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Podcast Therapy TONIGHT!


Do you think the word ‘podcast’ is kinda dumb BUT full of potential for amazing storytelling you can’t hear on the radio? Did you listen to all of Serial (OBSESSIVELY, am I rite?!), but had no idea where to turn next? Have you run out of This American Life episodes and feeling like life just got so empty? Or do you just love Gamut Room events because that’s where college memories are made (shout out, WOMP!)??? OR JUST WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you BEST be at Podcast Therapy, an event being hosted by Third Coast International Audio Festival and the Meet the Press series, TODAY IN THE GAMUT ROOM! 

Maya Goldber-Safir ‘12.5who is presently employed by the Third International Coast Audio Festival (check this out!) writes in to explain the event, as she’s gonna be the star (that is, besides all of you!):

Podcasts have been shown to rejuvenate your walk to Bihall, enliven your Megabus trips, and bring the best of audio storytelling straight to your back pocket. But… HOW do you choose what to listen to?

Maya Goldberg-Safir ‘12.5, licensed Podcast Therapist™ from the Third Coast International Audio Festival, is here to help. As a highly trained listener with a huge medicine cabinet of audio delights, she responds to whatever you need advice on using… podcasts!

Plus! Dr. Goldberg-Safir is joined by Alex Kapelman and Whitney Jones, co-producers of the independent podcast Pitch, named by Slate Magazine as one of the best music podcasts of 2014.

This event is going to be really, really good. Better than the bar, or whatever pre-game for the bar might conflict. Better than Proctor dinner. SO COME.

Date: Tonight, April 23
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Gamut Room
Cost: Nada! ALL are welcome!!!

TODAY: Panama Dance Exchange Showing


Spring break may seem like a distant memory– many of us have moved on to thinking longingly about the summer in this final stretch. But tonight, we have the opportunity to hear from eight student dancers from the Middlebury College Dance Program who travelled to Panama City, Panama for an international dance exchange in support of arts education and cultural ambassadorship this past spring break. Come listen to their findings about movement, teaching, learning, and language, and watch a screening of the documentary-in-progress about this project: “dancers without borders, and moving to change.” Should be really cool, and a great way to fantasize about what you can do with your time off.

Date: Today, April 22nd
Time: 5 PM
Place: MCA Dance Theater
Cost: Free!

“Central Park Five” Screening!

DgDO4XAN-C7sdqFBcBu0gci7The Annual Gensler Symposium presents “The Central Park Five”, a harrowing documentary that follows the conviction of five innocent teenagers accused of raping and murdering a white woman in Central Park in 1989.  The group was exonerated after a serial rapist admitted to the crime, but the effect the trial and public reaction would have on these teens’ lives would be indelible.  Directed by the notorious Ken Burns, known for documentaries like The Civil War and The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, this film does not stray from his in-depth and thorough nature.
Date: Today, April 14th
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Place: Gifford Annex Classroom (156)

Spring Symposium has Sprung!!

DgDeRmenPiEc75Nql68R-F3BSynonymous with mud-season and preemptive sun dresses, the Spring Student Symposium returns today!  Students from every corner of this campus will present there work now until 5:30 pm.  Go down to bi-hall to support your friends and nemeses as they demonstrate what the liberal arts education is all about!

Date: Today 9/10
Time: now-5:30 pm
Place: All over Bi-Hall

JusTalks Presents Dark Matter Tonight at 8


Tonight at 8 in Wilson Hall, South Asian performance art group Dark Matter will present their piece #ItGetsBitter.  From the organizers:

DarkMatter is a trans South Asian performance art duo compromised of Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian. Known for their quirky aesthetic and political panache, DarkMatter has been invited to perform at stages and universities across the world.

#ItGetsBitter description
“#TBT back to when we were told as queer youth that it was supposed to “get better.” What they forgot to tell us is that gay rights are often only for gay whites! With an increase in racist and queerphobic violence and a state that uses our bodies to advance its imperialist agenda at home and abroad, what’s become apparent is that LGBT rights have become co-opted. JOIN DarkMatter for a night of poetry, polemic, and healing as we not only critique — but also imagine new queer futures. Show followed by Q&A.”

Sponsored by JusTalks, Women of Color, Queers & Allies, Distinguished Men of Color, Verbal Onslaught, International Students’ Organization, M Gallery, Chellis House, the Department of English and American Literatures, the Dance Program, the Theatre Program, Brainerd Commons, Cook Commons, Ross Commons, and Wonnacott Commons.

