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Thursday Thought: What’s your blurb?

Sunday Morning, you and your friends gather for the post-mortem, retracing where you last left your dignity the night before (Hot Tip: Check the floors of Atwater).  Your friend is describing her DFMO (all a haze of strobe lights and sweat), but the name doesn’t register. Telling you that he’s brunette, white, and male does nothing to narrow down the pool.  As she lists off the names of his friends, you question if you two actually attend the same school.  Then she qualifies it, “he’s the one who____” (redacted to protect the guilty).  Suddenly, a face emerges from the haze; you know who she is talking about.

In a bubble like Middlebury, your blurb can become your identifier as much as your name.  Its the elevator pitch someone else chose for you, the sentence that describes your most notorious moment (for better or worse).  People know your blurb.  Hell, scooter boy became NYTimes famous off of his.

So ask yourself: What’s mine?

Sale at the College Bookstore!


If you’ve been meaning to pick up some new Midd gear, today’s the day to do it! Head on down (up?) to the college bookstore today for the Crack an Egg for savings sale. Here’s how it works: from today through April 3rd, when you purchase a clothing or giftware item from the bookstore you will be able to crack an egg revealing a discount of anywhere from 15-40% off. May the odds be ever in your favor.

middbeat Crush of the Week: Christian Lehner, ‘18.5

IMG_5623Are you lookin’ for a sweet new spring fling to celebrate the return of grass on Battell Beach? Maybe you want someone to dream about over Spring Break? Maybe you just want to meet a rad Feb with some cool stories. Well, just in time, we’re bringing you the latest crush of the week and this kid’s a wild new feb with, from what we can tell from 30 minutes with him, a heart of gold.

We asked him a few questions to prove it to you.

mb: You just got here a few weeks ago; what’s surprised you most about Midd?
CL: There’s not as much granola as I thought there’d be.

mb: Oh you just haven’t seen the fall. Alright, moving on to important things, what’s your oreo strategy?
CL: To eat the whole pack.

mb: Ok, we meant like do you eat it with peanut butter, but yeah, that’s a valid strategy too. What was your all-time best Halloween costume?
CL: My birthday suit. But maybe that wasn’t Halloween.

mb: What’s the most embarrassing thing you remember doing?
CL: Well, last night I walked into a girl’s room to ask for help with something and she was studying naked. Uhh… yeah it’s cool though we’re friends now.

mb: Whats numero uno on your bucket list?
CL: Spearfishing a shark. I have a spearfishing gun.

mb: Okay… probably best if I don’t ask if you have it here. Where do you most want to travel to?
CL: Indonesia.

mb: If you took all of middbeat on a date, where would you take us?
CL: To Paramount, Charles St. in Boston.
mb: You know most dates don’t even get off campus, right?
CL: Oh.

So, Midd, if you see this guy around, give him a shout, maybe even ask him if he’s single. #NoRagrets, right?

Today! Academic Roundtable -Managing Technology In the Classroom

Computers and Lecture

This week’s Academic Roundtable discussion will tackle the issue of technology and its role in a classroom setting.  Whether you have fiercely-held convictions on the issue or are just curious to hear the opinion of faculty and students, this conversation will certainly be worth your while! Professors Alison Stanger and Helen Young will offer he faculty perspective while four students will offer their two cents.

Date: Today
Time: 12:15-1:15 pm
Location: CTLR in Davis
Price: Free

How To Survive Midterms

tumblr_inline_neoe5wChui1qfb043Just as spring break approaches and the weather starts to reach habitable temperatures, midterm season rolls around to remind you that sleep and self-respect can be optional. But do not fear, here at middbeat we are dedicated to helping the tired procrastinators, and anyone else who may find themselves on this blog, accomplish their greatest goals (mostly to procrastinate further). We have assembled a fool proof list of steps to not only help you survive midterms, but achieve success that you never knew was possible. If you follow these steps in the correct order, satisfaction truly is guaranteed:

1. Stock up on snacks
2. Text your mom that you love her
3. Make a picture of your dog your phone background
4. Take five deep breaths
5. Get out your notebooks
6. Take a pre-study break to fill up your water bottle (gotta stay hydrated)
7. Check Instagram
8. Check Facebook
9. Check Snapchat
10. Check YikYak
11. Check Middbeat
12. Download Splash Anonymous
13. Check Splash Anonymous
14. Immediately delete Splash Anonymous
15. Catch up on the news
16. Repeat steps 7-15
17. Check menus for tomorrow
18. Eat some snacks
19. Eat all the snacks
20. Start a new show on Netflix (we recommend Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
21. Consider listening to a new podcast
22. Download and listen to a new podcast (we recommend This American Life or Invisibilia)
23. Check your planner
24. Make a To-Do list
25. Finish your new Netflix show
26. See if there are any sales at your favorite online stores
27. Take a picture of the sunset
28. Instagram it
29. Refresh Instagram to see if anyone “liked” it
30. Snapchat your friends about how you are so tired of studying (#libbinitup)
31. Open your textbook
32. Open your notebook
33. Stare at them….


REMINDER: Student Symposium App Due at Midnight Tomorrow (2/27)

Reminder!! Applications to present at the Student Symposium this spring are due at midnight tomorrow (2/27)!! The Student Symposium is an awesome opportunity to delve more deeply into any research you’ve done in class or start a whole new project or inquiry. Check out more information on the symposium in this email to the student body:

Join us in celebrating the diversity of a Middlebury education! The 2015 Spring Student Symposium will begin in the Mahaney Center for the Arts on Thursday night, April 9 with a keynote talk by Kevin Murungi ’01, the Director of Human Rights and Foreign Policy at Global Kids, followed by a reception and student presentations. The Symposium continues all day Friday, April 10 with presentations of student work in McCardell Bicentennial Hall.

