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The Sugar Bug: A Short Film by Will Hanley ’15

If there’s one highlight of finals week I’ve always looked forward to (yes, highlights during finals week can exist) it’s the Middlebury senior film & media culture majors’ senior thesis screening night. After months of directing, writing, producing and filming, the senior FMMC majors are proud to present their extremely impressive short films, and we’re always amped to see them—Dana Auditorium filled to the brim with students eager for a mid-week study break.

While many of the FMMC senior films blew us away, middbeat was particularly fascinated by recent Class of 2015 grad Will Hanley’sThe Sugar Bug,” a short documentary looking into the lives of local sugar makers and the process of making maple syrup. In Will’s film, various sugar makers across the state of Vermont share their stories, experiences, and love for maple syrup. Humor, intellect, and charm combine to make this film truly one of a kind. We hope you check it out and pass it along!

TONIGHT: Spring 2015 Thesis Film Screening

222It’s the last day of classes y’all and we all can use a little bit of a breather before finals start up. What better way to kick back and relax than attending the spring senior thesis screening tonight!! Support your friends or support strangers and watch some really talented students show what they’ve been working on this semester. Ali Salem ’16 writes in:

See spring term films from the Senior Tutorial class, featuring senior thesis work by Christian Bonaventura, Will Hanley, Stella Holt, Hunter Huebsch, Shirel Lebovich, Hannah Marks, Dylan Redford, Molly Stuart, Zach Wilson, and Jason Zhang!

Date: Today, May 11th
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Free!


TONIGHT! Narrative Journalism Fellows Present: How Did You Get Here?

18702_10202688561213807_5595156830366400880_nTonight the narrative journalism fellows will be presenting their final pieces, each of which profiles a Middlebury student responding to the question ‘how did you get here?’ If you haven’t seen these before, give it a little google search. The talent of the fellows is evident, and their work is an awesome way to learn about the diversity of individuals in our community. Tonight, the fellows will be screening the digital profiles of Adam Milano ’15, Emily Luan ’15, Innocent Tswamuno ’15, Olivia Wiggins ‘18.5, Athraa Yalda ’15, Grace Woroch ’17 , Carmina Moorosi ’17, Yasmine Gilbert ’17, Sophia Bufton ‘15.5, Octavio Hingle-Webster ’17, Stephan Koenigsberger ’16, Sena Voncujovi ’17, Simona Scotta d’Antuono ’17, Christopher Vandiford ’17, Rana Abdelhamid ’15, Armel Nibasumba ’16 and Dylan Otterbein ’16. This should be a great time and I hear snacks and refreshments will be served!

Date: Tonight May 10th
Time: 8-10 PM (come and go as you please)
Place: Axinn 229
Cost: nada

How To Be Okay

This time of year is always tough. The relentless, mean winter finally fades into a welcoming, soft spring-summer (is there really a difference when it’s 80 degrees in May?) that makes us love this place more than ever before. Perhaps this is due to the influx of visible skin, or maybe it can be chalked up to some correlation between sun exposure and ~~good vibes~~, but it’s hard to deny that Midd + nice weather = happiness. Unfortunately, the equation usually isn’t that simple, so when it becomes Midd+ nice weather + increased workload + weird friend/boy/roommate drama + tons of cool things to do – free time – anonymity of huge puffy jackets and hoods + !!STRESS!!, that equals sign gets a little bit squiggly and no longer guarantees happiness. In fact, this time of year often induces more anxiety, worry, negative feelings, and overall unhappiness—regardless of the sunny skies and jacked-up temps—than even the darkest days of winter.  Amidst the craziness of this time of year, it is often difficult to know what to do to simply “be okay”.

In her final project for a film class this spring, Chrissy Ritter ’16, addressed this very issue. In her short film titled “Don’t Do Your Homework”, Chrissy covers 20 easy steps to take to “be okay”. Take a stress-free moment to watch this awesome vid and then, whether you feel like you need it or not, take a break. Follow one, two, or all 20 of these steps, and remember that above all else, in 2 weeks, finals will be behind you (!!!!!!).


Middlebrow Spring 2015 #4

Tonight, Middlebrow will be performing their final show of the academic year, entitled “Two Girls, One Forrest.” This show will also be the last time that group members Forrest Carroll ’15, Melissa MacDonald ’15 and Charlotte Michaelcheck ’15 will be legally allowed to stand on stage.

