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New Music From Jack Tipper and Mike McCann ’15: “Caverns”

Pop on your headphones, take a a three minute study break, and have a quick listen to some awesome new student music from Mike McCann and Jack Tipper ’15 Tipper writes in:

“Caverns” began this past summer, under a different title, when I was listening to a lot of music by Zhu and Kygo. I designed a short tropical melody, and some big drums to accompany it, and then, as I do with many of my projects, I left it buried away on a hard drive to revisit on a later date.

That day arrived a few weeks ago, when professor of music Peter Hamlin suggested that Mike and I collaborate for our final project, combining electronic production with vocal writing! In Middlebury’s musical environment, I rarely find opportunities to produce modern music for class credit, so naturally I was ecstatic! I often feel like I’m procrastinating when I work on my own music outside of my classes, because I have a dangerous tendency to get overly obsessed with my solo projects, sometimes to the point that I fall behind in my other work. This was the perfect chance for me to channel my personal motivations into an assignment!

Mike and I met in my studio to discuss some ideas, and I showed him a couple of song concepts. He latched onto the foundation of “Caverns,” and from there we fleshed out some chords on the piano, dragged the tempo down to 108, and began writing lyrics! I asked him where he felt the song belonged, and what the sounds inspired in his mind. We came up with some interesting words to use as starting points: blue, deep, distant, dark, echoey, underwater. It was then that a memory struck Mike, of a story he’d read about cave diving lobster fishermen off of the coast of Greece.

These fishermen would daringly plunge into the unforgiving mazes of underwater caverns, in order to corner prize lobsters. At a certain depth, they’d encounter a point of no return, choosing either to continue on in hopes of finding an elusive air pocket, or retracing their path back to the surface.

We then pondered the themes from the story of the lobstermen, first relating it to the acquisition of knowledge. Once we discover or experience something new, we can never truly forget. We are from then on unable to fully return to the untainted state of ignorant bliss from which we came. Knowledge, for better or worse, changes the way we perceive the world around us. It shapes who we are and who we become. The lobstermen must choose whether to dive deep, and potentially learn more, but in that process they risk sacrificing what once was.

Free download here! Thanks for listening!


shitty flower imagesWe may have limited photo editing skills, but we have big hearts and the best of intentions! To fundraise for our trip over Feb break 2015, the MAlt Trip to Puerto Rico on Women’s Education will be selling flowers outside both the RIDDIM performances on Saturday. Bring cash, and support not one, but TWO awesome groups of students: the MAlt participants and your fave RIDDIM performers!

It’s for a good cause(s)!


MAltThe MAlt trip going to Puerto Rico this Feb break is fundraising, and we will not be able to go without your support!

When you’re crunching out those papers this week in Davis, and need some refuelling, stop by our station in the lobby outside Wilson Cafe. We’ll have coffee, ramen, chips and other fun, energising things! Please bring cash and help us out!

Dates: Tuesday 12/2 to Thursday 12/4, and Sunday 12/7
Time: 10 pm to 2 am
Place: Davis Library Lobby
Cost: depending on what you buy, between $2 to $4


Translingual Turns 5!

Come out to Translingual Magazine’s Fall Issue Launch Event! It’s our 5th ever issue and we’re pumped! We will have coffee, tea, Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company. Did we mention Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company? If you submitted, edited or read the magazine, do come, and if you know someone that did any of those things, do come too!

Muchas Lenguas

Date: 5th of December, Friday
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Forest West Lounge

Check it out: Penguins of Middlebury

penguinsHere’s a recommendation from a mysterious, unnamed source:

Check out this hilarious new blog that provides an intimate look into the lives the many penguins living on Middlebury’s campus. A combination of stunning photography and insightful questioning, Penguins of Middlebury peels back the veil from the lives of these feathered creatures among us.

Sounds like just the kind of emotionally uplifting stuff we need to get us these last few weeks of the semester, don’t you think?


Check out the Crampus Fall Issue!

crampusAnd now for a special message from everyone’s favorite on-campus humor mag:

Hi Middlebury, it’s us, The Crampus.

