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OWL Bar Tasting in the Library


Nothin like a free OWL bar to sooth your study snack cravings. Thankfully, today they will be FO FREE in the Davis Family Library! Allison Wright, owner of Original. Wholesome. Local. (OWL) Food. LLC will provide samples of the OWL Energy bars from 11-2pm today, and she can’t wait to see your hungry face.

Date: Today, November 13
Time: 11 – 12pm
Place: Davis Family Library

WINGS and Games with DMC, Tonight!



It’s Thursday, which means basically the weekend, which means time for fun. And the student group Distinguished Men of Color (DMC) knows how to make Thursday fun: WINGS! Tonight, from 7-8pm in Ross B11 DMC invites everyone to come enjoy a study break with some good vibes, WINGS, and music. If you’re interested in joining DMC, this is a great opportunity to get to know some Distinguished Members better, and if you just like cool people and good times, you should absolutely stop by, too! Bring ya friends.

Date: Tonight, November 6
Time: 7-8 pm
Place: Ross B11 (classroom downstairs in Ross, beneath dining hall)
Cost: fo free

Midd Dining: New Dining Hall Application

iPhone screenshot of Midd Dining

iPhone screenshot of Midd Dining

If you don’t have time to hit up the new Marquis Southwestern Restaurant for lunch, you’ll have to resort to dining hall delicacies. But how will you chose which of three options to indulge? Weighing between the food, the atmosphere, the crushes you will/won’t run into, dining hall decisions can be a blunder.

BUT, if go/menus was just too time-consuming/energy-expending, we’ve got a new option for comparative dining hall food analysis: Midd Dining, a new smartphone app created by Paolo Bernasconi ’15. Midd Dining provides access to Middlebury College Dining Menus, with a simple interface and quick access the daily menus and hours of operation at Atwater, Proctor and Ross dining halls. It’s clean and pretty, and useful if you’re in a rush. Free download, try it out.

Revamped Marquis Theatre Opens, with Southwestern Restaurant!


Imagine yourself settling into a comfortable recliner, delicious burrito in one hand and a cold brew in the other. On the movie-theater screen in front of you, a much-anticipated blockbuster begins to play.

Sounds incredible to me—and now it’s a reality in Middlebury, VT.

The Middlebury Marquis Theater has remodeled; no longer just a theater, the Marquis houses Middlebury’s only Southwestern restaurant.

I visited the Marquis theater while it was under reconstruction to meet with Ben Wells, new co-partner of the theater. Ben has a lengthy history in the restaurant business, working on and off as a manager of a restaurant in Bolder, Colorado for years. Before becoming a co-owner of the Marquis, Ben’s roles were twofold: coach of the Middlebury College Rugby Club (alongside John Phillips), and stay at home dad.

Yet, Ben was always interested in the idea of a movie theater with an in-house restaurant, or something of the sorts. Last winter, a friend finally asked him if he knew Bill Shafer, the (now co-owner) owner of the Marquis. Ben and Bill quickly clicked, learning their visions for the Marquis renovation were quite in tune. Previously, Bill worked at Big Vision in Waitsfield, and has an extensive background in movies and music; with Ben’s culinary expertise, the pair were set to begin their venture in earnest.

After closing the Marquis’ doors, the renovations began. The Marquis, originally a vaudeville theater built in 1939, was transformed.

As one walks in to the theater, the kitchen is off to the left, with an ordering station, featuring an extremely affordable menu (everything is less than $10!). Did I mention that there’s beer? There’s beer. That you can take in to the theater. Not to mention the mouthwatering Southwestern cuisine, including burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, GUAC, smoked meat, the whole nine yards. The snack/ticket bar remains much the same, with the typical movie theater fare provided. The restaurant seating area is behind the snack bar in the now-gutted downstairs theater, and has both regular and high top seating. There won’t be wait staff, rather patrons can order at the kitchen counter, and then either take their food in to the seating area, or into the two upstairs theaters. The seating area screen will show a variety of TV shows, sports, flicks etc., and Wells envisions showing black and white films during lunch.

