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Abroad in Rome Pt. II – Food & Drink, What I Came For

Marney Kline (‘17.5) is studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2016 semester. This is a comedy blog, meaning it’s not entirely factual. Nightlife Last night a bunch of 18 year old Italian boys in a dark alleyway asked me if I had come to Italy to eat and drink. “Yeah,” I told them. “You got me!” Although I’m here to learn the language and become a globally aware citizen,Continue reading

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Abroad in Rome: A Comedy Blog

Marney Kline (‘17.5) is studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2016 semester. This is a comedy* blog, meaning it’s not entirely factual. * She also writes for Middlebury Discount Comedy, a student sketch comedy group that has shows on March 3rd and 4th in the Hep Zoo – so go!  Abroad in Rome: Loving Life! – Part I  Ever since I hit puberty, I dreamed of being the girl that wrote articlesContinue reading


J-Term Bucket List

Read at least one book (because let’s be honest our last full read was junior year English “The Great Gatsby”)   Throw a few (friendly) snowballs at friends and enemies alike   Wake up? Drank. Lunchtime? Drank. Don’t pass out, drank. Dinnertime? Drank. Go out, drank. Drank. Drnak. Drjeank.    Have an OG night: Disney Channel original movie (Smart House, Luck of the Irish, My Date with the President’s Daughter,Continue reading

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LIVE BLOG: Third Town Hall Discussion on Cultural Appropriation

In keeping with the previous live-blogs of these events, it is important to remind readers that “as the liveblogger of this event, I just want to warn that, given the nature of transcription, I may have missed important parts of comments made throughout this meeting or erred in my communication of them. If you feel that your opinion was misrepresented, please email [email protected] to help us clarify any changes youContinue reading

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Middlebury College Compliments Spreads Campus Kindness

After discovering the Middlebury Compliments (MC) Facebook page last month, I reached out to the anonymous creators with some questions about their movement of spreading on campus kindness and positivity. Check out their responses to learn more about their mission, the community’s response, the layer of anonymity, and the art of complimenting: Can you define what Middlebury Compliments is to our readers and how it works? Middlebury Compliments is anContinue reading

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LIVE BLOG: Middlebury Administration Proposals for Addressing Student Stress

** disclaimer: Again, there may be inaccuracies here! This is our attempt to communicate the proposals, but due to the nature of transcription we may have missed some important points. Hi everyone! We’re live blogging once more, this time from Wilson Hall. Today we meet to discuss the administration’s proposals to address student stress on campus. The room is half filled, ish. My guess is that many of you aren’tContinue reading

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LIVE BLOG: Town Hall Discussion on Cultural Appropriation

Town-Hall-Discussion-11.30.15 ^^ The PDF linked above contains far more accurate notes recorded by Community Council secretary, Alison Kraner ’18.  As the liveblogger of this event, I just want to warn that, given the nature of transcription, I may have missed important parts of comments made throughout this meeting or erred in my communication of them. If you feel that your opinion was misrepresented, please email [email protected] to help us clarify anyContinue reading

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An Interview with Addis Fouche-Channer, Founder of Hands of Midd

Middbeat contributor Liddy Renner ’18 sat down with Addis Fouche-Channer ’17 to talk about her inspiring new project, Hands of Midd. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here and toss the account a follow. Addis is an avid runner, photographer, and lover of life here at Midd, and the vibrancy and depth of this project reflects all of these attributes. If you’re interested in getting involved, email Addis at [email protected] Enjoy!Continue reading

TEDYouth, Session 3, November 15, 2014, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York.  Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

An Interview with Cloe Shasha, Co-Founder of TedxMiddlebury

Have you purchased your tickets for TedxMiddlebury yet? If not, you might want to get on that! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cloe Shasha ’11, who graduated from Middlebury with a degree in Psychology. During her sophomore year, Cloe joined the first Old Stone Mill Board along with five other students. The board was led by Liz Robinson, now an associate dean of the college. For the next coupleContinue reading

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Accessing Your App: An Interview with Dean Buckles

Middbeat contributor Lucy Nussbaum ’19  sat down with Dean of Admissions Gregory Buckles. Check out the shortened interview below: As a first year here at Midd, just coming out of the admissions process, I wanted to evaluate it from the other side. I have always been very curious about what goes on in between submitting an application and receiving that acceptance letter and, in turn, how that process affects life onContinue reading

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Culture is Yours to Create: Cypher League Showcase!

