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Help Free Feminist Activists in China

Feminists in China

Reading through the fantastic Beyond the Green student blog the other day, I came across a great post by Jingyi Wu ’17 recounting her experience in Beijing around International Women’s Day.  Some of her activist friends were detained by police in response to their organizing efforts, and she’s now working alongside a group seeking their amnesty.  After touching base with her, she was excited to get the word out on a larger platform.  You can find her original piece below, and links to how you can get help with her efforts.  Credit is due to Jingyi for her work, and Beyond the Green for allowing us to repost.  Make sure to check out the petition here and at the bottom after the jump.

This is my story. My name is Jingyi Wu.

Close to a week ago, at 2 pm, Mar. 6th 2015 Beijing time, two days before the International Women’s Day, my friend, a much-loved feminist activist, Wei Tingting was asked to go to the police station for a tea interview, and she hasn’t returned home since. In China, a saying goes “there is no free lunch.” A tea interview with the police not only means that you get free tea, you get into trouble too. Two hours later, at 4 pm, people from Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China came to the home of my other friend Wang Man, and arrested her. Over the course of a day, the Chinese government arrested my three other activist friends, Li Maizi, Zheng Churan, and Wu Rongrong, in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, three cities that are thousands of miles apart, and transported them to a distant detention camp outside of Beijing. From one Chinese policeman, we gathered the information that the detention might be up to 30 days or more, which means that the Chinese government has to file a official charge towards them. Since then, no further information could be found.

The link between the arrests of these five women is a simple one. Through monitoring devices, the government gathered information about the actions these women from cities around China were planning for International Women’s Day, and out of an intricate need to maintain a peaceful image when National People’s Congress is in session, the government decided to stop the event. What my friends were planning was to pass out stickers on public transportation to raise awareness of sexual harassment happening in public space. On one of the stickers, it says, “Stop sexual harassment, police, go get the harassers,” but the policemen went and got the activists instead.

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Need a Job: Apply to be a Presidential Fellow in Innovation!


Whether we (talking to you, 2015/2015.5) like it or not, it’s senior spring, aka it’s almost over, aka we need post-grad plans stat. To those of you with a job or alternative plans on lockdown, snaps for you. And to the rest of us: it’s crunch time. But, if you’re still in search mode, don’t fret, we’ve got a lead. Carter Makin ’15, intern at the Middlebury Programs for Creativity and Innovation Center writes in to tell us about an available professional opportunity here in Middlebury: become a Post-Graduate Presidential Fellow in Innovation! Sound’s like a sweet position, and if the separation-anxiety’s got you stressin’, what better option than to stick around for another year? Read up on Carter’s description below:  

The Post-Graduate Presidential Fellow in Innovation position will be filled by a recent graduate and selected by the president of Middlebury.  The fellow will provide full-time support to the Fund for Innovation (FFI).  This is a one-year term position that with approval may be extended up to 3 years.  The fellow will report to the president.

The job will begin April 1 as a part-time position (up to 10 hours/week) if it is filled by a current student scheduled to graduate this May, or full-time (from April 1) for those who completed their Middlebury education in February.  For May graduates, full-time work will begin June 15.   There is flexibility surrounding the start date.

The fellow’s responsibilities will include:

  • Maintenance of the FFI website
  • Assists in engaging students, faculty, and staff about the FFI, and encouraging proposals from across the institution (the undergraduate college, Institute, Language Schools, Schools Abroad, School of English, School of the Environment)
  • Secretary to and support for all meetings and Fund Advisory Committee deliberations (emails and in-person meetings)
  • Proposal categorization, logging, and communications with inquirers and applicants
  • Input and support in the selection process to ensure timely decisions
  • Enabling transparency in all FFI processes
  • Authoring summaries of proposals and posting results of the selection processes
  • Ensuring necessary follow-up, feedback, and networking to and among applicants and grantees
  • Support data collection, record-keeping, and trend analyses that will be conducted on the Fund and its grantees with the guidance of Office of Planning and Assessment
  • Other assignments related to the FFI and innovation initiatives


  • Graduate of the college (February 2015 or anticipated May 2015)
  • Ability and willingness to work independently and collaboratively
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Able to work within tight deadlines
  • Proven track record of engaging students, faculty, and staff outside one’s social and intellectual comfort zone

Hourly Wage $18.36 (annualized $37,000) + benefits for a full-time appointment.  If a current student is hired in a part-time status benefits will be offered once the position transitions to full-time (post-graduation).

