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Dreams Do Come True: The Proctor Printer

Guys. Great news. Thanks to Michael Brady ‘17.5 and Mohamed Hussein ’17, there is now a PRINTER in PROCTOR LOUNGE. Need a reason to go into the lounge so that you can have a chance run-in with your crush? Here you go. Need a reason to go back to Proctor for your fifth meal of the day? Proctor printer has got your back. When you get the chance, meander to the back righthand corner of the lounge and glance upon the magnificent masterpiece that is the new Proctor printer. This is all so exciting. Be sure to shower Michael and Mohamed with lots of thank yous and appreciative hugs.

Waffle Machines Come to Atwater Dining Hall!

photo (5)

At Atwater Dining Hall (among many other locations, but particularly here), we as Midd students are really, really spoiled. Of course we could and should criticize this spoiling, but sometimes it’s great to lavish in the awesomeness Midd provides us for just a few minutes. And if any benefit enables us to do so, it’s certainly new waffle machines, which have just been added to Atwater Dining Hall! While we claim time and again that Atwater couldn’t get any better, it continues to woo us, continues to assert itself as the undeniable Queen (or King) of all dining halls.

The new make-your-own waffle machines made their debut this morning in Atwater, and will remain a permanent feature of Atwater breakfast. Joining freshly cut melon and pineapple, warm scones, and coconut flakes, these waffle machines are giving Proctor eggs-to-order a certain run for their money. So come, enjoy the giant windows, morning sunlight, communal round tables, and have an Atwater breakfast experience of your own!

Most importantly, middbeat sends a HUGE THANK YOU to the dining hall staff and administration for this gift, and for the continuous happiness and friendship they offer us!

Brent Nixon ’15 enjoyed the first student-made Atwater waffle this morning at 7am, and it was rullllly good.

The Role of Adderall on Campus: A Call for Responses!


Middlebury academics are really, really hard. That’s no surprise to any of us, nor is the absurd workload almost every Midd student faces semester upon semester. Given the uniquely intense academic environment Middlebury fosters, and the perfectionist tendencies many students demonstrate, the use of study drugs such as Adderall has become prevalent, perhaps even commonplace for some, on our campus. Whether or not you support or use Adderall, we’d venture to guess most Midd students can at least understand on some level where students are coming from when they consider performance-enhancing drugs for academics. However, despite the severity of student stress, Adderall use is an extremely slippery and potentially dangerous slope. All this being said, open discussion about study drugs is fairly taboo on campus, disabling much progress to be made on any front.

In an attempt to spur such conversation, one group in the J-term class Modern Media and Healthcare has decided to look at Adderall use on campus and how academic stress contributes to the problem for their final project. Katie Paradies ’15, a member of this group, explains that as part of this project, her group is investigating the influence of various media platforms, and encouraging students to submit reflections on the role of Adderall on campus, whether personally or peripherally (all can be anonymous). Katie describes the project in more detail below, and hopes to capitalize on middbeat as a means of receiving student responses to the presence of Adderall at Middlebury.

How far would you go to get the A? It starts out with that five-page paper for your first year seminar and it’s already 1:00 AM. That pill that your friend takes, the one he said he’d sell for only a few bucks. . . and why shouldn’t you be allowed to use it? Equal access, right? Then finals week, you pop one more pill before that last exam . . . and before you know it, your sixty-page thesis is written and senior year is over. Are you willing to sacrifice your physical health for your academic success? Addiction, psychosis, insomnia are only a few . . . so, the real question is – how high do the stakes have to be?

From our online survey covering 245 respondents, more than 15% of students have used adderall without a prescription. Perhaps more alarming is that of these students, 70% have used adderall to assist with academics. Adderall’s effects go farther than the several hours of highly concentrated brainpower that most users experience. Farther than the A. We’re talking depression, decreased sex drive, heart problems. And of course, the A word. Addiction.

