Great Student Writing from Siberia

Что им чудится в сириской вьюге,
Что мерещится им в лунном круге?
Им я шлю прощальный свой привет.
– А. Ахматова, Март 1940

What appears to them in a Siberian blizzard?
What do they imagine in the lunar circle?
To them I send my farewell regards.
-Anna Akhmatova, March 1940

Did you know the biggest and oldest fresh water lake (around 20% of all freshwater) is Lake Baikal in Siberia? Want to know what it’s to study abroad in Irkustk (from the game risk), a.k.a the Paris of Siberia ?

Our own Sam Finkelman 13.5 14.5 currently lives with a babushka in the heart of Siberia hanging out with the only fresh water snow seals in the world, making friends in Russian gay bars, getting into trouble with Russian professors, and eating the most delicious food. He is a great writer and his blog is post-worthy. Check it out here:

sam seal middbeat
Sam and the Russian Snow Seal. Both so cute.

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