This performance is free and open to the public.

When: Tonight, 8 PM
Where: Wilson Hall
Cost: nope

The Last Five Years at the Town Hall Theater

11059508_10206009888268360_2397574688251865022_nWant to spice up your Thursday night with a little off-campus culture? Tonight and through the weekend, the Town Hall Theater will be showcasing senior thesis work of a Middlebury senior. Mike McCann ’15 writes in to middbeat:

The Last Five Years is a heartfelt contemporary musical that recounts the twists and turns of a failed relationship. The story is told from two perspectives: Jamie starts at the beginning of the relationship and moves to the end, and Cathy starts at the end and works backward to the first date. Jason Robert Brown’s beautiful story was even recently made into a movie starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. This show is the senior thesis performance of Mike McCann and also features student musicians Tevan Goldberg ’18 and Zak Fisher ’16.

Date: April 9th, April 11th, April 12th
Time: 8 PM, 8 PM, and 2 PM respectively
Place: Middlebury Town Hall Theater
Cost: $6 for students

TODAY: Anatomy of kuduro: body, space, and power in postcolonial Angolan music and politics



Today Professor Marissa J. Moorman of Indiana University will deliver the keynote address for the Robert A. Jones symposium “Claiming No Easy Victories”: 40 Years of Independence in Lusophone Africa. If you attended the Nile Project last night and loved it, head on over to the RAJ to check out this related lecture. More info here:

Kuduro, meaning ‘hardass’ or ‘in a hard place,’ is a contemporary music and dance genre produced and consumed in Angola by young people living in Luanda, Angola’s capital. The genre originated during the second decade of Angola’s civil war (the 1990s) but has come to define the post-war, oil-drenched, new political and economic dispensation. It has a propulsive beat and a specific dance style. Performers distinguish themselves through their sartorial panache (known as grife or swague) and verbal jousting (bifes). This paper uses the metaphor of anatomy to dissect the politics of the body of this dance and music form as well as diagnose the body politic circa the second post-civil war elections in late August 2012.

Date: Today, April 3rd
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: RAJ (house behind proctor)
Cost: Free

Nile River Project Seminal Event!

nile_project_cairo_concert_by_matjaz_kacicnikWe here at Middbeat have been hearing a ton of buzz about the Nile Rive Project coming to campus!   Tonight’s show is going to be incredible! Here’s a description from the Project’s website:

“The forward-thinking musicians of the Nile Project channel the unsung beauty of East African traditions. In the collective’s collaborative compositions, resonant harps and lyres from up and down the river have learned new musical modes, while buzzing timbres and ingenious polyrhythms support vocals in more than ten languages.
Designed to captivate local audiences but feel equally accessible to international listeners, the Nile Project uses music to inspire curiosity about and active engagement with the cultural, social, and environmental challenges of the world’s longest river. The Collective’s collaborative model is a blueprint for a new way to organize the Nile.”

Check out this video of them doing their thing!

Date: Tonight, April 2
Time: 8-10 pm
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: $6 for Students, $20 for Fac/Staff/Alumni $25 for General Public

Acclaimed Author Colm Tóibín Makes an Appearance at Midd!

DgAXEB5KTXLK33H9-6CXhhy1World-renowned novelist, poet, literary critic, and professor Colm Tóibín will be reading from his work today!  The author of such famous works as The Master, Brooklyn, The Testament of Mary, and Nora Webster has won various awards for his during his illustrious career.  His books have been translated in 25 languages. This is a one of a kind opportunity not to be missed!

Date: Today, April 2
Time: 4:30-6 pm
Place: Twilight Auditorium 101


Jokes on u!

Jokes on u!

Really sorry guys….

There will be no T-Pain meet and greet. In the true nature of April Fools, we don’t really have anything funny to say other than that we fucked with you and your responses were hilarious.

Take a second to review the ridiculous shit a lot of you wrote (HERE!) to justify why you should meet T-Pain, be sure to demonstrate this energy at the show (maybe T-Pain will surprise meet and greet us all!), and, most importantly, remember to manifest this energy in all other arguably more important aspects of your life! Also, major thanks for the outpour of responses, as they clearly confirm our long held belief that our middbeat readership truly is da. bomb.

Have a lovely April 2, y’all. Stay sassy.