Day: February 24, 2013


TEDxMiddlebury 2013 Lineup Released

We are not sure what this video has to do with TEDx, but it is precious and we think you should watch it. middbeat has the exclusive scoop on the lineup for TEDxMiddlebury 2013: The Road Not Taken. Very exciting. If you don’t know what this is, check out this post. A brief list of the speakers,  submitted by TEDx organizer Maddie Dai ’14, is after the jump. Get ticketsContinue reading


Great Student Writing from Siberia

Что им чудится в сириской вьюге, Что мерещится им в лунном круге? Им я шлю прощальный свой привет. – А. Ахматова, Март 1940 What appears to them in a Siberian blizzard? What do they imagine in the lunar circle? To them I send my farewell regards. -Anna Akhmatova, March 1940 Did you know the biggest and oldest fresh water lake (around 20% of all freshwater) is Lake Baikal in Siberia?Continue reading


50% Off All Crossroad Smoothies NOW

  YES YOU HEARD RIGHT: Come to Crossroads Cafe now and enjoy ANY smoothie for HALF THE PRICE! These smoothies are REALLY worth the all caps and bold, we’re not just being obnoxious. Plus, they’re screening the Oscars, so you can pick apart all your favorite actresses dresses while sipping in style. Usual Sunday night waffles are also available for just $1. WHEN: RIGHT NOW, only tonight (February 24) 8-10pm WHERE: Crossroads Cafe COST: ~ $2 for a 16oz smoothie

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Otter Nonsense presents “The Scared is Fucking Scary”

Thoughts? Comment below (click on the post first if you are reading this on the homepage). This is the video you have to see if you’ve haven’t yet. “The Scared is Scared,” made by Bianca Giaever ‘12.5, has 755,000 views on Vimeo now. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted it on his facebook. And now the Otters have parodied it. So it’s a big deal. PS The Otters have a show coming up:  Continue reading


Miracle at Brooker House

  This week, we received an anonymous tip regarding a truly miraculous occurrence at Brooker House. “Early this morning [February 21st], some time between 6am and 8am, facilities moved two bike racks with twenty bikes locked to them fifty feet from the front of Brooker- wait for it- to the side of Brooker.” GUYS. Facilities. TELEKINESIS. The informant included a detailed diagram for the visual learners among us. They’re proficientContinue reading

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Men’s Basketball Drops NESCAC Semi Final in OT

We all had high hopes for the Middlebury Men’s Basketball team to kill it against Williams in the NESCAC Semi Final Tournament game this Saturday. To our great disappointment, the boys lost 87-80 in an aggressive overtime battle. However, this score really doesn’t give the boys justice; the game was constantly back-and-forth, each team neck-in-neck holding a lead by only one or two points. While we would have loved forContinue reading

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Middbeat on WRMC part II

Just in case you missed middbeat on WRMC earlier this afternoon, Kurt Alles and Amanda Wiggans ‘14.5 will be featuring middbeat co-founder Eyal Levy and Alex Macmillan at 5:30.  You won’t want to miss it, first because middbeat will be on the radio for the second time in one day, the most times in its history, and secondly because Kurt and Amanda have one of the best shows on the radio, featuringContinue reading



Post #100, yall. This is momentous. In the past two weeks alone, we’ve had over 5,700 pageviews! Thanks, everyone, for your reblogs, facebook follows, submissions, and encouragement.  Keep sending comments our way about what you want to see on Middbeat!  

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So, What Was the Moth Like?

Last week, we reminded you to show up at the first spring Moth event. As promised, the stories struck an ideal combo of hilarious and insightful, and the entire Gamut room was packed. Having been to various Moth events, I was particularly struck by the huge age range of story tellers at last week’s “Rude Awakening” story slam. Perhaps my favorite story was told by a new student, Jasmine Ross ’16!. You can watchContinue reading


REMINDER: Middbeat on WRMC today

 UPDATE: If you missed the conversation on WRMC earlier today, here is a podcast of it: TUNE IN TODAY:  2PM, WRMC 91.1 Middlebury College radio. Campus news editor Bronwyn Oatley ’13 will be interviewing students representing Middbeat, The Campus, and WRMC on Midd’s new talk radio show, “The Campus Voice.”     while you’re waiting for 2PM to roll around, check out the show’s cool little intro: we’ll post up theContinue reading

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Stress at Midd

We’re two weeks in to Spring semester, and I must say I’m already feeling a bit stressed out.  Work, meetings, keeping up with friends, applying for summer jobs and study abroad… amazing how quickly things build up.  Of course, I know that I bring it all upon myself, and that stress is above all else a state of mind.  We here at Midd do, however, constantly bring stress upon ourselvesContinue reading