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Fall Student Film and Animation Screening

What better way to sneak a break from finals work than watching a series of short films created by your incredibly talented peers? Answer: none. Get pumped, because tonight the Film and Media department invites us all to attend a screening of final Sight and Sound II and Animation work in Dana Auditorium, fo freee! The lineup is stacked, to say the least. Some features middbeat is especially stoked to promote include:

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The FMMC final screening is always a highlight of the semester. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll temporarily forget your finals woes. Grab a friend and some snacks, and be there at 7:30.

Date: Tonight, December 4
Time: 7:30 – 9:30ish (you can leave between films)
Place: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Nada.

RIDDIM Tickets Still Available!

It’s been rough, but pre-finals week is almost over. If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to break loose of the lib and have some fun. And we all know the best way to shake off the academic stress: Dance party. Thankfully, RIDDIM, Midd’s beloved hip-hop dance crew, has it’s much-anticipated end of the semester show, “It’s Reigning RIDDIM,” tomorrow night, and there are still tickets left for the 7:30 show!!! If you’re looking to enjoy some loud music, amazing dancers, serious swag, and get a guaranteed energy boost, be sure to lock down tickets for you and your friends ASAP! You won’t regret it. Tickets available at go/boxoffice.

Date: Saturday, December 6
Time: Tix available for 7:30 PM show
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: $6 per ticket


shitty flower imagesWe may have limited photo editing skills, but we have big hearts and the best of intentions! To fundraise for our trip over Feb break 2015, the MAlt Trip to Puerto Rico on Women’s Education will be selling flowers outside both the RIDDIM performances on Saturday. Bring cash, and support not one, but TWO awesome groups of students: the MAlt participants and your fave RIDDIM performers!

It’s for a good cause(s)!

Translingual Turns 5!

Come out to Translingual Magazine’s Fall Issue Launch Event! It’s our 5th ever issue and we’re pumped! We will have coffee, tea, Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company. Did we mention Sabai Sabai food, many languages and good company? If you submitted, edited or read the magazine, do come, and if you know someone that did any of those things, do come too!

Muchas Lenguas

Date: 5th of December, Friday
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Forest West Lounge

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES 2015 (audition call)


Vagina Monologues Come audition for the Vagina Monologues 2015! Monologues and more information found at go/tvm15 and do not need to be memorised! If you want to write your own monologue, come with an idea!

Date: Friday the 5th of December OR Saturday the 6th of December
Time: 3 to 6 on Friday and 1 to 4 on Saturday
Place: CFA 125


TODAY: Aeolus Quartet

With finals looming and the last week of classes in swing, it’s crucial to find productive ways of being unproductive. You’ve got five essays, 2 final presentations, and god knows how many finals? Yep, us too. But spending 24/7 fretting over your work, or just plowing through your papers non-stop, seriously ups your chance of burning out. Rather, middbeat investigations prove academic success depends on productive study breaksWhether it’s a long dinner with friends, a couple episodes of the Mindy Project, a beer, a tea, a box of Oreos, or whatever you fancy, if you periodically rest your brain and body between intense work sessions, you’ll consistently return with a fresh perspective, rejuvenated energy, and reduced stress. At least a little bit.

So, how to start? Middbeat will be providing study break tips as much as possible over the next two weeks, and we’d like to start by suggesting you check out the Aeolus Quartet tonight. What better way to chill out than listening to some soothing, award-winning live music?

As the Box Office explains, “Praised by the Baltimore Sun for combining “smoothly meshed technique with a sense of spontaneity and discovery,” the Aeolus Quartet is committed to presenting time-seasoned masterworks and new cutting-edge works to widely diverse audiences with equal freshness, dedication, and fervor. Violinists Nicholas Tavani and Rachel Shapiro, violist Gregory Luce, and cellist Alan Richardson formed the Aeolus Quartet in 2008 at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Since its inception, the all-American quartet has been awarded prizes at nearly every major competition in the United States and performed across the globe with showings “worthy of a major-league quartet” (Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News). They are currently the Graduate Resident String Quartet at the Juilliard School. Their concert program includes works by Stravinsky, Webern, Nancarrow, Corigliano, and Schulhoff.”

It’s a pretty incredible opportunity to see this quartet fo free, and we highly suggest you check it out! Get there early, it’ll fill up fast.

Date: Tonight, December 1
Time: 8-10 pm
Place: Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall
Cost: Nada

TODAY: Write On, in the Gamut Room!


At Midd, no matter what your major is, you’ve got to write. A lot. So, why not do it together? And, if you’re into any sort of creative writing, why not bounce ideas off your incredibly talented, also artistically-inspired peers? Thankfully, we’ve got an opportunity for such a collaborative writing experience, today, at Write On, an event hosted by the new student organization, StoryToldBen Mansky ’15, founding member of StoryTold, writes in to let us know what Write On is all about:

StoryTold is excited to announce that we’re hosting our first event as an official organization! Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 pm, TODAY, we’ll be holding a write-in at Middlebury’s one and only Gamut Room, complete with warm food, hot chocolate, and brainstorming sessions to keep those creative juices flowing. “What is a write-in?“, you might be wondering. It’s when a bunch of people get together, hang out, and write! It’s great for bouncing ideas around and getting motivated, and if you’d like to bring something else to work on, creative or otherwise, you’re still welcome to come. We’ll take a break from writing partway through for a few fun and interesting storytelling activities, and if you want to write but can’t think of something, we’ll have some prompts you can work from. Please do stop in for a while–what better way to escape the hubbub of college life than to relax, eat, and write?

