every meeting this year.” I believe Caroline. It seems like a responsible journalist, however, would want to allow the reader to make the call by providing some contextual information. Most of us, I imagine, would probably be hard-pressed to find the time to read the 263 single-spaced pages that constitute this year’s minutes.

So, why Caroline? As the only candidate with no SGA experience, she is apparently the only one who can be trusted to remedy the institution’s “lack of leadership and results.” The SGA, after all, has done nothing of value this year. We did not spend hours negotiating with administrators to ensure another tailgating scenario does not recur for a more important issue. We did not boost the number of MiddCourses reviews from under 700 to over 4,200. We did not allocate $40,000 to ensure the Ian Burgin Lodge is built. We did not hold “frequent and flexible office hours” all year. We did not run a major campus-life survey in which 60% of the student body participated. We did not create a framework to ensure that students can voice their concerns about tuition increases and have them answered.(1) We did not pass what Maddie Orcutt, an activist and Truman Scholar, says is “one of the most progressive acts on sexual respect by any student government association.”(2) And no, we did not spend the past year and a half closely examining the Honor Code to propose amendments that may breathe some life back into it.

The SGA, of course, is far from perfect. We need to do a better job listening to and advocating on behalf of students. But, then again, we all make mistakes. I wasted hours in town trying to convince restaurants to provide students with a one-week, 20% discount to increase our social options on the weekends. The Campus editorial board wasted valuable front-page real-estate on an unscientific Facebook poll about the new logo in January. I did not realize that students love free coffee and cookies until two weeks ago. The Campus editorial board did not realize it might be useful to address a controversial issue in an editorial until this past Sunday.

In the absence of any print competition, we as a student body must hold our paper to a higher standard.(3) If it prints inaccurate information or poorly argued editorials, then we should not be afraid to call it out. I did it once before when it bungled its coverage of the SGA’s proposed Honor Code amendments. I feel compelled to do so again now. As was said, the editorial board noted its dismay with the SGA’s “lack of leadership and results this year.” Well, in the student life survey we asked you about our job performance:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.19.57 AM

Facts, it is often said, are stubborn things. While far from a ringing endorsement of the SGA, the above table offers no support for the editorial board’s harsh criticism. The SGA’s unforgivable sin, the one that I have tried and regrettably failed to remedy, is not that we are incapable of creating positive change, but rather that we do a poor job communicating with the rest of the student body.

It is one thing to write about change, another to effect it. Until today, The Campus editorial board was content to do the former without criticizing those doing the latter. It now wants to point out where the doers of deeds could have done them better, without lifting a finger to offer any assistance.(4) Criticism is easy, and change is hard. Given that the editorial board has not done anything this year to effect real change at Middlebury, you should not let its opinion unfairly influence your view of the SGA or the candidates. Talk to them all, read their platforms, evaluate the evidence, and decide for yourself.

(1) Thank you, Senator Berlowitz.

(2) Thank you, Senator Berlowitz, Senator Edwards, and the other activists who helped author the bill.

(3) Middbeat, I think we would all agree, reigns supreme in terms of web-based coverage. (Not a Middbeat-motivated endorsement)

(4) I hope everyone catches the Teddy Roosevelt reference; if you do not, then you should go read his “Citizenship In A Republic” speech right now. And no, I don’t mean just me. Ask anyone involved in SGA, MiddIncluded, or the Divestment movement. Alternatively, you could also ask the many organization leaders and sports captains as well.

Taylor Custer, SGA President [email protected]

TONIGHT: My Idea to Save America, A Speech Contest

DgC4IiMPYpH-feogoZOTl0iCHave a proclivity for watching inspiring Ted talks? This might be right up your alley… Tonight, the Oratory Society is sponsoring the final round of a speech contest called “My Idea to Save America.” It’s scary to think, but in just a few short years we’ll all be off on our own, and many of us will be working to make a difference in our communities, country, or world. So not a bad idea to hear from some of our peers on how that might  happen! More info here:

This final round of 5-minute speeches by current Middlebury College students will be judged by faculty, and feature short, post-speech comments by “celebrity respondents.” Prizes of $500, $250 and $100 will be awarded, along with the honor of helping to restore a Middlebury tradition that began in 1807: the speaking contest.

