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Middlebury History Online

Thanks to a tip from the i-know-many-secrets senior software engineer Ian McBride, we’ve been notified of a great website to learn about the history of our college: Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.21.52 AMThe articles are usually a paragraph or two so its an easy read. Spent the last half hour not writing my final paper but definitely learned a lot about some people and buildings on campus. Surprising how much some of these people travelled in the 1800s without airplanes…Share things you’ve learned about our school in comments… 

Casually Renaming McCullough (Social Space)

Just got an email from Ron:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I write to invite you to an event that will take place this Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the newly named Wilson Hall (formerly the McCullough Social Space). 

That’s where I stopped reading. The newly named Wilson Hall? What are we gonna start renaming all the buildings all of a sudden and casually mention it in an email? Maybe no one cares about this, but it’s definitely funny. All these building names, axinn, brooker, wilson, davis, munroe, stewart, cook, etc… are actually real people. Don’t know who McCullough is but I guess he’s not that important anymore.

Anyway this nonchalant announcement of a new name comes in the midst of many re-imagining (or re-claiming) McCullough summits. What was once designated as the pool, and then as a “social space” (<–highly suggest you watch that link), has become a multi-purpose building where our students buy snacks, check their mail, fill their laundry card, and do not feel trusted. There is hope though. The administration is looking for student input on the space and what it can become and I guess Ron took the first step by renaming it.

Heres the rest of the email we got:

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man forever sweat

John Colpitts ’95  a.k.a. Kid Millions will be performing as Man Forever tonight in Coltrane with our own English sonicwaves superman graduating senior Nick Smaller ’14. I’ve had the privilege of seeing these guys perform back in 2012 and have the poster from the event. It said MAN FOREVER, HERE, 9 pm. I promise you that Man Forever is an experience that can not be put into words. The infamous Grady Trela ’13  interviewed Kid Millions 2 years ago, check out the interview here. A line from the interview: 

I’m really curious just to see what things will be like. When I was there, it was hard to find people who were into crazy music like me.  I’m curious to see what is compelling to students in college now.

When: Sunday, TONIGHT, 9pm (will run till about 9:40)
Where: Coltrane Lounge

Show up middlebury. The piece they will be playing is called THE CLEAR REALIZATION. Read a review from The Quietus here

May Day Verbal Onslaught: The Last Word

Calling all poets, rappers, storytellers, spoken-word and story lovers! Come through to the last Verbal of the school year- this Thursday May 1st in the Gamut Room. It’s your last chance to hit the stage and spit before [finals] summer! May 1st is International Workers’ Day. Come share some words about those who work hard and sacrifice. Don’t stress if you have nothing related to the topic- it’s just a suggestion. Feel free to share whatever piece speaks to you!

When: Today 9pm
Where: Gamut Room

The Need for Late Hour Research areas

Its 1:18 now. The library is closed and I’m sitting in Wilson Cafe. The fridge filled with oranges is locked and buzzing louder than I can hear myself think or type. I need to print out an article on actor-network theory. What are my options? Lets go to papercut:Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.19.52 AM


hmm… Don’t think any of those are open. Perhaps Johnson? Perhaps not? Being a student who needs to get some research work done right now, I find myself in a shitty situation. Where’s the infrastructure for late night work?? All these buildings and none of them are open….

Middlebury’s Fading Honor Code in the New York Times

Yes! We’ve made it to New York Times!


“The campus tour for prospective Middlebury students stops in a corridor outside a much-frequented eatery at the student center. Here, the guide directs their attention to a glass case exhibiting signatures of every freshman who has signed the honor code, a pledge made during orientation. To high school students fresh out of the SAT and A.P. grind, these signatures suggest that the competition for high scores is over; learning would now be fuller and more meaningful. Lowering their gaze, however, they might notice three trash bins lined up under the display. This juxtaposition looks to be a fitting metaphor for Middlebury’s attitude toward its honor code.”


at least we recycle…

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People were designing a tea house this whole time….


I thought I was the only one thinking about building a tea house on Middlebury College Campus. All of a sudden I noticed this poster! Students and faculty have been working on making a tea house happen this whole time! The poster asks a great question: WHAT IF WE HAVE A TEA HOUSE?!?!

To find out what would happen if we had a tea house please come to this event today. Its happening in forty minutes. I was just there, there are a bunch of posters and a waterfall inside.

When: 4:30 Thursday Today
Where: Axinn Starr area with the waterfall

The truth is that what we really need on campus is a sauna, steam room, and hot tub. Its ridiculous that we don’t have these things in a school thats existed for 200 years! Have we learned nothing from the Romans? Anyway they give out a good message: With your Help, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Go support tea house.