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Studio Art Senior Show (right now!)

The Studio Art Department’s senior exhibit opening is happening right now in Johnson, and will continue until 7:30. Check out thesis work by:

Hannah King ’13
Annie Ulrich ’13
Evio Isaac ’13

As always with these sorts of things, there’s sure to be some free food.

If you don’t make it to the opening, the show will be up for the next few days.


Summer ZUMBA with Lindsey!

Looks like fun, no?

Will you be around this summer? Missey Thompson writes in from the CFA to let you know your summer need not be Zumba-less:

Treat yourself to an hour of fun,
easy-to-learn dance moves that will make you SWEAT:
Burn 300-1,000 calories in ONE class!

This high-energy fitness dance class features salsa, hip hop,
samba, merengue, mambo, pop, cha cha, reggae ton, pop, cumbia,
belly dance, tango, and more.

Register May 13th – June 27th ~ online at go/tickets, call xMIDD

Date: Classes start June 18th
Time: Tuesdays and Thursday from 12:30 PM-1:30PM
Place: Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 109
Cost: Once/week (8) classes for $50* *once/week students may attend either
day Twice/week (15) classes for $90* *skipping July 4th Drop ins
welcome $10


Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 5.58.44 PM

Arguably one of the better texts I’ve received in a long time. Screw Ross Commons’ free Reiki sessions… let’s all destress by jumping in some forty-foot hamster balls and trying to destroy each other. This is productive art if I’ve ever seen it. Thanks to Professor Sanford Mirling for assigning an epic final project, and to his Sculpture 2 Class for taking Sculpture 2. I’ll tell my profs they should consider following suit next semester.

WHERE: Battell Beach
WHEN: Tuesday, May 14 @ 2pm
COST: Arsty/Hipster/Athlete mindset all at once.

If you’re curious what such a battle might look like, I think I’ve found a JV version: Continue reading

Studio Art Show Monday (tonight) 7PM

JohnJohn Show

Tonight (Monday), Sanford Mirling’s Advanced Studio Art class will present their independent work in the Johnson Pit Space, starting at 7PM. Expect performance, video, 3D and 2D pieces.

We’ve followed this class’s work over the course of the semester (they had a separate show up for the spring symposium), and we’re expecting tonight to feature some of the more radical and exciting stuff to come out of Midd’s Studio Art department in a while. If you make it to Johnson once this semester, this is probably the night you want to be there.

Also, some of the posters around have noted that the opening will feature “chicks” with power tools. seems worth noting.

There will be free pizza, doughnuts, coca cola and other drinks.

Works by:

Dylan Redford (video begins at: 7:00)
Hannah King
Maddie Dai
Maisie Ogata
Spencer Brown
Sophia Gubernick
Annie Ulrich
Evio Isaac
Ally Silberkleit

Real Deal Lobster Dinner


That’s right, this is no cheap imitation seafood stuff that you get in the Ross salad bar. This Monday, May 13th, the Inter Commons Council (ICC) will be a hosting a lobster dinner in Proctor and Ross for the entire campus. Word on the street is, the lobsters are fresh from Maine, and you know that means they be delish.

WHERE: Proctor and Ross
WHEN: May 13th, 5 PM-7 PM
COST: freeee

Weybridge Feast, TODAY 5pm

lovely, where's da food tho?

lovely, where’s da food tho?

Look like some sort of cult meeting? No fear, it’s just the annual spring feast at Weybridge House! Weybridge makes really good dinners most Monday nights (hidden gem), but this feast is taking home cooking to a whole different level. This feast has a “Mad Hatter in the Garden Theme”, which seems pretty trippy and unrelated to food, but Weybridge tells us there will be local dishes from hundreds (wowz!) of people “featuring treats like meat and cheese“… our imaginations are feasting at this extensive detail! No matter what they make, Weybridge food is always far superior to dining halls and many of our mothers, and finals suck so you might as well take a break and lavish in some free food. Plus, there will be music from Nest ‘O Rebels, and “a whole lotta love”.


WHEN: Today, 5pm
WHERE: Weybridge house
COST: nada

Mamajamas Final Concert SUNDAY 5/12

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 5.47.06 PM

If you’ve ever heard the Mamajamas sing, you know they’re the shit.

Did you know that there was a Mamajama on the Mayflower? and at the Salem Witch trials? Did you know that a Mamajama played an integral role in the stock market crash, Watergate, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Come to the Mamajamas Final concert of the year to watch the Mamajamas travel back in time and recount their very own version of American History.This is you LAST CHANCE to see our wonderful seniors SARAH CONSAGRA, BEN WAGNER, and SHANNON MUSCATELLO perform so we know you wouldn’t miss it for the world!Whether you’re a senior who has never seen an a cappella group perform, or you’re in desperate need of a study break before finals, or you need to bring your mom to something extra special on mothers day, or if either Shannon, Ben or Sarah are on your crush list…then COME TO PEARSONS LOUNGE on Sunday, May 12th at 8:15pm!!

WHEN: Sunday May 12th
TIME: 8:15pm-9:15pm
PLACE: Pearsons Lounge
WHAT: Mamajamas Final Concert: Bards of American History
WHY: To celebrate and say goodbye to our lovely seniors Sarah Consagra, Ben Wagner, and Shannon Muscatello 

François Clemmons Sings A Joyous Farewell, TONIGHT

Francois “Divaman” Clemmons and Fred Rogers, on set of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

After a 16 year career as singer, professor, conductor, artist in residence, and spiritual leader of Middlebury College, Francois Clemmons is singing his final concert before retirement tonight at 8pm in the Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have shared a friendship with Francois Clemmons or seen one of his previous performances, you will most certainly be at the concert tonight. If you have never been to one of his performances, this is not one to miss. His incredible voice and stage-presence are the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself from the grind of pre-finals and get ready for friday night and all that is happening later tonight. No one knows what the Divaman has in store until the show itself, and this one is looking to be entirely unique and unforgettably special. Oh, and he also won a grammy for opera and an emmy for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This dude can sing.

What: Divaman’s final concert before retirement
Date: Tonight, Friday May 10th
Time: 8pm
Where: CFA Concert Hall
Cost: FREE


The Middlebury Narrative Journalism Fellows bring you a SNEAK PEAK PROMO VIDEO for (arguably) the coolest event of the semester NEXT TUESDAY, MAY 14…

The Middlebury Narrative Journalism Fellows have been working hard all year to produce 16 new “How Did You Get Here?” pieces. Since 2008 student Narrative Journalism Fellows have been crafting digital portraits of the Middlebury student body through audio and photography. The question is simple: How did you get here? The responses are honest, insightful, mind blowing, heart wrenching, relatable, admirable, awe inspiring, really fucking cool, you name it. The point is, they’re worth watching.

The 2013 Middlebury College Narrative Journalism “How Did You Get Here” showcase will be on May 14th. Lots of pizza, desserts, and good company. Stop by for any/all of the videos, they will be streaming continuously!

WHERE: Axinn Room 229
WHEN: Tuesday, May 14 from 5-7pm
COST: freee

Special thanks to NJF Fellow Josh Swartz ’14 for composing this awesome promo vid, and all the 2013 NJF Fellows:  Continue reading