If you are interested in applying for the President Fellow in Innovation, please send an email to Ron Liebowitz ([email protected]) by March 25th a letter that includes:

  • your graduating date (February 2015 or May 2015—anticipated)
  • major
  • the courses you have taken that you think are relevant to this position
  • two faculty/staff references
  • why you think you would be successful in this particular position
  • how you would help attain the goals of the FFI
  • any  other information you wish to provide

Check out the Milk With Dignity library atrium display!

malt-2 Let’s face it — it’s Sunday afternoon, and if you’re like most of us, you’re probably going to be spending a lot of your time today in the library. If you find yourself in need of a study break, we strongly recommend heading down to the library atrium and checking out the Juntos/Milk with Dignity display, before it gets taken down tomorrow.


The display, constructed by members of Juntos and the MAlt El Paso trip, features a “border fence” dividing the atrium into two sides: the US and Mexico. On the Mexico side, you’ll also find a model of a casa de cartòn, one of the cardboard shacks where many of Mexico’s poor end up living. The display focuses on how some US policies have led to poverty in Mexico, and on how the problems with our current immigration policy relate to life here in Vermont.

This is definitely something you won’t want to miss, so make sure to take a look before it’s too late!


STARTING TODAY: United Nations Millennium Development Goals Conference

mdgfridaythursday[1][5]Each year, the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs sponsors an international and interdisciplinary conference on a global theme. This year, the third annual conference will focus on the progress and shortcomings of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Ratified in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals marked the start of a global effort to help the world’s poor. However, the success of the MDGs has varied from country to country, as some nations have seen great amounts of progress while others have seen very little. Speakers at the MDG conference will discuss the success of the MDGs thus far in addition to explaining the institutional and structural failings in the implementation of the goals. More info on go/mdgs.

The conference begins today and will last until Saturday afternoon. A more detail schedule of the talks is listed above.

Date: Today March 12th – Saturday March 14th
Time: varied (see schedule above)
Place: RAJ conference room (2nd floor of Rohatyn center, last house behind proc)
Cost: free



TODAY: Solar Mamas Screening w/ Sabai Sabai

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 7.46.37 AMThis afternoon, the Rohatyn Student Advisory Board will present a screening of Solar Mamas, a documentary following a Jordanian woman who leaves her rural roots to travel to India to study engineering. Solar Mamas comes in conjunction with seven other documentaries as part of the Why Poverty? project, which aims to encourage discussion and debate surrounding the issue of poverty. Unconvinced by the movie? Come and stay for the Sabai Sabai catering!

Date: Today March 11th
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: RAJ Conference Room
Cost: Nothing and you get free Sabai!!

See trailer below:

TONIGHT: It Happens Here

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 8.55.03 AM
 You know that It Happens Here, but do you know how to:
– Talk about it?
– Intervene to stop it?
– Discuss consent to prevent it?
– Support survivors of it?

It Happens Here has become one of the most powerful events on campus over the past few years. Students come together to hear stories submitted by their peers about their experiences with sexual assault. If this is your first time at IHH, prepare yourself to hear unexpected, thought-provoking, and brave accounts of what happens right here on our campus.

This event has filled up quickly in the past, so come early to make sure you don’t end up having to listen from Crossroads. The event is abbreviated to 1 Hour and will incorporate videos and surveys to cater to the changing needs of the college community.

Bring an open mind and an open heart as we support our peers.

Date: Tuesday, March 10
Time: 8pm
Place: Wilson Hall/McCullough Social Space
Cost: Free

Black History at Midd Tumblr


This February was marked by bitter cold, constant snow, and the beginning of semester here at Midd.  For the past 28 days, however, citizens across the country have been celebrating Black History Month.  This may come as a shock to many due to the dirth in lectures and events focusing on black history at the college (a quick google search featured only events from 2004), but this lack of activity did not go unnoticed by a group of students including Diku Rogers and Maya Doig Acuna ’16who put together a powerful tumblr featuring reflections from students on being black at Midd.  “We were just talking one day at Crossroads about there being pretty much no programming at Midd for Black History Month, and decided to put the tumblr together” Doig-Acuna told middbeat.  A spur of the moment project, the two sent an email to broad group of students who identify as black, and posed a straightforward yet complex question: “What does it mean be black at Midd?”

