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Today: Screenings on Screenings

If you’re not lucky enough to be bouncing out of here a little early today, you are even LUCKIER to get to stay for some awesome screenings tonight. Come check out what everyone in the collaborative video J-term class has been working on this past month. Here are a few flicks you’ll get to catch:

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Date: Today 1/29
Time: 7:30
Place: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Free

Japanese Boat Launching–Setting Sail In The Pool

The Kessen Gawa pictured on the left, the Ayubune on the right.

The Kessen Gawa pictured on the left, the Ayubune on the right.

After almost a month of laborious and Cedar-splinter filled work, The J-Term Japanese Boat Building class will be launching their two finished wooden vessels in the Middlebury Natatorium at 6:45 PM this evening. Taught by boat builder, writer and teacher (shisho), Douglas Brooks, this course focused on a study of Japanese culture, models of education, and traditional boat building.

Over the course of J-Term 15 Middlebury students met four days a week to build one eel fishing river boat, called Kessen Gawa, and one whitefish boat, called Ayubune, primarily built using traditional Japanese tools.

From 4-6 PM the boats will be exhibited in Johnson Hall accompanied by a small mock-bamboo-forest. At 6 PM the class will carry the boats to the athletic center swimming pool upon which time they will conduct a traditional Shinto launching ceremony. There will be a small, primarily ceremonial, quantity of saké.

So come join the class and the rest of the Middlebury community for this evening’s launching ceremony! Hopefully you will see some traditional and exquisitely designed Japanese boats float, and at the very worst, see them sink–which probably would be pretty cool too. 

When: Thursday, January 29 @ 4-6 & 6:45

Where: Johnson Hall & Middlebury swimming pool

Cost: A jovial spirit

Weekly Hump Day HornHub: Human Horn

SOON! Students for Design Activism in the CFA!


Design projects will pop-up in the CFA lobby areas for the exhibit of the Design Activism studio. Munch on the free food served while exploring the effect of design activism on everyday life, the public sphere, and the built environment. There is some human interaction and material experimentation.

When: 12 pm- 3 pm
Where: CFA Lobby areas
Cost: Free! (free food!)

J-Term (Yay-Term) Art Show Spotlight: Milou Lammers ’15

jterm art show

Some of us write long papers over J-term, some dive into entrepreneurship, some build Japanese boats, some do barely anything at all, and some create really, really impressive art. Milou Lammers ’15, Sally Caruso ‘15.5, Jane McCabe ’15 and Kate Leib ’16 are three Midd students that made art, and it’s art you’re definitely going to want to see.

While these four women are constantly creating outstanding artistic productions at Midd, their all upperclassmen now, aka the creme of the crop, and have had an entire month to devote themselves entirely to their artistic endeavors. We’d expect no less than excellence anyways, but we can be confident this show will be particularly engaging. The artists themselves titled the event “One’s Lonely, Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd, and Four’s a Party?” and explain “We actually expect you all to come – there may be some guest appearances from artists like Jenny from the Block and Nicki Minaj – but we can’t make any promises.” The show will be Thursday evening from 5-7 in the Johnson Gallery, but no worries, we’ll remind you again tomorrow.

Today, in anticipation of the show, we’ve asked Milou to give us a little more background on the art she created this J-term. A preview of Milou’s work is featured above, and as you can see her photography namely focused on black and white silhouettes of various women’s bodies, unfiltered, imperfect, and simultaneously completely perfect as they may be. Come see Milou’s art tomorrow and learn more, and for now, read up on Milou’s fascinating description of her artistic process:

Body image is not something we talk about. Sure you might tell your friends that you started a new fad diet or a new kick ass regiment in the gym, but no one ever says “hey, when I look in the mirror I see these imperfections that dictate how I feel about myself.” But hey I have those imperfections and when I look in the mirror I see them, I judge them, and I do not love them.

That being said, I am trying to change how I feel about myself and how others see themselves through my photography project “Body Image.” By taking silhouetted images in a self-constructed light box, my models pose in positions in which they feel uncomfortable in, in which they have been criticized on, or in which they feel that they look unattractive. During the photo shoot I try to have a conversation with each model about the poses and ask they why they do not feel beautiful or empowered in these uncomfortable or awkward positions. Towards the end of each photo shoot I ask each model to pose in positions in which they feel strong, powerful, and present. Finally after each photo shoot I go through the images with the model and ask them how it feels to see the silhouette of their body.

Overwhelmingly – out of the ten models that I photographed this J-Term, they all said that it was weird to see their bodies in a more objective perspective. With these photographs they saw the outline of their bodies without the reflection of their flaws.

This project has been very uplifting and inspiring for me – no, I have not cured all of my body image issues, but I have found that by starting a conversation about body image with a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, or a stranger, I have begun to heal – I am looking at myself and others differently – I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable in my skin and in my body.

Who knows maybe if we work together, we might be able to change how students feel about themselves on our campus if we begin a conversation about body image.

Because let’s face – we are all beautiful.

Please come to the J-Term Art Show on Thursday January 29 from 5-7pm in the Johnson Gallery 308 to see my project and give me your input. We would all love your support!

– Milou Lammers ‘15

A Middlebury College Listening Room



If you’re as obsessed as we are with the recent This American Life spin-off and phenomenon known as Serial, chances are you’re curious about this seemingly new and revolutionary medium. But in truth, radio is one of the oldest and most traditional methods by which we receive information and entertainment. This J-Term, one class known as Sound and Story has been working with this craft and developing 3-6 minute podcasts as final projects. To celebrate and share their success, the class will be hosting a listening room for members of the community to listen to their work.

