Middlebury Website To Be Redesigned

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.02.13 PMWe can’t disclose our source explicitly, but we can promise they’re legit…

Rumor has it administration has decided to completely redesign the Middlebury website due to complaints that it is “too confusing” and “too hard to navigate.” We think this is bull shit. Not only does the homepage have explicit links to information on Academic, Athletics, Student Life, Admissions, Art, etc., but it also represents Middlebury’s creative, innovative flare. We’ve never heard complaints about website navigation. A recent “How Did You Get Here?” narrative journalism interviewee from Ethiopia even stated that the unique website was a major factor tipping the balance on her decision to attend Midd over other American schools.

We don’t know all the details, and we’re not sure how much we can do to stop this movement, but we think it’s pretty absurd. What do you think? Do you have problems navigating the Midd website? What would you change, if you could?


8 thoughts on “Middlebury Website To Be Redesigned

  1. I have another friend who choose Middlebury partly because of the website. If you’re too narrow minded to figure out our website out, you probably shouldn’t be coming to Middlebury.

    1. “Narrow-minded” means that you are prejudiced, biased, or have an inability to see things from other perspectives. I don’t think that having trouble with the website has anything to do with that.

      I think it doesn’t really matter how the website looks because we all use go/ links anyway, but I do agree that the website needs an overhaul. I find the website confusing and disorganized, so I pretty frequently end up googling “________ middlebury college” to find anything on the website, and very often the links are down.

  2. I’ve spent way too much time trying to find some piece of information through navigating the website, only to resort to googling or taking a stab in the dark with what I think the most logical go/ link would be. I’m totally in support of a redesign. (And just because it’s redone doesn’t mean the stories on the homepage would have to go.)

  3. One of the most enticing college websites I have ever encountered- I have been spending a good part of my nights looking for the perfect :-) college for my daughter for the last several months.. We are so exited to have just finalized our travel arrangements for a September visit just prior to 2013/14 ED season!

    One of the reasons Middlebury seemed so appealing to me was the way, I thought, it chose the represent itself via this website: our of the ordinary, creative, alluring, with strong esthetics, fluid, irrepressible, rich, textured and full of low key but well designed surprises- almost timeless.

    It would be a shame if it will be replaced by a run of the mill design that hundreds of lifeless others make us suffer through.

  4. The homepage is fantastic. It only gets confusing once you leave it. The map of the website could be simplified and improved, but the actual design of each of the pages is pretty great.

  5. I have spent the last two years working on improving the Middlebury website as a student employee, and nearly all of that time was spent helping staff members LEARN HOW TO USE THE CURRENT WEBSITE. The faculty who edit the website STILL are catching up to the latest change. To change it again would only make the largest problem with the website worse. Plus it’s an awesome website, as many have already said.

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