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What’s up beasts; if you like to party, you’re in luck! There is gonna be a fucking sick concert tomorrow in the most legendary venue on this campus: the Bunker (aka the Freeman INTERNATIONAL Center, ever heard of it???) Hopefully the lineup will unite all the bleep blood heads and indie hipsters who are perpetually warring on this campus. DJ Eric “DJ Eric Hass” Hass will be opening for no less than Brooklyn’s own Body Language, who play a lot of dance-poppy r&b and nu-disco. Hell yea

If you’re down, head over to the Bunker at 10pm tomorrow, Friday, 4/24.

Here are a couple of their sickest tracks….

So yeah they play like real dance music but using live instruments. Pretty sick, I know.

Hope to see you there!

TODAY: Panama Dance Exchange Showing


Spring break may seem like a distant memory– many of us have moved on to thinking longingly about the summer in this final stretch. But tonight, we have the opportunity to hear from eight student dancers from the Middlebury College Dance Program who travelled to Panama City, Panama for an international dance exchange in support of arts education and cultural ambassadorship this past spring break. Come listen to their findings about movement, teaching, learning, and language, and watch a screening of the documentary-in-progress about this project: “dancers without borders, and moving to change.” Should be really cool, and a great way to fantasize about what you can do with your time off.

Date: Today, April 22nd
Time: 5 PM
Place: MCA Dance Theater
Cost: Free!

T-Pain: Observations and Reflections

t-pain-booking-infoAfter reflecting on the weekend with some friends and eavesdropping on a good deal of Proctor convos, I believe that most of us who attended the T-Pain concert found it to be, well, hilarious. Did we have fun? We think so… The middbeat staff has compiled some observations from Saturday night to quell your nerves if you’re still thinking something along the lines of “WTF just happened??”

1. Immediate disappearance of friends upon entering. Walking into Kenyon basically ensures separation from whomever you’re with unless you physically hold onto each other. Upon seeing friends later on in the night, deep in the middle of the crowd… “oh fuck no, not going in there.”

2. That was randomly kind of violent! I think I saw a girl drop to the floor, but she seemed okay. All for moshing, but even more for my personal space!

3. Not really ever seeing T-Pain. Huh???? He was definitely there but it truly didn’t seem to matter… They could have been playing throwbacks over a speaker and I would not have known the difference. No offense to T-Pain’s stage presence, I just legitimately wasn’t watching.

4. General confusion as to who T-Pain actually was. One middbeat writer reported a fellow student shouting “we want T-Pain” while T-Pain was on stage. Maybe the lack of top hat?

5. Why were there so many people on stage? And why were they all wearing Middlebury t-shirts? Campus pride or just sort of weird?

6. Did he go out after? Nahh…. (This question/answer seem to be based on the seemingly common assumption that T-Pain is in his 40s. He’s actually like 29 I think, so that’s just funny.)

7. Most people I saw were very very intoxicated….

8. Curiosity regarding where he ate/spent the night. If he rolled up to Tourterelle would they have been like ‘oh Mr. Pain, lovely to have you!!’ or could he have gone unnoticed?

9. Generally, he played a great set. No funny business with new music or anything like that. We got the good ole classic hits. Not that he played any song really in its entirety. Probably something to do with the fact that he’s just featured on many songs. Pretty funny. Still, I lost my shit when Good Life came on.

10. I’m on a Boat????? No?????

WRMC Presents Sepomana 2015: Lunice


The college radio station WRMC 91.1 will be hosting its annual spring concert Sepomana on Saturday, May 2.  The show will feature the bass frenzy, dance your face off trap producer Lunice, perhaps best known as half of Montreal-based duo TNGHT who’ve produced tracks for Kanye West and Wacka Flocka Flame.  On his own, Lunice has collaborated with the likes of Diplo, Azealia Banks, and Wiz Khalifa. It’s gonna be a wild show in a big way, and if you have any doubts about that, make sure to check out his set at the Boiler Room here.  Tickets will be on sale at the box office today, $5 in advance, $8 at the door.  WRMC’s Arnav Adhikari ’16 writes in:

The biggest night of the year is back. Finally. While memories of BadBadNotGood and Dan Deacon from last year still linger in all their kaleidoscopic magnificence, SEPOMANA is back again, wilder, sweatier, and ready to fkn party.