We invite students from all four years and in all departments and programs to participate.  If you have done research in a class, independently, or through an internship; if you would like to read, show, or perform a creative work; if you have a project to present in a poster or oral format, please apply to present your academic work! The application deadline is February 27, 2015.

More information and the application are available at the Undergraduate Research website at

MCAB Presents: Alpenglow For The Kids (featuring D8)

alpenglow posterMiddlebury’s favorite Indie folk rock band is back to do a benefit concert for the kids at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital! Come support For The Kids in kicking off Dance Marathon week!

When: Sunday, Feb. 22, 9pm
Where: Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space)
Cost: free admission

Middview Applications Due Tonight At Midnight!


Okay, so this is really last minute. But four hours is totally enough time to fill out an application to lead a Middview trip next fall! Middview is AWESOME. You get to meet a bunch of cool first years, move in to school two weeks early, and go on awesome adventures in Vermont. Plus, school starts super late this year, so you don’t have to come until late August. Go to go/lead and apply apply apply!!

Student Group Profile: Mountain Club

With the start of a new semester, you may be wondering what new activities you should get involved with? Well stop your tossing and turning because lucky for you MiddBeat is scoping out some of Middlebury’s finest to guide you to a successful semester. This week we sat down with Joe Lovelace ’17 and Anahí Naranjo ’17, the Co-President and the Outreach Coordinator of the Mountain Clu, to find out what the MMC has been up to.

middbeat: so what is the Mountain Club?
The Mountain Club is the outdoors club at Middlebury so we lead trips of all sorts: canoeing, day hikes, backpacking, bird watching, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, basically anything and everything outside. We also have weekly meetings and plan social events like Firesides where we get together in Brooker (the outdoor interest house), hangout, and eat a home cooked meal. 

What do you have going on right now?
JL: Over Winter Carnival weekend we had a really successful event called Northern Lights which is an exciting exhibition of the mountainess spirit trapped inside everyone during J-Term unleashed in the form of human dog sled races, snow shoe relays, and ice dancing. We also had tons of excellent food and hot chocolate. There was a really big turnout and it seemed like everyone had an awesome time. A lot of our guides spent J-Term preparing for FOO which unfortunately was canceled due to the weather but we have been taking out multiple winter trips and increasing our volume of certified winter guides. We’ve also been doing a lot of trail maintenance to beef up the cabins and trails aspect of MMC in order to prepare for the new lodge that is coming near Breadloaf (Burgin Lodge). We’ve also been working on the Catamont Trail system to build better relationships with the people who perform most of the trail maintenance in our area. But the big trips coming up are for spring break where we will be sending people as far north as Canada and as far west as Moab in Utah.

What should prospective members of the Middlebury community know about Mountain Club?
JL: Well incase people didn’t know, we have gear hours from 4:30-7 on Tuesday and Thursday in the FIC where you can check out everything from sleeping bags, tents, and headlamps to snow shoes and cross-country skis. There are TONS of free camping and other sorts of trips going out this spring that are open to anyone interested-no experience necessary. We really want to get people camping and hiking who have never done it before because we literally have tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear and live in such an accessible and beautiful place that everyone should enjoy. We also have naked calendars for sale now for only $10 a piece, they are a great way to see your favorite mountain folk baring it all (pun intended)- plus it includes all the faces of the moon! Check out Mr. February ;) You can also feel free to send your tastefully nude photos to the Mountain Club email to be featured next year.

What kind of outreach are you doing this year?
AN: We’ve been trying to go beyond the club’s previous outreach efforts because before we were focusing on outreach outside of the college like at local schools and getting kids to enjoy the outdoors, but now we are reaching more inward. There is honestly a lack of diversity within our club and campus, historically MMC has not had strong representation of people of color and we’re currently working to address this issue. We’re trying to reach more students within the school who haven’t had a lot or any exposure to the outdoors so we have been collaborating with other orgs on campus.

What collaborations are happening?
AN: We are currently planning a retreat/discussion fireside with UMOJA (the African Student Organization) and we are trying to create beginner only trips where we will have a sign-up exclusively for people who have never gone on a trip before because maybe they have been intimidated by the experience of other participants. We are also going to plan something with SNG (Sunday Night Group) but that is still in the works. If any clubs, groups, or individuals are interested in having the MMC facilitate an outdoor retreat or would like to collaborate with the club, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

If, after reading this, you feel inspired to conquer the great outdoors or hang out with a group of really fun bearded folk, the MMC meets on Wednesday at 6pm in Coltrane. If you would like to be on the emailing list to learn about all of the fun trips going out, email [email protected].

Flippant Clothing

four shirts overhead

Seniors Logan Miller and Mike Peters ’15 have an alternative for your Midd swag in the form of nonfunctional clothing that’s on the verge of becoming a fashion phenomenon.  Fresh colors, flipped pockets, perfect for parties, Flippant shirts are dope.  The founders write in:

Upside down pockets?  So they don’t even do anything!?

That’s correct.  Logan and Peters have developed a proprietary blend of impracticality, uselessness and neat colors.  The result: flippant clothing.  Shirts and tanks with upside down pockets.  Why? It’s fun, different and useless. To support a growing business and find out more about the lifestyle, see below:

Go here to join a grassroots movement of organic nonfunctionality.  Proceeds from the first 100 shirts sold will go toward the official, unofficial, flippant Launch Party this spring, dedicated to our flippant Middlebury supporters.

Learn even less about the shirts and the lifestyle at the website or on instagram @flippant_life