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Ron’s Closet: Capturing the Spirit of Middlebury College Through Apparel and Design

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There’s a new Middlebury alumni-led fashion endeavor in the works, and if you haven’t heard about it, you definitely should. While recent regulations have spurred many of us to criticize Middlebury campus traditions (or lack thereof), Ryan Brewster ’14 is determined to do the opposite, reviving and celebrating what Midd traditions we do retain through creative design. Enter Ron’s Closet Apparel Company

The ethos is simple. As Ryan explains:

Ron’s Closet Apparel Company aims to capture the spirit of Middlebury through graphic and clothing design. Channeling the innocent desires of a “Proctor Crush” or the unabashed disrobing that is “Like a Prayer,” our products are informed by the timeless themes that define our wacky, yet endearing culture.

Community. Tradition. Self-Expression. These are the core principles of Ron’s Closet, and embody the ethos of a brand created by and for Middlebury students. Consistent with these values, everything we produce will be sold at the cost of printing (i.e. we don’t care about profit), and any money that is contributed on top will be set aside for local charities.

Sounds pretty cool, and the designs (some featured above) are pretty awesome. After freshman year it seems we all get a bit sick of sporting that classic Middlebury sweatshirt, the emblem of college acceptance purchased within minutes of receiving the big envelope in the mail. This being said, there’s undoubtedly value in identifying with the aspects of our institution we do like, and Ron’s Closet designs provide a platform to do so, it’s mission being “to create apparel that is inspired by the lifestyle and pulse of Middlebury College.”

Plus, because Ron’s Closet is not profit-driven, you can feel good about your investment, knowing any surplus money will be donated to local charities. The company will be using the crowd-funding site Tee Spring, where shirts can be ordered individually on the basis of separate campaigns. Products will be printed and shipped once the minimum threshold of buyers is reached. More information regarding Tee Spring policies can be found here.

Ryan writes in to reinforce that Ron’s Closet is currently recruiting graphic designers (or any creative minds) who are interested in contributing to our collection. An additional arm of Ron’s Closet is that of a pro bono design service for events/organizations/you name it seeking branding and marketing materials. Among recent collaborators have included the Student Government Association, the Middlebury College Emergency Medical Services and the Islamic Society of Middlebury College.

Sounds like this start-up could really take off, so it could be a smart move to get involved fast. Contact [email protected] for information! And, to learn more about the project, check out Ron’s Closet Facebook page here.

P.S.: Ryan, middbeat would certainly love our own design!

Snow Bowl Family Bash 12-4

photo cred: Stephanie Meckel '15

photo cred: Stephanie Meckel ’15

Alex Chapin and Steph Meckel ’15 write in:

Don’t miss out on what has recently become the greatest event of Fall Family Weekend!! The foliage will blow you away!

It’s the fourth annual Snow Bowl Family Bash! Come join us at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl for an afternoon of live music, food and friends! Enjoy hot chocolate at the top of Worth Mountain after taking a scenic ride up the triple to view Vermont’s spectacular foliage. Ticket prices for the lift ride are $3 for students and children, $5 for adults. There will be a barbecue in full swing all afternoon with food and drinks available for purchase. Proceeds go to the Middlebury Community Care Coalition and the Snow Bowl Ski Patrol.

Enter the raffle for a chance to win Snow Bowl gear and ski tickets. If you haven’t already gotten your season’s pass for the 2013-2014 season, they will be on sale for the duration of the event.

People have missed out on the beauteous event in the past, so make your time last. Invite your friends, parents, cousins, step children, grand children, second cousins, dogs, cats, parakeets, distant relatives, close acquaintances, gentlemen, gentlewomen, dates, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends with benefits, etc.

All are welcome to drive up on their own (just 20 minutes from campus), but Addison Country Transit (ACTR) shuttle bases will also be available between Adirondack Circle and  the Snow Bowl (to the Bowl: 12:55 pm, 2:10 pm; back to the College: 1:30 pm, 2:45 pm, 4:00 pm). Rides are free for Middlebury students, $1 for non-students. The bus will stop at the Bread Loaf Inn for those wishing to depart or return from the Bread Loaf campus.

When: Today, 12-4 PM
Where: Snow Bowl
Cost: $3 for a ride up the lift

Fall Harvest Festival: Saturday at the Organic Farm

Come enjoy an afternoon of autumnal festivities at the Organic Farm this Saturday!