You may have forgotten that we existed. That’s understandable because we’ve only published twice in the last two years and we are terrible at social media. Well one of those things is about to change (and if you’ve seen the disaster that is our twitter feed, you’ll know it’s not the social media one). We’re hitting you with a new issue that’s going to surprise you like a Beyoncé album. (Nota Bene: included in this issue is one (1) poem about Beyonce, eat up).

So take a moment this afternoon and grab a copy from Proctor or Ross.
And since we at The Crampus are all avid Henry Kissinger fans, we’ve decided to embrace the spirit of détente and liberalize things a little in our notoriously draconian operation.
tl;dr we’re now accepting submissions from the general public for our second fall issue (and beyond!)
If you have a funny headline, article, comic, graphic or anything else that you’d like to share with us, head on over to go/CrampusSubmit and we’ll all have a good time!

If you’d like to be a regular writer and come to meetings like an adult who has to go to meetings, send an email to [email protected]

We appreciate any comments, critical or kind to the same email address!

Happy Laughing,
The Crampus

p.s. you might be wondering why our halloween issue is out a full week after halloween. The answer is that we are a service to this community, and the way we thought it could best be served is by extending halloween for a full additional weekend! You’re welcome!

52 Thoughts You’ve Had When Eating Proctor Dinner

We can all agree that Proctor dinner can be a stressful experience. Even if you can whip up a homemade salad dressing in seconds or assemble an award-winning panini in a flash, you’re likely victim to the occasional awkward moment or food fumble. We understand your troubles, hence our decision to articulate the thoughts plaguing our minds as we get our essential, albeit sometimes bland, nutrients. For solidarity, humor, or self-pity, here’s 52 thoughts we’ve all had when eating Proctor dinner:

1. Oh god why is the line so long… Go to Ross people!
2. But seriously, where the F are the proctor bowls
3. This is not okay. I need my split pea soup


4. Mmmm is that chicken parm?
5. I worked out.. I definitely need two pieces…or three…
6. Do I look like a fatty with a plate full of chicken parm?
7. Ahh yes.. I’ll balance it out with a salad
8. I love salad!
9. NOT
10. Does anyone eat the weird dishes at the end of the salad bar?
11. Maybe I’ll try this raw fish rice… hmmmm
12. I’m SO glad we have a whole tub of ham. I’m hate when salad bars forget that essential ingredient.

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Middbeat Meeting TONIGHT 9 PM


middbeat is having a meeting tonight at 9 in Atwater AAK.  If you’re interested in writing for middbeat, helping with our web-design, suggesting posts, or just sharing your thoughts about the blog, you’re welcome to join us.  There’s a 50/50 chance there’ll be snacks, and the meeting shouldn’t last much more than 45 minutes.  Hope to see you there.

When: Tonight, 9 PM
Where: Atwater AAK
Cost: nope


1622647_10152597144878876_6843985006327965877_nDo you have a secret hidden talent that you have been waiting to show the world? Come audition for a spot on the International Student Organization (ISO) Cultural Show! Auditions will be held on Saturday Oct. 4th from 2pm to 5pm in Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space), and are open to all students, international or not. We require just ONE MINUTE of material, it doesn’t need to be the full thing, nor full ensemble. Show us what you got!

Date: Saturday, October 4
Time: 2pm-5pm
Place: Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space)

Verbal Onslaught: First Impressions

10653848_10152760377088659_5069357436192975262_nThe first Thursday of the month is fast approaching, and you know what that means: Verbal Onslaught! Middlebury’s largest recurring open mic event is back with our first Verbal of the academic year. Come with poems, songs, raps, dances, or any other kind of performance or just come ready to enjoy the words and voices of your Middlebury classmates! The theme is first impressions, of people, of places, of foods, of anything. No need to fret if your piece does not relate, it’s simply a suggested topic to get the artistic juices flowing. Invite your friends!

Date: Thursday, October 2
Time: 9:00pm-11:00pm
Place: The Gamut Room