Headlining this year’s show will be LUNICE –producer/DJ/madman and one half of the formidable trap duo TNGHT. If you don’t know who Lunice is, you have plenty of time to catch up on some tunes and get psycheddd for what’s going to be an insane show.

Here’s what he sounds like:

Here’s what he looks like under some fancy lights:

More surprises to come in the next couple of weeks, including OPENING ACTS! WRMC knows how to turn up so get excited and invite everyone you know/don’t know/wanna get to know. T-Pain is just the warm-up 😉 See you thurrrr!

As an editorial note, I’ve been listening to Lunice’s tracks all day, and he’s blowing my head to smitherines in the best way possible.  Make sure to check out his track with Azealia Banks, and his single “Can’t Wait To.”  Gonna be a wild show, make sure to get your tickets soon.  Props to WRMC for bringing another awesome show to kick of the final month of the semester.

When: Saturday May 2
Where: Wilson Hall
Cost: $5 in advance at the box office, $12 at the door

Some Thoughts As We Register

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 9.01.01 AM

Registration is upon us! If you’re thinking “whaaaat.. there’s still snow on the ground (sort of),” you’re not alone. Most likely, your next thoughts are something along the lines of oh shit what am I going to take, do I need an alternate pin???, fuuuck still need that CW etc etc until you enter a state of anxiety-filled denial. You’ll deal with that when you have to.

Even though we all register for different courses (duh), I’d venture to guess that our processes of selection are probably pretty similar. See if I’m right… does it go a little something like this?

1. What do I absolutely have to take? (That class I need for my major, that class I need to go abroad, that pre-req I need before taking what I really want to take, etc…)

2. How are my distribution requirements going? (Well, okay, I’m missing an AAL and a PHL so… Confucious maybs?) 

3. What professor/class is a must-take before graduation? (I’ve heard Professor Dry is the bomb but can I really handle the workload of a poli sci class right right now?)

4. Please let there be a class I can take with no homework… 

There it is. That 4th bullet point. The fourth class.

Every time I have gone to meet with a professor about signing up for courses, I have consistently been advised to take a “fourth class” that deals with a subject “out of my comfort zone.” Now, the ‘liberal arts admissions catalog’ interpretation of that advice is I’m a Bio major but I’m going to go out of my comfort zone and take 19th Century British Lit because I’m supa smart and well rounded. There absolutely is value in this pursuit, I’m not disputing that. Going outside of our comfort zone or the confines of our major can lead to new interests that might change our entire academic experience at college. It’s certainly happened to me! So, yes, taking a fourth class that’s a little different is very important and should be encouraged.

But here’s the kicker. Just because you’re used to labs doesn’t mean that reading a book every week and writing four essays for an English class is going to be a walk in the park just because it’s a little different. Sure, taking a math class might be new and interesting to you, but it’s not as though you can forgo your two hour problem sets because you’re not a math major.

So, say what you will, but there’s some subtext in the suggestion of the fourth class. The fourth class is usually a class that involves non-traditional, more creative learning. You know what I’m talking about. Acting I, Intro to Dance, The Creative Process. These classes are consistently sited as ones Midd students take to balance their course loads a little. They’re also held up as some of the most enjoyable, enlightening classes offered at our school.

Continue reading

TONIGHT: Blackbird Blackbird in The Bunker

blackbird_blackbird_posterposter by Andrew Goulet

Are you bummed that spring break is over? Not to worry! WRMC has conjured some good weather and live music for you. Come party like you’re in a basement in the Bahamas TONIGHT at 10pm in the Bunker (in the FIC). Acclaimed producer/DJ BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD will be performing his mix of psychedelic-pop/deep house/chillwave to keep you grooving into the late hours. Word has it there will be some trippy visual projection, so prepare for a sensory experience. Oh, and it’s absolutely FREE.