Date: Today, April 22nd
Time: 7 PM
Place: Warner Hemicycle
Cost: $0


Spring 5K Race

5K 2015 Poster (1) (1)Hey Middlebury! Looking for something to do this Saturday, April 25th? Come out to the GlobeMed annual 5K race (run, walk, skip, whatever). There will be live music by Iron Eyes Cody and a BBQ on Proctor Terrace afterwards. Cost for the race is $10, for the BBQ is a suggested donation of $5.

We’ll be tabling at the library every night if you want to stop by to sign up and pay in cash, or pay through this link:  or you’ll be able to sign up on Saturday before the race!

When: Saturday, April 25
Where: Proctor Terrace
Time: race starts at 11am

Screening: An American Ascent

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.14.12 PM

This Wednesday, April 22nd in Dana Auditorium there will be a screening of the documentary film An American Ascent, a film that chronicles the thrilling journey of the first full African-American expedition team to attempt to summit Mt. Denali, the tallest peak in North America. The group sets out with the goal of leaving a legacy that paves the way for young people of color to explore the outdoors and change the face of the outdoors. Through the journey of these 13 amazing individuals, the film captures the deeply rooted connections of privilege, gender, and the continued fight for civil rights in and out of the mountains. Below is the trailer for the film:

When: Wednesday, April 22
Where: Dana Auditorium
Time: 7-8:30pm

Charter House Benefit Dinner Thursday

Charter House

Kiana Cateriano ’15 writes in:

Come support the Charter House by eating a delicious dinner at 51 Main! The Charter House is a homeless shelter located right in Middlebury providing food and shelter to those in need. The menu is set and there will be live music by Mt. Philo. Buy tickets through the box office or at the door.

When: Thursday April 16, 6:00 PM
Where: 51 Main
Cost: $20 ($5 of ticket price goes to the Charter House)



WRMC Presents Sepomana 2015: Lunice


The college radio station WRMC 91.1 will be hosting its annual spring concert Sepomana on Saturday, May 2.  The show will feature the bass frenzy, dance your face off trap producer Lunice, perhaps best known as half of Montreal-based duo TNGHT who’ve produced tracks for Kanye West and Wacka Flocka Flame.  On his own, Lunice has collaborated with the likes of Diplo, Azealia Banks, and Wiz Khalifa. It’s gonna be a wild show in a big way, and if you have any doubts about that, make sure to check out his set at the Boiler Room here.  Tickets will be on sale at the box office today, $5 in advance, $8 at the door.  WRMC’s Arnav Adhikari ’16 writes in:

The biggest night of the year is back. Finally. While memories of BadBadNotGood and Dan Deacon from last year still linger in all their kaleidoscopic magnificence, SEPOMANA is back again, wilder, sweatier, and ready to fkn party.

Headlining this year’s show will be LUNICE –producer/DJ/madman and one half of the formidable trap duo TNGHT. If you don’t know who Lunice is, you have plenty of time to catch up on some tunes and get psycheddd for what’s going to be an insane show.

Here’s what he sounds like:

Here’s what he looks like under some fancy lights:

More surprises to come in the next couple of weeks, including OPENING ACTS! WRMC knows how to turn up so get excited and invite everyone you know/don’t know/wanna get to know. T-Pain is just the warm-up 😉 See you thurrrr!

As an editorial note, I’ve been listening to Lunice’s tracks all day, and he’s blowing my head to smitherines in the best way possible.  Make sure to check out his track with Azealia Banks, and his single “Can’t Wait To.”  Gonna be a wild show, make sure to get your tickets soon.  Props to WRMC for bringing another awesome show to kick of the final month of the semester.

When: Saturday May 2
Where: Wilson Hall
Cost: $5 in advance at the box office, $12 at the door