SGA Launches “We the MiddKids”

In an all-campus email and video sent out this morning, El Presidente of the SGA Charlie Arnowitz ’13  announced the launch of We the MiddKids, a “petitioning platform for students to share their ideas with the student government.”

It’s a cool idea- anyone can start a petition, as long as it’s “relevant” and “appropriate”. We each get 10 votes to spread around, and we can vote for any single petition 3 times. When a petition ends, we get our votes back. If a petition gets 50 votes, the SGA talks about it. If it gets 100 votes, the Charnowitz himself will “record a snappy video response.”

But most importantly, we finally got a sneak-peek into the presidential bedchamber!! In a 2-minute video included in his email, the President gave a speech from his Ross single- more specifically, from his bed in his Ross single. It’s destined to become an internet pop-up ad about “making big $$ working from home.”

Anyone who wants to remain righteously indignant about the opulence of world leaders’ lifestyles (me), was disappointed. Harsh overhead lighting, drab, olive green sheets, a few family photographs stuck to the walls…he’s a man of the people, folks, and it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s not embezzling our egregiously high student activities fees to decorate the place.
But some mysteries remain…namely, whether the elected voice of the Student Body was wearing pants. 


3 thoughts on “SGA Launches “We the MiddKids”

  1. Glad you all like the We the Middkids platform–we hope it takes off and becomes a useful tool.

    As for my bedchamber, well, it’s a lame single in a mediocre Kelly suite, true enough. But it’s home. And I’ll have you know that my drab green olive sheets keep me warm all winter long.
    Meanwhile, I’m a strong advocate for the construction of a presidential suite somewhere in McCullough.

    I should probably start a petition for it on go/wethemiddkids.

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