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Apparently this guy is a big deal…

080310_Nelson_068.jpg…my professor said in class the other day that Harvard professor Eric Nelson has a better shot than most living people at transforming Western thought forever with his wise thoughts. Apparently he is the kind of person we might be bragging about hearing speak ‘back in college’ when we are 50.

So, even if you, like us,  have no idea what the title of his talk means ( “The Lord Alone Shall be King of America: Hebraism and the Republican Turn of 1776″) and have never taken a poli sci or religion class, it could be worth it to check out his talk on Thursday.

Date: Tomorrow, Thursday, May 2
Time: 4:30PM
Place: Dana

Songs from Musicals You’ll Never See


Beloved Grady Trela ’13  is performing his thesis tonight. This lecture/performance features songs composed for two original musicals-in-progress: “Young Man With a Horn,” a period piece based loosely on the life of jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke, and “The Amazing Mr. Meow,” a comedy about a sensitive professional wrestler who yearns to be an actor on Broadway.

Where: CFA 221
When: 7 – 8 pm
Cost: freeeee