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“Coming Together and Coming Apart” by Professor Linus Owens

The following is a piece written by Middlebury Professor of Sociology, Linus Owens, originally published here. Reposted with permission. *This opinion does not represent the views of the middbeat staff as a whole.* Coming Together and Coming Apart Two days ago, Charles Murray (henceforth reduced to CM) came to Middlebury College to speak. By some accounts, it did not go well (see, for example, the coverage from the NY Times.)Continue reading


Middlebury Students: College Administrator and Staff Assault Students, Endanger Lives After Murray Protest

** Much of the narrative surrounding Charles Murray’s visit to Middlebury and the protests that ensued has been controlled by the College administration in the form of an email from President Laurie Patton and statements made by Vice President for communications Bill Burger to the New York Times. We at middbeat feel it is valuable to give a platform for all students, including student protestors, to voice their opinions inContinue reading

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The Women’s March and Exclusive Feminism: An Invitation for Submissions

Last Saturday, hundreds of Middlebury students travelled across the northeast to Washington D.C., Montpellier, Boston, New York, and beyond to participate in the Women’s March on Washington and its solidarity marches. According to the march’s website, a group of volunteers organized the demonstration in response to the particularly harmful and vitriolic rhetoric imbued in last year’s election cycle and perpetuated by our current president. Though the movement originally struggled toContinue reading

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Op Ed: Misogyny as Perpetuated by Middlebury Athletics Communications on Inauguration Weekend

*the following opinion does not necessarily reflect that of middbeat as a whole  “Men’s Alpine Dominates Day One at St. Lawrence Carnival” This is the headline on the Middlebury Athletics homepage that greeted me after my first and historic carnival win. Deprived of the full story, it probably seems quite innocent. In reality, it is an inaccurate, sexist and unprofessional headline that reflects the general attitude towards women in sport.Continue reading

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Op Ed: Reflections on an Election

from Cassady Roberts, sister of Murphy Roberts ’17:  Dear Middlebury community, I have the privilege of knowing some of you, and had the great honor of meeting many more of you in the past three months. I did not go to Middlebury, but two of my brothers did, and through them I feel connected to your community in a very unique way. I am not one to publically voice my opinions often,Continue reading

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I Have Neither Given Nor Received Authorized Aid on Community Standards

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Brandi Fullwood ’17: After snaking through a maze of push and pull doors, I finally make it into a crowded corridor to get into the Ross elevator. The night as anticipated was less than exciting, but I took some pride in not walking over to the Grille. The elevator lights were blaring and bright compared toContinue reading

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Op Ed: Melancholy by Maddie Hoar ‘17.5

from Maddie Hoar ‘17.5: I spent the semester doing an independent study to look at the topic of student stress at Middlebury with Professor Pam Berenbaum. Here is a link to the draft formal summary of my course with these concepts in greater detail. Other than broad causes that exist for any college student, there were a few tropes we found to be particularly true at Middlebury:   The busyness competition.Continue reading

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An Open letter to the Middlebury College Social Scene

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Sophia Parker ’18: 1. How does our categorization of students by class and race affect the stratification of Middlebury’s social scene? Difficult discussions on campus often generate around conversations of privilege and disadvantage. It’s no secret that many Middlebury students come from significant wealth. So when French Professor William Poulin-Deltour asked our French Politics class what demonstratedContinue reading

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Op Ed: The Tragicomic Awkwardness in Having a Dead Family Member

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole  from Millie von Platen ‘18.5: My very first day at Middlebury marked exactly one year since a sudden cancer killed my dad. Although it seemed very painful at the time, I have come to view the coincidence with a breath of relief: the mayhem of Feb orientation meant that I was kept from moping alone in my room,Continue reading

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Op Ed: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet)

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Charlotte Reider-Smith: Dear High School Seniors: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet) You may have heard the news that I’ve seen all over Facebook that last couple of days – Malia Obama is taking a gap year. I’m extremely curious to hear what she will be doing. So, maybe not just becauseContinue reading

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Press Release: JusTalks: Past, Present, and Future

