Day: February 25, 2013


Top 5 Shows on WRMC

Tuesday marked the beginning of WRMC’s spring season.  With 85 shows and 175 DJ’s, this will be one of the station’s most jam-packed seasons since WRMC president and Middlebury heartthrob Dylan Redford invented the radio for the betterment of humanity.  But when should you listen?  The correct answer is to listen unceasingly because WRMC is the best radio station in Vermont.  For those of you who have homework, a social life,Continue reading

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“Getting to Know You” Episode 1: Rick Ifflend

TODAY, middbeat launches a new project: “Getting to Know You”. The mission of this project is just what it seems: to get to know the people we see everyday, but might not interact with frequently, or ever. Examples of such people could be dining hall or custodial staff, professors we’ve never taken classes with, or just any random Midd student we don’t know. It’s pretty crazy how frequently we see the sameContinue reading


Enemies of the State: Pussy Riot and the New Russian Protest Rock

Monday at 4:30 Artemy Troitsky, a legit badass from the gritty underworld of Russian rock, will be speaking at the Robert A. Jones house about the emerging wave of Russian protest rock. After nearly a decade of silence under Putin’s authoritarian rule, rock ‘n’ rollers cross Russia are finally starting to stand up and scream “fuck you.” The most famous example of this budding backlash is the notorious female punkContinue reading