BREAKING: Angelique Kidjo Brings Our School Together

Angelique Kidjo is in the center on stage.

Tonight a rare, maybe even unprecedented thing happened: students, staff, faculty, children, and townspeople all came together to dance and sing and love each other. It was all thanks to Angelique Kidjo, the Queen of African Music, who performed a concert for the ages in Nelson Arena full of energy, love, and good vibes. middbeat has some of the best moments of the night here:

First of all, she sang a lot of fabulous songs that made you move your feet.

Then she would stop between songs to impart wisdom and love with her “weapon of mass love” (that’s what she calls her microphone. Awesome.).

We learned that racism and xenophobia are DUMB. And that we are all one and hating each other is like hating ourselves.
She said things like racism and xenophobia are DUMB. And that we humans are all one so hating each other isĀ  hating ourselves. So true!

And then she got everyone DANCING.

If that wasn’t enough, she came into the crowd too. Then people were REALLY dancing.

And then she got everyone up on stage, including Ron Liebowitz. And his adorable son. And it was his birthday! And then Angelique brought him to the front of the stage for like 15 whole minutes to sing with her and he was the probably the most patient and sweet kid we have ever seen.

And then Ron Liebowitz danced a lot.

Nice moves Ron!

And then Angelique Kidjo’s super amazing drummer came out for this unreal solo (we are sorry it’s upside down…).

And then a dance off occurred on stage that included adorable children.

And then the incredible, amazing dance professor Christal Brown amazed everyone with her dancing.

And then even though the lights went up after the first encore people wanted her to stay.

So there was a a second encore! And it was a Stones cover!

Well, after that the show was finally over.

But people were so excited outside that they gave each other hugs. And a professor gave a student a high five. And some of the musicians in Angelique’s band came out and everyone thanked them. And people said things like “I am so happy” and “I can’t stop dancing, I have to keep dancing.”


(If you want to hear more of Angelique Kidjo’s wisdom, we put up a video of Wednesday’s talk in this post).

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  1. I’ve attended quite a few Angelique Kidjo concerts. I’ve left each concert feeling uplifted and wanting to be the best person I can be.

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