Tariq Mansour ‘16.5  writes in “First of all this is gonna be fun. So, come ready to have fun. We all like fun, lets have a night of fun together while dancing to fun music with fun people. We have a full lineup for Friday night so the fun should abound. TurnupTea© will be present. Cypher League is a media company and arts collective dedicated to the preservation and expansionContinue reading


Seen at Midd: DesignLab Parklet Installation

^^How sweet does that look?! from Cordelia Prouvost ’17: On Tuesday afternoon, did you happen to notice a group of students sitting in the handicap parking space outside of McCullough as it started to rain? Did you wonder what they were doing but were too busy to stop to find out? Well, we have the answer! Yesterday, the students of DesignLab, a HARC 120 course, installed a “parklet” on campus.Continue reading

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Meet Middlebury’s Venture for America Fellows

From newest to oldest…   Kurt Alles ‘14.5 VFA City: Turlock, CA/ Columbus, OH Account Manager at Farmeron Kurt’s email: [email protected] While at Middlebury: Environmental Policy Major WRMC, Old Stone Mill, Crossroads Cafe, Middlebury College Pep Band, GIS mapping projects, Various renewable energy projects, hiking, biking. Why did you choose VFA? I was working for Shacksbury, a Middlebury alum founded hard cider startup and looking for GIS / renewable energyContinue reading


Black Student Union Responds to Vandalism on Posters

Below is a reposting of the Black Student Union’s response to the act of vandalism that occurred in both Proctor and Ross dining halls over this past weekend. The middbeat editors would like to offer our blog as an open platform for meaningful discussion as our community grapples with these recent events and their broader significance for our institution. We also welcome long-form responses submitted to our email, [email protected] “LastContinue reading

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An Interview with SGA President Ilana Gratch

Last week, middbeat contributor Juliette Luini ‘18.5 sat down with SGA President Ilana Gratch ’16. Photo by Matt Gillis ’18. Check out the shortened interview below: I checked in with our newly elected SGA President, Ilana Gratch ’16 (previously ‘16.5), to talk about her plans for this upcoming year.  In the interview, Ilana made it clear that community is the driving force behind all of her initiatives.  Whether we wereContinue reading

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WOMP: Reflections on a Propelling Year of Music

WOMP WOMP WOMP! Ever wondered what it’s all about? middbeat is super proud to share this piece by Ben Gleekel ‘17.5 about the heart of Middlebury’s music scene, the Wednesday Night Open Mic Party. WOMP, as detailed by Ben in the following article, occupies a unique place in Middlebury’s social scene. It is a casual, communal, and collaborative space that celebrates musical talent of all varieties and fosters a realContinue reading

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Middchallenge Winner Introduces the Dream Bus

It’s no secret that middkids do some pretty dope stuff over the summer. From internships that take us across the globe to volunteer opportunities in our local communities, our entire student body is scattered this summer trying to gain a little bit of that real world experience that everyone tells us is so important. Right here at home, though, some Midd students have been working on something extraordinary. Just lastContinue reading


Good Title, s.T.R.E.S.S.E.d Campus

With the year coming to a close, many of us are beginning to spend hours in the library, staking out the best carrels, memorizing the places that deliver past five, filling ourselves to the brim with coffee and calculating how much sleep we can afford to lose without a dean noticing. This is the beginning of finals week stress. Interestingly enough, many of us will also spend time on whatContinue reading

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MCAB Speakers Committee Presents: Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile is one of the foremost political minds in the Democratic Party.  She led Al Gore’s historic campaign in 2000 and now serves as the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.  She has appeared on a variety of programs ranging from House of Cards to The Situation Room and is a regular on many major networks during the election cycle.  Stop by Mead Chapel to hear Brazile discussContinue reading