Date: Wednesday, January 28th
Abernathy Room in Axinn
 Not one cent


“The Ground on Which I Stand:” Reading Black Theatre – a Space of Resistance


Having taken Tara Affolter’s J-term class, “Teaching August Wilson,” three J-terms past, I can guarantee this class is a gem (what class with Tara isn’t?). While public readings of Wilson’s iconic plays have not traditionally been part of this course, a new tradition is starting this year with this week’s performances titled “The Ground on Which I Stand.” Tara herself, a beloved education professor at Midd, writes in to explain the event:

As part of an independent study and in conjunction with Tara Affolter’s J-term class, “Make Room: Teaching August Wilson,” Sade (Day) Williams (14.5) directs a group of students in a series of staged readings of the works by August Wilson, Katori Hall, and Dominique Morisseau. Each play critically engages issues such as race, gender, faith, culture, family, and resistance. After each reading, audience members will have the opportunity to dialog with the cast and crew of each show.

Students featured include: Day Williams, Debanjan Roychoudhury ,Taylor Pierce, Cliff Alexander, Diku Rogers, Philip Williams, Kate McCreary, Jabari Matthew, India Huff, Oliver Wijaypala and Jeremy Stratton-Smith

1/26: Seven Guitars-August Wilson @ 2:00 p.m. Crossroads Café
1/27: Detroit ’67-Dominique Morisseau @2:00 p.m. Crossroads Café

Dates: Today and Tomorrow
Time: 2-3pm
Place: Crossroads Cafe

The Orchard is Back

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.54.01 PMAnd, maybe, better than ever. The Orchard Arts Journal, a student-run online forum for writing, visual art, music, and more, is revamping its platform, guided by the wise hands of our dear friend middbeat. What we do is simple: post the work that Middlebury students are constantly creating but that few people have a venue to appreciate. What you do is simpler: send us your stuff. Fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, film, digital, oil on canvas, pop-up books, fingerpaint, seed beading, hot-glued googly eyes, pinch pots, architectural models, new tracks, old dance performances, collections of ephemera – if you made it, we want to see it. Share your artsy side, all-too-oft repressed on this campus, with Isabelle Stillman ’16 ([email protected]), and we’ll be your standing ovation, your pair of critiquing eyes, the one that gets what all your work means, your source for artistic inspiration, the paparazzi banging down your door, and whatever else you want us to be. Keep on creating!

Read two poems from our first artist, Jordan Seman ’16:

for my sister

Like a twig they will snap you
Cross their fingers and pray for you to change
They will wait for you to rearrange yourself
Impatiently tap-tapping their feet
At your doorstep as you hurry to collect your things

You yourself will threaten fragility
You’ll dance upon china plates and watch them shatter
Tiptoe your way around sleeping, breathing bodies
Try not to disturb their indigo calm
When you really feel like strumming a tired chord
Poking them with needles and watching them jump

Don’t be afraid to hum through a sea of silence,
To lift yourself up to the top of a swing set
And watch the sidewalks beneath you shiver and shake
Melting away and leaving you free
Your mind is a piece of broken glass
Reflective and sharp and dangerous
It will draw ruby red droplets of blood if you let it


the forgotten keys

One night in March you forgot your keys
The air was a crisp apple and my sandals wet with dew
We walked through a soccer field and held hands
We were always so good at silence.

Finding the door locked we laughed at our mistake
So caught up in learning each other’s limbs
That we left without a thought about the keys.
The window was ajar so you let me climb through
Hands placed gently on me as you lifted me up
Back into the darkness of your bare walls
Where we spent nights exploring each other’s bare skin.

I felt the locked door was a moment of sincerity
One of mindlessness that let our fingers stay interlaced
Drunk on each other’s breath and taste and smell,
The way your arm reached around my shoulders,
A whiff of your dizzying cologne and cigarette t-shirt

We rarely had such moments of graceful ease
Counting our footsteps around each other until the darkness.
When you told me you weren’t ready for me
I cried on the kitchen countertop
I wanted so badly to curl up in your blinking eyes
To lay down with you in my naiveté
To hear your shallow breathing surround me.

You weren’t ready for me but I wasn’t ready for you
That feeling of ease came and suddenly stayed
And now I realize that with you it was easy
Through our silence we felt each other,
Shifted into each other like keys in locks,
The bare walls not white enough to contain our blissful youth.



TONIGHT: Mischords J-Term Concert

14919_10205724269207003_3561173585386019423_nUnofficially declared the most attractive acapella group on campus, the Mischords are having their first show of J Term tonight in Chromatic house (in their red high heels, as per uje). The 20 smokin’ songbirds have a drinking game planned, so come with a drank and get ready to sing along! ALSO don’t miss your last chance to hear the angelic voice of Evann Normandin ‘14.5! See you there!

Where: Chromatic House
When: 9 pm

Tonight! Bobolinks 50 Shades of Grey Street



Stop by the Pearsons Lounge to check out Bobolinks as they send off Super Senior feb Benji Miller ‘14.5 in style!  To quote a colorful Facebook description, “it’s going to be Kings-of-Leon-smash-hit-‘Sex-on-Fire’ flames hot.”  If the show lives up to the description, it should be quite an event.

Where: Pearsons Lounge
When: 8 pm
Cost: $0