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TODAY: FTK Dance Marathon 4.0


Are you tryna get your boogie on this Friday night? Look no further–we’ve got the event for you! For the Kids (FTK), a student-run organization on campus that works to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Burlington, will be hosting its annual Dance Marathon in an effort to reach the fundraising goals they set this year! This event is part of a movement in which over 150 schools across the country participate, and it won’t be one you want to miss. Aside from enjoying a night of sweet moves from you, your friends, your professors, and other community members, those in attendance can look forward to special appearances by Riddim, acapella, student bands, free food (if you weren’t convinced before, re-read that last one. Do it for the kids, do it for the food), raffles, and stories from children whose lives have been positively impacted by events like this. Come celebrate the end of the third week of second semester (and February almost being over!!!!) by dancing the night away for a good cause.

Date: Friday, February 27th
Time: 5pm-3am
Place: Wilson Hall, McCullough Student Center
Cost: $10 donation to register


Tom The Record Man is Back

lot of records in sleeves

We’re “hip” at Midd, right? If there’s any “go-to” way to confirm your hip status, we suppose it’s a record collection. Truly, we hope you listen to the records as well as hang them on your walls, but either is great. Anyways, “Tom the Record Man,” a lovely man named Tom who sells a lot of records for pretty cheap prices, will be returning to the Midd bookstore to amp your musical repertoire today. Check it out.

Date: Tuesday, February 24
Time: 9am – 5pm
Place: Bookstore beneath Proctor

TUESDAY: 10 Truths for Your Self-Acceptance Journey


Rosie Molinary, author of “A Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance


This Tuesday at 7pm, an incredible speaker, Rosie Molinary, is coming to Midd to deliver a talk entitled “10 Truths for your Self-Acceptance Journey” in McCullough Social Space. Having demonstrated a significant interest in and concern with body image on Midd’s campus, middbeat is particularly excited about this event, being hosted by Sayre Weir ’15a lovely senior who co-led middbeat’s body image story telling event last spring. Sayre writes in to describe the event: 

Body image is often a taboo subject among friends at Middlebury. Look around you–we are surrounded by beautiful people on this campus. Business Insider ranked Middlebury as 13th on its list of “25 Colleges Where Students are both Hot and Smart” (March 2013). In a high-pressure academic and social environment such as Middlebury, our bodies can easily become just another box to check on our laundry list of areas in which to excel.

Amidst this high-pressure environment, it is important to remember that we are more than our bodies. Our bodies serve as vessels for our personalities and authentic selves, and we must properly nourish ourselves both physically and emotionally.

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Come attend Rosie Molinary’s lecture entitled “10 Truths for Your Self-Acceptance Journey” on Tuesday February 24th at 7pm in Wilson Hall/McCullough Social Space to learn more about the path the self-empowerment and self-acceptance. Here’s the full description of her talk:

“Everyday, we perpetuate non-inclusive body and beauty ideals that limit our possibilities. It is time for people of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities to confront the boxes they are placed in by themselves and others and create worldviews that are expansive and empowering. This powerful, interactive workshop reveals ten powerful lessons about journeying to self-acceptance and the tools that can help make anyone more self-accepting. Participants will be inspired to live with purpose, challenged to forego self-defeating tendencies, and encouraged to champion all women.  Frank discussion about idealized beauty standards and our buy-in will help individuals build their media literacy and escape the stranglehold of idealized beauty so that we can concentrate our energies on using our skills and experiences to improve our world.”

Rosie’s talk will be followed by a book signing and the opportunity to purchase Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance and/or Hijas Americanas: Beauty Body Image, and Growing up Latina. For more information on Rosie, check out her website:

Date: Tuesday, February 24
Time: 7-8:30pm
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: Nada! We hope to see everyone there, guys, girls, all are welcome!