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my take on the sunset is better than everyone else’s – a photo contest

Have you ever seen a sunset and thought, “wow, I bet I could take a photo and leave long lasting favorable memories so long as I post to Instagram #vsco #liveauthentic”? Honestly, same. We have all fallen victim to the beauty of Middlebury and the world outside of the actual acrylic bubble surrounding the campus. However, we’ve never outright competed for it. No likes, no community voting, just a good-old-fashioned-behind-closed-door-judgement photo contest. Send us your best before Monday, February 13th 2017 at 11:59PM/ET (that’s just after February Break) at [email protected]

Not all depictions have to be a maximalist beauty, maybe it’s political, environmentally friendly, or a simple minimalist photo. We’re open to sunsets and settings from all over, BUT, photos must be taken from now until February 13th. No Special Collections styled sunsets, we love the archives here, but not yours.


(Email: photo, full name, location, and a little message on what the sunset means to you).

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