It has been a long and windy road to this moment for all three members, and there will certainly be a lot of emotional baggage unloaded in the Grand Salon this evening. Youngest Brow member Grace Levin ‘18.5 shared her thoughts on this weighty event, “It was nice being in the group with them. It will be somewhat strange I guess to be the only female. Should be fine, though.” Clearly, it can be tough to bear the gravity of these three forces departing, but we’re positive that tonight will present a feast for the eyes and ears (and some peoples’ mouths).

Feeling nostalgic about this? Check out the promo video for Charlotte and Melissa’s first show back in Fall 2012.

Come on by to the Chateau Grand Salon at 10:30PM to share in this event. The room tends to fill up fast, so get there early to find a comfortable place to settle your butt.


Taking Flight Performance Tonight!


If there’s one class many of us wish we’d had the balls to take, it’s Dance (well, intro dance, advanced beginning dance, any dance etc.). Tonight, we have the opportunity to watch the beautiful humans enrolled in Advanced Beginning Dance perform Taking Flight, a “lightly produced” showing of dance experiments by this new batch of choreographers. Perfect study break! Even if you don’t go, remember to turn on some jams and dance today. It’s good for the soul.

Date: Today, 5/6
Time: 4:30-6pm
Place: Mahaney CFA Arts Dance Theatre
Cost: Free!

Spring Swing Show: Lindy Cops and Swingin’ Robbers

DSCF5258 copy
Come watch Middlebury Swing Club steal the show and dance away the evening! This show features over 50 dancers of all skill levels in 11 different pieces and a finale of everyone! Tickets are $6/10/12 at go/boxoffice, all proceeds go to the Charter House in Middlebury.
When: Friday, May 1st at 8pm
Where: Wilson Hall
Cost: $6, tickets available at go/boxoffice or at the door


Podcast Therapy TONIGHT!


Do you think the word ‘podcast’ is kinda dumb BUT full of potential for amazing storytelling you can’t hear on the radio? Did you listen to all of Serial (OBSESSIVELY, am I rite?!), but had no idea where to turn next? Have you run out of This American Life episodes and feeling like life just got so empty? Or do you just love Gamut Room events because that’s where college memories are made (shout out, WOMP!)??? OR JUST WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you BEST be at Podcast Therapy, an event being hosted by Third Coast International Audio Festival and the Meet the Press series, TODAY IN THE GAMUT ROOM! 

Maya Goldber-Safir ‘12.5who is presently employed by the Third International Coast Audio Festival (check this out!) writes in to explain the event, as she’s gonna be the star (that is, besides all of you!):

Podcasts have been shown to rejuvenate your walk to Bihall, enliven your Megabus trips, and bring the best of audio storytelling straight to your back pocket. But… HOW do you choose what to listen to?

Maya Goldberg-Safir ‘12.5, licensed Podcast Therapist™ from the Third Coast International Audio Festival, is here to help. As a highly trained listener with a huge medicine cabinet of audio delights, she responds to whatever you need advice on using… podcasts!

Plus! Dr. Goldberg-Safir is joined by Alex Kapelman and Whitney Jones, co-producers of the independent podcast Pitch, named by Slate Magazine as one of the best music podcasts of 2014.

This event is going to be really, really good. Better than the bar, or whatever pre-game for the bar might conflict. Better than Proctor dinner. SO COME.

Date: Tonight, April 23
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Gamut Room
Cost: Nada! ALL are welcome!!!

TODAY: Panama Dance Exchange Showing


Spring break may seem like a distant memory– many of us have moved on to thinking longingly about the summer in this final stretch. But tonight, we have the opportunity to hear from eight student dancers from the Middlebury College Dance Program who travelled to Panama City, Panama for an international dance exchange in support of arts education and cultural ambassadorship this past spring break. Come listen to their findings about movement, teaching, learning, and language, and watch a screening of the documentary-in-progress about this project: “dancers without borders, and moving to change.” Should be really cool, and a great way to fantasize about what you can do with your time off.

Date: Today, April 22nd
Time: 5 PM
Place: MCA Dance Theater
Cost: Free!