And then there’s the question of will Adderall follow you outside of the Midd bubble into the “real” world? Popping pills before that major seminar, preparing for presentations, and beating jet lag at those international conferences . . . now, what are the repercussions

Does the amount of stress on campus force us to turn to these small, destructive pills? What do you think? Please submit your thoughts in any form to Katie Paradies or Sarah Scott at [email protected] or [email protected]

TONIGHT: Homemade Mexican Food Fundraiser


foodIt’s 10pm on a Saturday night and you’re hungry, the dining halls are closed, and you just don’t feel like going to the Grille. Solution? MAlt El Paso will be selling and delivering homemade Mexican food tonight to fundraise for their trip to the US/Mexico Border. They’ll be selling fried taquitos (veg and chicken), chips and guacamole, rice and beans, arroz con leche, Mexican hot chocolate, and quesadillas from 8pm to 2am. Sounds delish!

To order, fill out this form or call 831-535-2261.

Date: Saturday, January 23
Orders can be picked up from the Gamut Room, or else delivered to your dorm.

From the Archives – January 13, 1955


From time to procrastinated time, I like to dive head first into the way back wormhole of Middlebury archives and drown myself in disbelief at the way things were just a couple of decades ago. Nostalgia, or lack thereof, for something I was never even alive for is escapism at it’s finest, but it’s these very differences and similarities to now that will never stop peaking my interest. The digital collections, if you aren’t familiar, are wealth of information and entertainment made available online by the Middlebury Library.  There are old maps, photographs of trains, language school brochures and more, but the real goldmine lies in the digitized and meticulously indexed issues of The Campus. Sometimes I find myself lamenting the loss of a certain tradition or sense of community that comes through in these articles or photographs, but most times I’m just counting my blessings that women don’t have to abide by an eleven o’clock curfew anymore.

This week’s post highlights the front page of The Campus from January 13, 1955.  Here’s a summary:

-“Battell Construction Delayed, Occupancy By Feb. 1 unlikely.” Construction on the former women’s dormitory (Battell Center) was held up because the bathroom tile had not yet arrived.  Which makes me wonder, do you think Battell has had the same gross tile since 1955? *shudders* Also, apparently there used to be a washing machine in Battell?? Bummer.


-“The Ebony Room” aka the old Middlebury snack bar gets a facelift–At first I assumed this refurbished snack bar was located in McCullough, where Crossroads is in now.  Turns out it was actually located in the “Student Union Building” which was formerly located where Proctor now sits today.  Also important: the snack bar had a jukebox.


1947 photograph of the old Student Union Building

-a new Middlebury boards of trustee approved drinking/social code for women that allows “Middlebury women 21 and over to drink in the village of Middlebury when accompanied by their parents, other adults, or an escort” Escort?….hmmm. This new rule of course supplemented the already existing code that forbid possession of alcoholic beverages by Middlebury women in sorority rooms, college buildings, women’s residences, and at athletic events.  Having turned 21 exactly sixty years after this article hit the press, I’m feeling pretty good about j-term 2015.

-More social rules for women!  Only in this instance the change seems to be a relaxing of social restrictions rather than a tightening, and was put into place by the Women’s Undergraduate Association rather than the board of trustees.  According to new 1955 code, Female seniors had 11 PM permissions on Friday or Sunday night, five other 11 PM permissions for their first semester, and 11 PM permissions every night their second semester.  Sound stifling? Under the new rule freshmen women, or freshwomen if we’re being technical, were allowed only three 11 PM permissions per semester.  In keeping with this somewhat arbitrary quota of nighttime curfews allocated by grade/gender, it was decided that two 10:30 permissions equalled one 11 o’clock permission. Now all of these social codes cannot reflect solely on Middlebury but rather Middlebury as an institution in the context of the social structures and strictures of the 1950s. There were organizations–like the Women’s Undergraduate Association–in place for women to  govern themselves and vote on these restrictions at the time, and at least that’s something.

Read the full front page of news below:


If you’re inspired to do a little digging in the archives yourself, and you find an interesting article or photograph from Middlebury history that deserves a spotlight, email it to middbeat@ In the meantime, you can follow Middbeat’s resident retronaut in her weekly quest to troll the depths of time.

TONIGHT: Alianza, Islamic Society and Hindu Student Association Present SNACK NIGHT!


Who’s not into good, free food? We certainly are. Thankfully, there’s a great opportunity to eat free food and enjoy educative, friendly company at tonight’s Islamic Society, Alianza, and the Hindu Student Association Snack Night. Mariam Kahn ’16 invites us all:

Discover and celebrate the cultural interconnections between Latinos, Muslims and Hindus through food!

