Day: February 26, 2013


Vintage Jewelry Sale at Bookstore

  Macklemore called and told us all the cool kids are thrift shopping. Unfortunately, she won’t be selling your grandma’s coat (the vintage clothes guy was here a few weeks ago), but Mia Boldson, owner of “The Stock Keeper“, is bringing the perfect opportunity to bedazzle yourself in its-so-old-its-new jewelry this week. Over the past 20 years, Mia has hand-selected over “20,000 distinctive items — most from the 1950s throughContinue reading


Atwater Suite BCG Art Open House

Not a fan of making the freezing CFA trek to indulge that artsy side (we know you have it)? Or simply scared of Midd Museum’s dim lighting and unspoken no-talking rule? We feel ya, and so do members of Atwater Suite BCG. Convinced students need a chill, welcoming, normally lit setting to enjoy art while engaging with peers, the members of Atwater Suite BCG have decided to host various art showcases in theirContinue reading


Tuition and Student Activity Fee Hike Goes Largely Unnoticed

While divestment dominated much of the discussion surrounding the recent Board of Trustees meeting, the Board also addressed other important topics–like student tuition. A huge decision was made in the meeting to increase the comprehensive fee by more than almost two thousand dollars and the student activity fee (which goes to the SGA Finance Committee to fund clubs, student events, etc.) by fifteen dollars. According to Middlebury’s press release: Next year’s comprehensive fee, whichContinue reading


Get Your Basketball Tickets NOW!

Tickets for the Middlebury Men’s Basketball 2013 NCAA Playoffs are now on sale in the box office!! Because this is a playoff game, you need a ticket for entry. They’ll sell out soon, so get them while you can. Middlebury will be hosting this first round game against the 21-7 Curry College Colonels of Milton, MA. The #7 ranked Panthers (22-3) will be looking for the win, especially after their tough battle againstContinue reading


The Salamanders Need Your Help

The Otter Creek Audubon Society is enlisting the help of volunteers to escort salamanders along the treacherous journey from their wooded wintering sites to the vernal pools where they make their babies. They will need people at Morgan Road in Salisbury on nights between Monday, March 25th and Sunday, April 14th between 8:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. Volunteers arrive or leave when they wish, gathering data for an hour, possibly two. Get onContinue reading


Git Yer Gear

Middlebury Mountain Club gear hours are tonight and Thursday from 4:30-7:30 over in the FIC basement.  Get snow shoes, cross country skis, a backpack, an ice ax, some boots, and old jacket and wear that shit around campus like you’re Macklemore at an REI garage sale (#macklemoreforspringconcert).  Or go for a snow shoe on the TAM, a ski at Rikert,a Tele sesh at the Bowl, or a FOO reunion campingContinue reading


Buzzfeed Thinks We’re Pretty

We’re all scrambling for something (anything) to celebrate during the interminable grayness and perpetual slushy socks of late February. How about THIS: earlier this week, Middlebury claimed spot NUMERO UNO on Buzzfeed’s long list of the “Most Winter Wonderful College Campuses.” Buzzfeed neglected to mention that Middlebury’s “Winter Wonderful” also entails an impassable Battell Beach and the conversion of all sidewalks into treacherous black ice death traps. Still, smile throughContinue reading


TODAY: RAJ Center Guest Lecture

“Missionaries and Muslim Brothers in Egypt” WHEN: Today, Tuesday 2/26, 4:30 WHERE: RAJ Conference Room WHAT: Beth Baron, a professor of History at City College and the Graduate Center CUNY, will discuss her latest research about the links between Protestant Christian missionaries and the ideological roots of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mubarak, Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood…whose side are we supposed to be on, again? If you’re anything like me, you pretend toContinue reading

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MAKERS: Women Who Make America Screening TONIGHT

Simply dropping the word feminism stirs a whole slew of tension and debate these days, for better or for worse. “Binder Full of Women” declarations instantly spurred national outrage, yet simply self-identifying as a feminist too often instigates listeners to tag on qualifying adjectives like “crazy” or “obsessive.” Obviously, 21st century women have a hell of a lot to be proud of, and such pride definitely doesn’t make us “crazy feminists,” whateverContinue reading


“Getting to Know You” Episode 2: Doug Shivers

Welcome back to “Getting to Know You”, Episode 2! As described in the first “Getting to Know You” post, the mission of this project is just what it seems: to get to know the people we see everyday, but might not interact with frequently, or ever. And the guidelines are simple: we see someone we don’t know and would like to, we ask them a few questions, we share the interview withContinue reading


Girl Scout Cookie Booth in Ross Basement

Girl Scout Cookies are coming to campus, hooray! The Middlebury Girl Scout Troop will be selling their delicious cookies Tuesday, Wednesday and next Tuesday–don’t miss this opportunity to get your fix. Flavors will include: Thin Mints Samoas (Carmel Delights)–obvi the best Tag-alongs (Peanut Butter Patties) Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwiches) Thank You Berry Munch Dulce De Leche Lemon Chalet Creams Date: Tuesday 2/26, Wednesday, 2/27, Tuesday 3/5 Time: 5PM-8PM (right atContinue reading