Sounds good to us. See you there!

Date: Today, November 23
Time: 1 – 3pm
Place: Gamut Room (Gifford Basement)
Cost: Nada, all are welcome!

MiddWrites: You Will Not Waste This Time

The author, having jumped from the tree that inspired this poem, in Sedona.

The author, having jumped from the tree that inspired this poem, in Sedona.

Amongst the numerous submissions we received at MiddWrites this week, we have selected poem for today’s creative writing feature, titled “You will not waste this time” by Ben Harris ’17. Though not about alcohol (and it’s poisonous and delightful properties) like last week’s feature , Ben’s poem covers some topics that are a little less easily communicated. Give the poem a read, and see what you get from it–theres plenty here for you to enjoy.

As usual, we encourage you to set aside the mind numbing labor of your daily studies and settle down for some freshly-brewed student literature. If you feel inspired, please send your works to us at [email protected] or [email protected] to be published here on Middwrites and contribute to the thriving community of writers we have on campus.

You will not waste this time
by Ben Harris

Sun at half-mast on Sedona sandstone like a high water line of light.
You are looking through the lens at the years
Stretching across the strata of rock,
And I am dripping wet, standing in stillness at your side
The way driftwood washes ashore unannounced.
Cool air on naked skin tells of twilight,
All the time that remains
Until the aperture of this hour curls in on itself,
And leaves us worrying away at the tortoise shells of our selves
Wondering where did it all go, this life
We were rumored to be living.
Minutes from now, when we step into that car and drive from here
The full moon of the moment will sliver.
By then I will be far-gone
Into the days laid out ahead,
Like long ribbons of road, remote.
Out there is a future in which
I am telling myself
You will not waste this time
You will not waste this time
As if this life is some sort of school detention
Scrawled over and over across slate.
So it seems there is nothing more to do but
Walk to that tree bridged between the banks
And like the beaver,
Cut my teeth on the bark of meaning.
You will follow with the camera as I climb,
Bleeding from these bared soles.
When I reach the last of the branches,
I will pause, and prostrate myself
Before the water striders forever skimming the surface of mystery,
Meanwhile the rest of us stop to think
And sink.
When I let myself go and slip into the waiting stream
Your shutter may break the silence.
But I won’t have heard—
I’ll be busy listening
To the story spoken in the syllables of river stones,
Their whispers coming through water like whale song.
And in the end I will have to trust you to tell me
If falling from that tree
Did I make a sound.

F Is For Failure: Art Show Tonight

F is for failure poster

Tonight, three Middlebury artists— Dylan Redford ’15Robbie Seltzer ’15, and Sally Caruso ‘15.5—will open a collaborative show at the M Gallery. The show will include new work in painting, video, and photography, as well as a joint performance piece. The performance will also feature August Rosenthal ’17 of the Otter Nonsense Players.

We’ve heard rumors that there will be pie in some capacity.

Date: TONIGHT (Thursday)
Time: 7:30 PM. Performance begins at 8:30 sharp. 
Place: M Gallery (in the Old Stone Mill Building, above Storm Café)

VAMPIRE Play Starting Tomorrow, Get Your Tickets!

vampire-blue_lipsIf you’ve been intrigued by this sinister-sexual image advertised on your dining hall table all week, get stoked. “Vampire,” a badass play put on by the Middlebury College Department of Theatre and Dance will open for its first performance TOMORROW. Snoo Wilson’s play “Vampire” will be performed November 20–22 at the Seeler Studio Theatre, and is “officially” described as “A bawdy, exuberant, and very smart play that careens through history and around the globe, revealing the grotesque opportunists in every era.” Unsure what this summary really means, we asked Chelsea Malone ’15 and Leah Sarbib ‘15.5, two stars of the Vampire student cast, what’s really going down:

Do you like homo-erotic punk bikers?  Horny oxen? Cricket matches? Incest in coffins? Suffragettes? Charles Dickens? Sigmund Freud? Middlebrow’s Jackson Prince? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes!” or if you’re just vaguely intrigued, then Snoo Wilson’s Vampire is for you. Come to Seeler Studio Theatre in the Mahaney Center for the Arts this weekend for accents, gore, and vampires galore. And did we mention Jackson Prince?

Performances will be this Thursday November 20, Friday November 21, and Saturday November 22 at 7:30pm. There is also a 2pm performance on Saturday November 22. There will be an optional talk back after Friday’s show, to discuss what the hell just happened?!

The cast includes: Evann Normandin ’14.5*, Nicholas Hemerling ’14.5, Thomas Scott ’14.5, Chelsea Melone ‘15*, Leah Sarbib ’15.5, Lana Meyer ’17, Caitlyn Meagher ’17, Jackson Prince ’17, Kean Haunt ’17, and David Fine ’17.

They had us at homo-erotic punk bikers. Needless to say, this play is gonna be outstanding. Be sure to GET YOUR TICKETS NOW at go/Vampire/Tickets are $12 for the general public; $10 for Middlebury College faculty, staff, alumni, emeriti, and other ID card holders; and $6 for Middlebury College students.

Performance Dates and Times: Thursday, November 20 and Friday, November 21, 2014 at 7:30 P.M,; and Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 2:00 and 7:30 P.M.
Place: Seeler Studio Theatre at the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts
For us, $6