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Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Julien Souffrant ’19

middbeat contributor Charlotte Reider-Smith ’19 sat down with Julien Souffrant ’19 to learn about some of his sandwich-making, stress-avoiding quirks.  MB: What year are you? Julien: Freshman. Class of f2019. MB: Where are you from? Julien: Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. From down south. Charlotte, North Cakalakee (North Carolina). MB: What do you think about romantic culture at Middlebury? Julien: Romantic culture at Middlebury… um…. I don’t know I mean I’m enjoying it now,Continue reading

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Crush of the Week: Willie Brown ’19

middbeat sat down with this atwater-loving freshman (???) and fell in love with his *caring*, *academic*, and *outgoing* demeanor.  MB: Where are you from? WB: Hinghah, Mass. MB: What year are you? WB: Uh, what does that mean? How old am I? MB: Yes what grade are you in? WB: So like 13th grade? MB: Yes. You’re a freshman. MB: Are you single or taken? WB: I’m mingling. MB: What’s yourContinue reading

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Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Cate Brams ’18

middbeat had an epic interview with this funky chick; read on to learn more!  MB: What’s your full name? CB: Catherine Emma Brams MB: Where are you from? CB: Outside of Boston, yeah, one of those. Belmont. MB: What year are you? CB: Sophomore MB: What do you do in addition to staying alive, being a friend and a student? CB: Being a friend takes up a lot of my time–I’m very popular–noContinue reading

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Crush of the Week: Emilie Seavey ’18

We had lunch this week with rugby player/biologist/FYC Emilie Seavey ’18 for a candid convo about woodcocks, Netflix, and running. Middbeat: So, where are you from? Emilie Seavey: I’m from Orono, ME MB: Current relationship status? ES: Taken. MB: Taken!? ES: Yeah! MB: What’s your ideal date? ES: My ideal date? I don’t know, something outside? Maybe, you know, going bird watching or hiking, you know like maybe a littleContinue reading

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Middbeat Crush of the Week: Andrew Jung ’16

Senior Andrew Jung ’16 joined us this week as he searches for some final semester romance.  Check out his interview below: Middbeat: What’s your full name? Andrew: Andrew William Jung M: What’s your year and major? A: I’m a senior.  I’m an Economics major with a minor in Computer Science. M: How do you spell your last name? A: J-U-N-G.  It’s German, like the psychologist Karl Jung. M: What’s your favorite kindContinue reading

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Middbeat Crush of the Week: Ivy Houde ’19

Middbeat sat down for a ~~special edition~~ crush interview with Ivy Houde ‘19 at the Grille on a post-party Saturday night. The following interview wasn’t heard until a week later when we went back to check the damage. We apologize in advance for the potential incoherence (but also you’re welcome.) MB: What’s your name? IH: *laughs while saying* Ivy Houde MB: What grade are you in? IH: Ivy Shaelyn Houde.Continue reading

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Middbeat Crush of the Week: Greg Sigelbaum ’17

Cold weather got you down?  Warm up with this weeks campus crush Greg Sigelbaum ’17.  Middbeat ate breakfast with this New York Native and talked about his love for his dog Abe, life as the youngest of four brothers, and his courageous battle with a pick-pocketer while abroad. Middbeat: So where in New York are you from? GS: Pelham, but I moved to Manhattan after high school. mb: and you’reContinue reading

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Crush of the Week: Valentina Ríos ’19

This week we sat down with first-year cutie Valentina Ríos to talk about food, Pokémon, love, and literature. MB: What’s your name? VR: Valentina Ríos-Romero. MB: Cool, where’re you from? VR: Mexico. MB: Where in Mexico? VR: Mexico City MB: Okay cool. Where do you live now? VR: Middlebury. *laughs* No, my family just moved a couple of years ago to Armonk, NY. MB: And where were you living before that,Continue reading

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Crush of the Week: Isabel Wyer ’18

middbeat sat down with sophomore superstar Isabel Wyer and were blown away. Act fast, gentlemen, this one’s a real gem. Read on to get to know her a little better. MB: What year are you? IW: I’m a sophomore. I transferred from the University of Minnesota. MB: What’s your major? IW: It’s English, but I might add psychology into the mix at some point. MB: How old are you? IW: I’m 19Continue reading