Come enjoy an afternoon of autumnal festivities at the Organic Farm this Saturday!

Jake Faber ‘16.5 writes in with this really cool weekend event:

Come down to the farm tomorrow between 3:00 and 7:00 for our fall garlic planting ceremony and harvest festival! We’ll start be planting next year’s crop of garlic (weather permitting), followed by a bonfire, potluck dinner, firing of the new cob oven (expect pizza with farm veggies!), and music performances.

If anyone wants to make food for the potluck, MCOF can purchase ingredients/supply produce from the farm as available. Email us at [email protected] to let us know what you want to make and how much of what ingredients you need!

It’s BYOPAU, so bring your own plates and utensils! Can’t wait to see you all.

Organic Farm

When: Today 3-7 PM
Where: Organic Garden down past Ridgeline
Cost: Plates and Utensils

Atwater Dining Has New Coffee Machines!

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Perhaps we don’t have all the same thoughts when eating in Proctor, but if there’s one dining hall blunder we can all agree on, it’s the coffee. Quite simply, it sucks. Watery, tasteless, strange flavors, is it even caffeinated? We could go on.

Thankfully, Atwater has come through, again proving itself far superior to it’s peers: There are now two brand new coffee machines in Atwater dining hall, located by the first food line, next to the soda machine that, cough, still doesn’t work (beggars can’t be choosers). Dining services told us “It was time for a change, as the old machines were rather ancient, and couldn’t produce the best product.” Turn down for that.

But, is the coffee any better? A quick survey of Wednesday morning Atwater breakfasters concludes that yes, it is somewhat of an improvement. “Still not fantastic,” remarks Cate Stanton ‘15.5, “but definitely better.”

Unsurprisingly, Atwater wins again. So, perhaps ditch the eggs to order for a day, and enjoy some freshly brewed Atwater coffee. They’ve got cantaloupe and pineapple, too. It’s all very exciting.

This Week at the RAJ


The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs will feature three fantastic lecturers at Midd this week, beginning today at 4:30 with Croatian sociologist Professor Aleksandar Stulhofer’s “An Imported Culture War? Sex Education and the Religious Right in Croatia.”  Stulhofer is the chair of the sexology unit of Croatia’s University of Zagreb, and has written extensively on youth sexuality, pornography and HIV/AIDS, and in post-Communist Eastern Europe.  Thursday brings award-winning  Israeli author Assaf Gavron who will present a talk titled “The Hilltop Settlement:  A Perspective of an Israeli Author” at 4:30.  To end the week, Middlebury’s own Professor Enrique Garcia will present at the IGS Colloquium regarding the depiction of the mulatto in pre-revolutionary Cuban musicals on Friday at 12:15.  Lunch will be provided for those who RSVP to rcgaATmiddleburyDOTedu.  You can find the full RAJ schedule here.

When: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30, Friday 12:15
Where: RAJ
Cost: RSVP for Friday’s lunch

UPDATE: Also don’t miss tomorrow’s timely talk on Hong Kong: The Struggle for Democracy at 6 PM, presented by the Chinese Society and the RCGA.

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52 Thoughts You’ve Had When Eating Proctor Dinner

We can all agree that Proctor dinner can be a stressful experience. Even if you can whip up a homemade salad dressing in seconds or assemble an award-winning panini in a flash, you’re likely victim to the occasional awkward moment or food fumble. We understand your troubles, hence our decision to articulate the thoughts plaguing our minds as we get our essential, albeit sometimes bland, nutrients. For solidarity, humor, or self-pity, here’s 52 thoughts we’ve all had when eating Proctor dinner:

1. Oh god why is the line so long… Go to Ross people!
2. But seriously, where the F are the proctor bowls
3. This is not okay. I need my split pea soup


4. Mmmm is that chicken parm?
5. I worked out.. I definitely need two pieces…or three…
6. Do I look like a fatty with a plate full of chicken parm?
7. Ahh yes.. I’ll balance it out with a salad
8. I love salad!
9. NOT
10. Does anyone eat the weird dishes at the end of the salad bar?
11. Maybe I’ll try this raw fish rice… hmmmm
12. I’m SO glad we have a whole tub of ham. I’m hate when salad bars forget that essential ingredient.

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