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CCRE Symposium: No Place Like Home? Imagining Race, Ethnicity and Migration

The Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (which lives in Carr Hall between Forrest and Sunderland) is holding a symposium today and tomorrow exploring representations of migrants and migration–the program’s theme for the year. Here is how they explain the symposium: The theme of this year’s Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity symposium will be on representations of migrants and migration. Who migrates andContinue reading


Top 5 Shows on WRMC

Tuesday marked the beginning of WRMC’s spring season.  With 85 shows and 175 DJ’s, this will be one of the station’s most jam-packed seasons since WRMC president and Middlebury heartthrob Dylan Redford invented the radio for the betterment of humanity.  But when should you listen?  The correct answer is to listen unceasingly because WRMC is the best radio station in Vermont.  For those of you who have homework, a social life,Continue reading


TEDxMiddlebury 2013 Lineup Released

We are not sure what this video has to do with TEDx, but it is precious and we think you should watch it. middbeat has the exclusive scoop on the lineup for TEDxMiddlebury 2013: The Road Not Taken. Very exciting. If you don’t know what this is, check out this post. A brief list of the speakers,  submitted by TEDx organizer Maddie Dai ’14, is after the jump. Get ticketsContinue reading

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Otter Nonsense presents “The Scared is Fucking Scary”

Thoughts? Comment below (click on the post first if you are reading this on the homepage). This is the video you have to see if you’ve haven’t yet. “The Scared is Scared,” made by Bianca Giaever ‘12.5, has 755,000 views on Vimeo now. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted it on his facebook. And now the Otters have parodied it. So it’s a big deal. PS The Otters have a show coming up:  Continue reading


Miracle at Brooker House

  This week, we received an anonymous tip regarding a truly miraculous occurrence at Brooker House. “Early this morning [February 21st], some time between 6am and 8am, facilities moved two bike racks with twenty bikes locked to them fifty feet from the front of Brooker- wait for it- to the side of Brooker.” GUYS. Facilities. TELEKINESIS. The informant included a detailed diagram for the visual learners among us. They’re proficientContinue reading

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MCAB Spring Concert: Timeflies

Music video for Timeflies single “Swoon.” It’s cool because they are moving in rewind. MCAB has announced that electro/dupstep/rap duo Timeflies will headline the Spring Concert (well, actually, the box office announced it yesterday on accident). The concert will be held in Pepin Gymnasium on Friday April 12th. Timeflies is made up of Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro (Rez and Cal), two Jewish-American guys who met at Tufts and started realeasing singlesContinue reading


Students discuss female power in politics

Luke Carroll Brown ’14 and Anna Esten ’13 have had some pretty incredible experiences interning at the White House and working on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s campaign trail this past fall. They want to share with the community what they learned about gender dynamics and the  power of women in the highest level of government. The talk is titled “Female Power in Politics: My Time on the Elizabeth Warren Campaign andContinue reading



(UPDATED) At about 6:50PM a siren and flashing lights began going off in Proctor while an automated voice said, “Please evacuate; there has been an emergency.” What looked to one Midd student observing from outside like “strobe lights at a haunted house with a long line outside” felt like “really, I’d love to finish my fried clam strips” inside. Curious about our favorite dining hall’s state of emergency, we calledContinue reading


Students to screen documentary in Burlington

Elori Kramer ‘13.5 and Peter Coccoma ’12 are screening Hide, a documentary they made this summer, in Burlington tomorrow night. According to the Film Department: Their 30 minute documentary takes us inside the daily lives of eight migrant dairy workers from Latin America who sustain Vermont’s iconic dairy farms and working landscapes. If you missed their screening at Middlebury last month and want to get off campus for a quickContinue reading


Mail Center inundated with packages

With Valentine’s Day and an upswing in online textbook shopping, the student mail center has been dealing with an unprecedented amount of packages lately. Due to Monday’s holiday, the volume of packages was especially high today and will be tomorrow as well. They received nearly 900 packages today and tomorrow they are expecting to surpass 1,000–more than five times the average. As a result, shelves are overflowing making it difficultContinue reading


Independent Scholar Roundtable Discussion

Mary Robinson ‘13.5 writes in: The current Independent Scholars of Middlebury are hosting an informal roundtable discussion for anyone who wants to find out more about the program and the possibility of creating an independent major. Hanna Mahon ‘13.5 adds: The idea behind it is for first years and sophomores (and anyone!) to learn about what it means to be an independent scholar at Midd and how people can navigateContinue reading

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Outside Magazine senior editor to speak about modern heroes’ fall from grace

Tomorrow afternoon Middlebury alumni and current Outside Magazine senior editor Abe Streep ’04 will give a talk titled “Building and Busting Legends: Reporting on Icons from Lance Armstrong to Greg Mortenson.” This talk is part of the Meet the Press lecture series run by Scholar in Residence Sue Halpern. It should be a fascinating look into the infamous stories of the seven time winner of the Tour de France, the authorContinue reading


Riddim Auditions

Riddim concerts are some of the rowdiest, funnest (yeah, I know…most fun) times of the year. Being in Riddim guarantees you major social capital and hundreds of people having crushes on you. So if you got moves, show ’em off tomorrow at 7PM. Even if you don’t make it you still will have spent an evening dancing, so it’s a win-win. Also I hear they have shortage of straight guys,Continue reading

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Meditation for Beginners

Get your mindfulness on in the Wonnacott Commons House Mondays and Tuesdays from 12:30-1 PM.  Education Studies Professor and Wonnacott Commons Dean Jonathan Miller-Lane leads an open meditation group for all faculty, students, and staff in the comforts of his home twice a week, and is trained to teach the meditation techniques of Chögyam Trungpa.  For those of you who don’t know how to get to the Wonnacott Commons House, theContinue reading


Blood Drive Monday

Donate blood Monday.  You have blood and you’re a young, healthy college student.  Someone else may have less blood, and wants yours.  Destiny awaits.  The American Red Cross will be setting up in McCullough for the majority of the day, and promise free snacks, nice people, and an opportunity for you to run into that valentine that slipped through your fingers.  You can either walk-in or schedule an appointment.  AppointmentsContinue reading

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Reclaim Lo Fo

This Sunday from 6-9 PM, Chris Batson ’13 is organizing a paint LoFo session which should prove to be an awesome way to stake out some more sacred student space.  Strictly student space is a huge part of creating a student culture, and is arguably something that’s lacking at Middlebury.  The places that get personalized by students are always, at least for this writer, the best places on campus. Superblock andContinue reading


Post-Carnival Banger at Palmer Sat.

  To celebrate the end of the Winter Carnival ski races, Ski Patrol will be hosting a small gathering in Palmer House Saturday.  The ski team has a race at Dartmouth Sunday, and can’t throw their usual rager, so Ski Patrol will be picking up the slack, or rather, redefining what the word have-more-fun-than-you-ever-thought-was-possible means.  There’ll be a DJ, beverages, and ski bum swag.  Come looking like you got deniedContinue reading


Faculty speak out in support of divestment

Student Alexa Beyer ‘15.5 of Divest for our Future just put out this video of faculty members, including Peter Matthews Economics Department Chair and Professor of Economics, and Jay Parini, Professor of English and American Literature and renowned poet and author. The video quality is a little rough around the edges, but the point gets through that seasoned professors and prominent members of the community are on board with divestment–notContinue reading