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Crush of the Week: Cece Richter ‘17.5

Middbeat sat down with campus cutie Cece Richter ‘17.5–read on to learn more about this febulous female! MB: Name? CR: Cecelia Rose Summers-Richter. I have different last name from rest of my family. We found out when I went to get my passport renewed and they realized there was a mistake on my birth certificate! MB: What’s your hometown? CR: Chicago! MB: What’s your ideal Friday night? CR: Theoretically if IContinue reading

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Middbeat Crush of the Week: Jonah Conlin 2018.5

mb: Name? JC: Jonah Conlin. mb: Hometown? JC: Cambridge, mass mb:Major? JC: Political Science mb:Year? JC: 2018.5 mb: What did you do over Febmester? JC: I worked at a bakery, I made sandwiches. mb: J term class? JC: Persuasive Legal writing. mb: Very cool.  What department is that? JC: Interdepartmental. mb: Any Worshops or other things for J Term? JC: I am trying to go to the ceramics place andContinue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Tim Hansen, ’18

We’re starting 2016 off on the right foot: with another swoon-worthy crush of the week. And let’s be honest, that Christmas spirit got most of us thinking about sharing the love with someone. If you’re on the look out for an S.O. to keep you warm through those cold January nights (although the dorms are doing that job a little too well at the moment), check out this musical hunk fromContinue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Kirk Horton ’17

Kirk: I’m like pretty nervous right now. MB: Are you really?! Well I guess you kind of should be…What is your full name? Kirk: Kirk Muir Horton. I’m actually WEARING a t-shirt with my middle name on it today. MB: Oh babyyy that is pretty cool! What is your hometown? Kirk: San Francisco, California MB: Major? Kirk: Film and Media Culture. MB: Year? Kirk: Junior MB: Where on campus doContinue reading

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Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Julien Miller ’17

Crunch time got you down? Try to enjoy this spring weather and get to know middbeat’s newest crush. This Canadian cutie loves to hike, is an entrepreneur, and wants to cook you a romantic dinner for two. Put that textbook down and take a moment to get to know Julien Miller. Middbeat: What’s your major? JM: International Politics and Economics Middbeat: Where are you from? JM: Montreal, Canada Middbeat: Do youContinue reading

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Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Sam Boxer, ’18

Are you struggling to shake off the Spring Break sleepiness and bumming about spring weather not being here quite yet? Just in time, middbeat is bringing you the next Crush of the Week for you to feast your eyes on. Re-channel those spring break blues into dreaming about this cutie, freshman Sam Boxer. middbeat: What’s your name? SB: Sam Boxer middbeat: Where are you from? SB: Wallingford, Pennsylvania middbeat: What’sContinue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Andrew Pester, ’17

Meet sophomore stunna Andrew Pester, whom middbeat interrupted during a serious chemistry study session in Atwater dining hall because he was just too crushable to pass up. Get to know our new favorite Kansasian! name: Andrew grade: sophomore major: Environmental Studies with a focus in Dance hometown: Lawrence, Kansas middbeat: What’s your favorite thing to do in Lawrence, Kansas? Andrew Pester: My favorite thing to do in Lawrence, Kansas isContinue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Clair Beltran ’16

middbeat‘s crush of the week this week is Clair Beltran ’16, a Junior architecture major from Washington Heights NYC.  Clair and I have a couple mutual friends and a class together, but couldn’t quite say we knew each other until we sat down last night.  Upon telling one of our friends that Clair was going to be crush of the week, she responded “Of course she is!” and I knew I made aContinue reading

Crush of the Week

middbeat Crush of the Week: Zack Isaacs ‘15.5

Middbeat’s newest crush of the week is Zack Isaacs ‘15.5, a Physics major from Oakland, California. When surveying Atwater, I (Lizzy) was encouraged by a group of senior girls to choose Zack. They assured me of his sweet demeanor and general thoughtfulness. Though he was definitely slightly alarmed when I approached his breakfast table, Zack immediately opened up with a warm and welcoming smile (see above). After chatting with him forContinue reading