There’s limited capacity though so come down at 10pm sharp and catch WRMC’s own DJ Eric Hass spinning some tunes before BBBB takes the stage.

So join the event on facebook and check out the music and get ready to get funky:


TODAY: Anatomy of kuduro: body, space, and power in postcolonial Angolan music and politics



Today Professor Marissa J. Moorman of Indiana University will deliver the keynote address for the Robert A. Jones symposium “Claiming No Easy Victories”: 40 Years of Independence in Lusophone Africa. If you attended the Nile Project last night and loved it, head on over to the RAJ to check out this related lecture. More info here:

Kuduro, meaning ‘hardass’ or ‘in a hard place,’ is a contemporary music and dance genre produced and consumed in Angola by young people living in Luanda, Angola’s capital. The genre originated during the second decade of Angola’s civil war (the 1990s) but has come to define the post-war, oil-drenched, new political and economic dispensation. It has a propulsive beat and a specific dance style. Performers distinguish themselves through their sartorial panache (known as grife or swague) and verbal jousting (bifes). This paper uses the metaphor of anatomy to dissect the politics of the body of this dance and music form as well as diagnose the body politic circa the second post-civil war elections in late August 2012.

Date: Today, April 3rd
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: RAJ (house behind proctor)
Cost: Free

TODAY: Dance Master Classes

You may have noticed that middbeat has recently been highlighting opportunities brought to us by the dance department to watch and learn dance from professionals from all over the world. We’re trying to send you a message. Just kidding (sort of)– but we can try to look cool for T-Pain. On a serious note, though, the dance department offers so many awesome opportunities that often go unnoticed by those not on the email list. Check out these awesome master classes coming up and go to the CFA to get your groove on.

Master Class in Contact Improvisation

image004The first master class of the week will be taught by Matt Reves and Colette Krogol, two University of Maryland graduate students. Today, they’ll be running a lecture demonstration along with Chris Law and Sara Beth Oppenheim before the class. More info on the dancers here:

“Reeves is an American-born dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker currently pursuing his MFA in Dance at the University of Maryland. Krogol is a Cuban-American artist originally from Miami, Florida. She is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, teacher, and yoga practitioner who has been living and working in New York City since 2007. Together they are Artistic Directors of Orange Grove Dance; their work has been produced and exhibited both nationally and internationally, with their most recent dance films being presented in Rauma, Finland and Skriduklastur in East Iceland.”

2:50-4:05 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

 Hip Hop Master Class

image005Okay, this should be pretty cool. Trying to make Riddim next year? Check out this hip hop master class with Christopher Law.

“Law is a former Culture Shock D.C. company member, and an undergraduate alumnus and current Graduate Student of UMD College Park. Though the bulk of his movement extends from training in hip-hop dance, he has also obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree for studies in modern dance. He has also been involved with organizations such as Gymkana and Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Team.”

4:30-6:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 110


Live Music! Eight 02 at 51 Main

eighto210112012lores61933Come down to 51 Main to hear the eclectic sounds of Eight 02, a contemporary jazz group with a distinct Vermont flavor.  The Burlington-based band has toured all over the world, including a recent appearance in Russia!  Their mellow tunes should provide the perfect accompaniment to 51 Main burger and beer.

Date: Tonight 3/19
Time: 8-10 pm
Location: 51 Main @ The BridgeCost: Free (food and drink strongly encouraged though!)

WOMP, WOMP, BOBOMP: A Night with special guest, Tallest MC On Earth

thumbs_old bob dylan silhouette hat guitarNo surprise here: WOMP is back again to help you through all that midweek work, the pre-break disillusionment, and the sad, terrible, horror of existence.

Nothing outrageous or flashy this week, we will be sending y’all off into the jaws of spring break with a pleasant and audibly delightful performance by Dustin Lowman.

Come by for some post-patty’s day partying, some sweet wavering tunes, and the long awaited return of Middlebury’s very own Tallest MC On Earth.

When: 9 PM Tonight
Where: Gamut Room
Cost: Ebullience