Free Friday Film: Her

This year’s Academy Award winner for best original screenplay, Spike Jonze’s Her, will be screening in the Dana Auditorium tonight at 6 and 9 PM, for those of you looking for an alternative to tonight’s Matt and Kim show.  Her stars Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely letter writer who falls in love with Scarlett Johansen, an artificial intelligence operating system.  The film marks Jonze’s solo screenwriting debut, and Her garnered nearly universal praise upon its release.  Although the timing of this screening may be inopportune for those looking to dance themselves clean to the funky rhythms of Boat Taxi, and the the synthed-out pop of Matt and Kim, Her will be just around the corner from the ruckus, and will surely be worthwhile.

Date: Friday, May 9
Time: 6 and 9 PM
Place: Dana Auditorium

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