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Video: Spring Semester in Seconds

At the start of the semester, it tends to feel easy to put our heads down and tunnel through the weekdays. Fun is reserved for the weekends, and monotony disguised as routine begins to take over. But– it is so important to remember that each day brings something new– a new friend, a new thought, a new skill explored, a memory to be preserved. In this spirit, we at middbeatContinue reading

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The Sugar Bug: A Short Film by Will Hanley ’15

If there’s one highlight of finals week I’ve always looked forward to (yes, highlights during finals week can exist) it’s the Middlebury senior film & media culture majors’ senior thesis screening night. After months of directing, writing, producing and filming, the senior FMMC majors are proud to present their extremely impressive short films, and we’re always amped to see them—Dana Auditorium filled to the brim with students eager for aContinue reading

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How To Be Okay: A Short Film By Chrissy Ritter ’16

This time of year is always tough. The relentless, mean winter finally fades into a welcoming, soft spring-summer (is there really a difference when it’s 80 degrees in May?) that makes us love this place more than ever before. Perhaps this is due to the influx of visible skin, or maybe it can be chalked up to some correlation between sun exposure and ~~good vibes~~, but it’s hard to denyContinue reading