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SOON! Students for Design Activism in the CFA!


Design projects will pop-up in the CFA lobby areas for the exhibit of the Design Activism studio. Munch on the free food served while exploring the effect of design activism on everyday life, the public sphere, and the built environment. There is some human interaction and material experimentation.

When: 12 pm- 3 pm
Where: CFA Lobby areas
Cost: Free! (free food!)

Waffle Machines Come to Atwater Dining Hall!

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At Atwater Dining Hall (among many other locations, but particularly here), we as Midd students are really, really spoiled. Of course we could and should criticize this spoiling, but sometimes it’s great to lavish in the awesomeness Midd provides us for just a few minutes. And if any benefit enables us to do so, it’s certainly new waffle machines, which have just been added to Atwater Dining Hall! While we claim time and again that Atwater couldn’t get any better, it continues to woo us, continues to assert itself as the undeniable Queen (or King) of all dining halls.

The new make-your-own waffle machines made their debut this morning in Atwater, and will remain a permanent feature of Atwater breakfast. Joining freshly cut melon and pineapple, warm scones, and coconut flakes, these waffle machines are giving Proctor eggs-to-order a certain run for their money. So come, enjoy the giant windows, morning sunlight, communal round tables, and have an Atwater breakfast experience of your own!

Most importantly, middbeat sends a HUGE THANK YOU to the dining hall staff and administration for this gift, and for the continuous happiness and friendship they offer us!

Brent Nixon ’15 enjoyed the first student-made Atwater waffle this morning at 7am, and it was rullllly good.

TONIGHT: Alianza, Islamic Society and Hindu Student Association Present SNACK NIGHT!


Who’s not into good, free food? We certainly are. Thankfully, there’s a great opportunity to eat free food and enjoy educative, friendly company at tonight’s Islamic Society, Alianza, and the Hindu Student Association Snack Night. Mariam Kahn ’16 invites us all:

Discover and celebrate the cultural interconnections between Latinos, Muslims and Hindus through food!

Enjoy an evening of snacks such as Samosas, Kheer, Nachos and Guacamole over great conversation and company this Friday! Everyone is welcome :)

Contact HSA, ISMC or Alianza if you would like to help us prepare any dishes or check out this google doc!

Date: Tonight, 1/23
Time: 6:30pm
Place: Carr Hall (next to Forrest)

MAlt Las Marias: 51 Main Entertainment Night

1506524_10152667656613358_4239853781455193081_nMAlt Plenitud Puerto Rico would like to invite you to a fun filled entertainment night at 51 Main from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday January 23rd. Come to enjoy musical performances by our very own Middlebury Bands Ingoma, Zale the Whale and the Rest of Hadley 5 and many more! There will also be an open-mic opportunity and many more performances coming!

When: Friday, Jaunary 23, 4-7pm
Where: 51 Main Restaurant (Right across the bridge on College Street in town)
Cost: free!

Learn How to Cook a Really Good Chicken (But You Gotta Sign Up!)


They weren’t lying: four years passes fast, and graduation really does come (a reality that’s becoming far too real for super-senior febs and seniors alike). And (spoiler alert), along with graduation, sadly comes the end of our unlimited dining hall plan. While some of us might be stoked to get cookin’ in our own kitchens and put that organic gardening skill set to use, most of us are, well, scared shitless by the idea of having to cook for ourselves every, single, night, without just resorting to pasta or take out. Thankfully, Midd has brought in a few incredibly talented professional chefs this J-term to teach a weekly workshop titled Kitchen Survival 101: What to do with a Chicken, which is open to all students, though each session can only fit 14 people so early sign up is a must.

At these workshops you can learn basic kitchen skills as you prepare a three-course meal (chicken, vegetable, and grain) from different world cuisines under professional instruction. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the term:

January 17 Indian cuisine with Matt Laux, New England Culinary Institute graduate

February 14 French cuisine with Matt Laux, New England Culinary Institute graduate

In addition, you will learn:

  • How to plan a menu
  • Basic cooking methods
  • How to shop
  • Must-have kitchen equipment and essential cookbooks
  • Knife Skills
  • How to read a recipe

Each class costs $10 per session, and it’s crucial that you register online at go/boxoffice by 12 noon on the Friday prior to each class meeting. This means that if you want to attend this week’s cooking class (on Jan 17) you’ve got to order by this Friday (Jan 16) at noon!  Space is limited to 14 for each session.  Open only to Middlebury College students and employees.  Registration must reach a minimum of eight for the class to take place. This event is sponsored by the Wellness Committee and the Global Food Program.

Questions?  Email [email protected]

MAlt Las Marias: Taste of India


Do you LOVE Indian food? Are you looking for an excuse to eat more? Come to Eat Taste of India this Friday (16th January 2015) from 4:30 – 9:30 pm. The Las Marias trip will be learning about Permaculture, sustainable farming and living so come out and show your love of the environment and tasty food! 10% of the sales will go to MAlt Las Maris Puerto Rico!

If you are unable to make it and would still like to contribute to the trip or learn more about the Las Marias group, check out

When: Friday, January 16th 4:30-9:30pm
Where: Taste of India, 1 Baker Lane (Middlebury, VT)

middbeat’s Montreal Travel Guide


So it’s Thursday, you’ve made it through another excruciating week of J-term, and you’re looking forward to an even longer bigger night of partying followed by even more sleep. That is, unless you chose a class that meets on Friday, in which case the joke is on you. You don’t want to do your same old thursday-night-that-feels-like-friday-night thing. What if I told you, not a three hours drive away, was one of the best cities in North America? Montreal is the go-to destination for students in the northeast over the age of 18. Its great food, vibrant past, and forward thinking alcohol laws hold great appeal – and with our help you can turn a weekend otherwise spent in Atwater into a culture-filled vacation north of the border!

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OWL Bar Tasting in the Library


Nothin like a free OWL bar to sooth your study snack cravings. Thankfully, today they will be FO FREE in the Davis Family Library! Allison Wright, owner of Original. Wholesome. Local. (OWL) Food. LLC will provide samples of the OWL Energy bars from 11-2pm today, and she can’t wait to see your hungry face.

Date: Today, November 13
Time: 11 – 12pm
Place: Davis Family Library

WINGS and Games with DMC, Tonight!



It’s Thursday, which means basically the weekend, which means time for fun. And the student group Distinguished Men of Color (DMC) knows how to make Thursday fun: WINGS! Tonight, from 7-8pm in Ross B11 DMC invites everyone to come enjoy a study break with some good vibes, WINGS, and music. If you’re interested in joining DMC, this is a great opportunity to get to know some Distinguished Members better, and if you just like cool people and good times, you should absolutely stop by, too! Bring ya friends.

Date: Tonight, November 6
Time: 7-8 pm
Place: Ross B11 (classroom downstairs in Ross, beneath dining hall)
Cost: fo free