Enjoy an evening of snacks such as Samosas, Kheer, Nachos and Guacamole over great conversation and company this Friday! Everyone is welcome :)

Contact HSA, ISMC or Alianza if you would like to help us prepare any dishes or check out this google doc!

Date: Tonight, 1/23
Time: 6:30pm
Place: Carr Hall (next to Forrest)

TODAY: Protest Against Icy Paths


While we’re fully aware it’s much more important to protest prescient matters in our society, culture, and government, sometimes ya gotta fight for small-scale issues, too. Enter today’s “Protest Against Icy Paths.” Though it’s pretty funny to watch your peers completely wipe out on the terrifying ice rink that frequently covers the Middlebury campus, it ain’t so funny when it’s you. Rather than explain the protest ourselves, we’ll let the protest leaders speak for themselves. As the Facebook group, led by Winson Law ’16, explains:

Have you slipped on ice this J Term?
Does your butt have a bruise?
Are you physically scarred and mentally traumatized by a recent fall?

Today, stand and protest in solidarity against icy paths and treacherous conditions at Middlebury College.

Together, we can bring an end to this fractal menace.

Together, we will bring justice to bruised butts.

Together, we fight against the tyranny of ice.

To fight against the injustice of the cold, we will provide warm banana bread.

Date: Today 1/23
Time: 4-5pm
Place: Mead Memorial Chapel

USAID Food Security Investments in High Population Growth Countries

USAID LOGOThis Thursday there will be a lecture titled “USAID Food Security Investments in High Population Growth Countries” by Reid Hamel ’03, who directs research in food security and economic strengthening programs for Save the Children’s Department of Hunger and Livelihoods in Washington, DC. Reid Hamel is a PhD candidate in demography at the University of California, Berkeley, and is teaching the Winter Term course SOAN 1028 Global Population and Food Security.

When: Thursday, January 22 4:30-6:00
Where: RAJ conference room

HornHub: Weekly Hump Day Horn Video

New Student Band: Zale the Whale & the Rest of Had 5


It was a thing of spontaneity.

Last semester, a bunch of freshmen in Hadley 5 started jamming together for fun. Not everyone knew how to play an instrument; some were just there to sing and have a good time. Then people from other floors of Hadley joined in. A few people from other buildings started coming over. In about a month, a new band formed. And now they have their first gig booked at 51 Main this Friday the 23rd in support of the Sustainable Living MAlt trip.

It was a bit of a joke, at first. The newly-minted Zale the Whale & the Rest of Had 5—named after guitarist and drummer Zale Young ’18—was 20-people strong and featured instruments ranging from guitars to violas to harmonicas. The band gathered in the common rooms of Had 5 at night once or twice a week to make some noise. “The first time I think it really hit us–you know, that we could actually be something–was when we put on a mini show for a prospective student, Hans Goudey, in our commons room,” says Prasanna Vankina ’18, band manager and tambourine/shakers player.

The next thing ZW&H5 knew, they had their own Facebook page and Twitter, courtesy of #1 Fan Steph Andrews ’18. Still, there was doubt that the band would get anywhere. “I think a lot of people regarded Zale the Whale as a kind of fun way to kill time every now and then and we definitely had our detractors who didn’t think we’d play anywhere but the common room,” says vocalist Toni Cross ’18. “Still, there was always that distant hope that we’d become something more.”

Vocalist/drummer Thomas Wentworth ’18 agrees. “I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but now I’m super thankful because turns out they’re an amazing group of talented people. I’m really happy to have found a fun group of people to jam with because it’s a great way to unwind and have a blast in the midst of a stressful college experience.”

The band is a little smaller now, with about ten regular members, but they have big dreams for the future. They’d love to open for big bands one day, including Fleetwood Mac, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Beirut, Dispatch, and Wilco. They’re also planning to write their own songs. “We’ve entertained the idea of crafting an album while here at Midd, and you know, that doesn’t entirely seem out of reach,” says Prasanna.

Zale the Whale & the Rest of Had 5 are starting their musical career at 51 Main this Friday. Their next step? Winning a Grammy.