Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate Team Wins D3 National Championships


The champions. (Thanks for the pics Miriam Nielsen ’14 and Jocelyn Remmert ’13). More pics after the jump.

Update: Here is a more comprehensive report of the championship game.

Middlebury’s men’s ultimate team, the Pranksters, won the D-3 National Championships today in Milwaukee, WI beating the University of Puget Sound in a 12-11 nail-biter.

This is the first appearance for the Pranksters in the national championships since 2010, when both the Pranksters and the Lady Pranksters (the women’s team) made an appearance at the D-1 National Championships.  At the beginning of this year, the men’s team chose to compete in D-3 (the women’s team still plays D-1) with the team goal of winning the D-3 Championships (which they did, yay!). The team was seeded 10th, so it was an uphill battle all the same.

Pranksters, if you have pics, send ’em in to middbeat[at]gmail[dot]com and we will post them!

(Update) More pics below:


The Pranksters in their normal attire.


Davis Whitehead ’13 and Nathan Arnosti ’13 celebrating their amazing finish


Graduating seniors (left to right: Jeff Dobronyi, Stephen Lammers, Davis Whitehead, and Nathan Arnosti


Davis Whitehead ’13, captain of the Pranksters, won MVP of the Final game


More official-looking Champion photo


Singing songs of praise and thanks to their opponents after the game


Champions! with their new hardware and prizes


Showing off their awesome uniforms in between games


Stephen Lammers, captain of the Pranksters, won MVP of Round 3 of Day 1 of the tournament

Stephen Lammers ’13, captain of the Pranksters, won MVP of Round 3 of Day 1 of the tournament

  • take your sport seriously god

    good kids helluva accomplishment but as an athlete, i would be fucking pissed if i lost to a bunch of kids who dress like they do. Knowing the guys, I know they take it seriously, and that they are good, but showing up to a game in mumus and 80’s track jackets makes it seem like they don’t give a shit. Losing to them most suck because the kid who beat you was wearing a dress 30 fucking minutes prior.

    • Treehugger

      I guess it goes to show that in sports, as in life, what matters is what is inside you, not what you look like!