“Diversity.” “Inclusion.” “Community.” This past year these words seem to have bubbled to the surface of campus conversation.  However, topics of power, privilege, and identity have always existed on campus, and various student initiatives have been wrestling with these issues for years.  JusTalks has been one of these initiatives. Since 2011, we have dreamed to engage the entire campus in courageous dialogue that confronts privilege, engages with difference, and contributesContinue reading

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Reflections from Abroad: Lessons from the Subcontinent

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Oisín Reed-Kelly ‘17:  What living in Delhi has taught me about being a white dude: Disclaimer: I am just trying to relay my experience – In no way to I mean to generalize or claim to characterize India or Indian people as a whole. It wasn’t that I was previously not conscious of the systems andContinue reading

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Op Ed: Party Paralysis: The Death of Ridgeline and The Paradox of Pub Safe

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole  from Murphy Roberts ’17: Do you ever feel like you see the same handful of people at every party you go to? This is not a coincidence. This is not the result of some party illuminati. No no no. It is not the result of Atwater Suites. It is not the result of off-campus housing. It is notContinue reading

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Op Ed: In Response to ‘3 Things I’ve Learned About Middlebury While Being Not-at-Middlebury’

from Sean McQuillan ’15: This op-ed is in response to a Middbeat article written by Lizzy Weiss ’17 titled “3 Things I’ve Learned About Middlebury While Being Not-at-Middlebury.” It’s an important and thoughtful article, and I’d recommend giving it a read, especially you sophomores and juniors who may be feeling similar to Lizzy. After first reading Lizzy’s title (“3 Things I’ve Learned…”), I did exactly what any practiced Midd kid wouldContinue reading

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3 Things I’ve Learned About Middlebury While Being Not-at-Middlebury

Lizzy Weiss is a junior studying abroad in Kathmandu, Nepal. Today she writes in with her reflections on her own abroad experience as well as an analysis of the tradition of taking time away from Middlebury. Sometime last week the New York Times published an op-ed entitled “Study Abroad’s Seven Deadly Sins.” The article discussed some “derailing” aspects of study abroad such as students’ tendencies to take easy courses, drink toContinue reading

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Op Ed: I Know Nothing

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole from Murphy Roberts ’17: Tbh, I know nothing… And I’m starting to realize that’s not a bad thing. Recently, I came to the realization that I have fulfilled all the academic requirements (but the senior seminar) to garner my degree a little over a year from now. That’s scary. It seems like just yesterday I stumbled intoContinue reading

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Op Ed: Understanding My Part

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole from Isabelle Stillman ’16: “Black students belong here at Middlebury.” The Black Student Union, in cooperation and solidarity with Alianza, Distinguished Men of Color, the Muslim Student Association, Radical Asians, Gather, Women of Color, and Queers and Allies, wrote this sentence in an email to the student body last Thursday. The email came in response to severalContinue reading

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Op Ed: The Liberal Arts and Go/Refuge: A Brazilian’s Perspective

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole from Tatsatom Gonçalves ’19: Middlebury is an international institution which, by its liberal arts definition unto itself, proposes to teach its students how to tackle at least some of those great problems afflicting the world today. We are a community built on discussions that stretch beyond the classroom far into the most pressing present-day concerns. As PresidentContinue reading

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Op Ed: Spring Awakening

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole from Pyone Aye ‘19: Spring Semester marks a time of new beginnings – new classes, new faces, and perhaps a new, you. Many of us can only anticipate what the semester ahead has in store.  Will I embark on a romantic endeavor? Will my thoughts and ideas be challenged by my courses or by my classmates?Continue reading

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Op Ed: Reflections on MALT DC: Privilege and Poverty

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent the views of middbeat as a whole Travis Sanderson ’19 shares his thoughts from notes he took during the MALT DC: Privilege and Poverty alternative break trip over Feb Break: A Series of Observations and Experiences from Privilege and Poverty Sunday, 2/7/16: First day in MALt DC alternative break trip. On the way to buy groceries, passed the historically black college of HowardContinue reading