“Growing Up,” A Poem by Nora O’Leary ’17

a poem by Nora O’Leary ’17 based on The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll:

“The time has come,” the
College said,
“To talk of many things:
Of jobs—and loans—and thesis work,
Of what the future brings.”
And how we plan to use our time,
Before that last bell rings.

“But wait a bit,” the senior cried,
“Before we start all that;
For I am still a child at heart,
Who needs more time to chat.”
“But hurry!” say the deadlines,
“Be a timely diplomat.”

“Some time to think,” the senior said,
“Is what I chiefly need:
Good friends and lazy days
Are very good indeed—
And I’m not ready, College, dear,
To stop learning how to read.”

“There’s time for us,” I’ve got to think,
Though this year it seems hard.
“After two friends’ deaths and Trump’s elect,
I’ve put up quite a guard.
But “The weather’s fine”, Murph would have said,
“Keep joy in high regard”.

“And what a time I’ve had thus far!
The things I’ve learned while here.
The friends I’ve made are lifelong true
I’ll keep them near and dear.
And though I love the books I’ve read,
I’ve had enough Shakespeare.”

“It seems a shame,” the senior thought,
To leave now that I know,
My way around this crazy place,
Also where the fuck will I go?
I’m scared of such a grown-up change,
But college we outgrow.

Above the stress I have to rise,
Stop dwelling on the rough.
And understand my great luck, for
It’ll be over soon enough.
I promise to keep my head up now
Even when it seems too tough.

“So Midd don’t rush me please and thanks,
Let me take my sweet time.
To see this school in all its light,
To remember why it’s mine.
So that when I walk across that stage,
I know that I’ll be fine.”

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