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“Growing Up,” A Poem by Nora O’Leary ’17

a poem by Nora O’Leary ’17 based on The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll: “The time has come,” the College said, “To talk of many things: Of jobs—and loans—and thesis work, Of what the future brings.” And how we plan to use our time, Before that last bell rings. “But wait a bit,” the senior cried, “Before we start all that; For I am still a child atContinue reading

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The Orchard Poetry: Jordan Collins ‘15.5

Photo by Matt Gillis ’18.  Sep.20.11:17am fall feels on my back cool the bird chirps and car whirs past in different crispness both legs and arms are covered in less-colored fabric, this morning neck soon wrapped too, nose ducks down into soft safety, boxes opened with summertime’s close what strange shaped spaces hold my brain in this town peopled by books and beer and everyone looking for a thing                                                 Continue reading

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The Orchard Personal Essay: Jordan Seman ’16

Jordan Seman is a currently a junior at Middlebury College in Vermont, studying Comparative Literature and Psychology. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories in her free time, both in Spanish and English. She is originally from Denver, Colorado. submit any creative work to [email protected]   Rehab One spring night, I sat next to him on a tattered couch. He was twenty, and I was barely eighteen. He wore aContinue reading

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The Orchard Short Story: Marney Kline ‘17.5

What happens when a dog on a juice cleanse eats one of her divorcée owner’s gluten-free lavender bars? Read on to find out…  …and submit any and all of your creative work to [email protected]! Robin’s Nest Helen is gnawing on Willow Hearst’s car seat. Helen, you little beast! She must be reacting to the juice cleanse. “That’s OK Helen, I’m with you honey.” I reach my hand into the backseat and stroke herContinue reading