Day: February 22, 2013


Activities fair review

So we’ve got around 80 clubs around McCullough, crossroads, and the crescent room right now there’s the crazy activities fair going on. Our awards go to the Brewer’s Guild Fermenters Guild (pictured left) for not having a table and getting more than 60+ new sign ups. 2nd place goes to Capoeira for acting like they were tripping on stage (Capoeira is actually a 500 year old tradition of African-Brazilian martial arts combiningContinue reading

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Dr. Feelgoods and Billiards at the Grille

On Friday, April 12th, in another glaring instance of poor event coordination between student organizations, rumor has it the Grille will be serving Dr. Feelgoods. Inside sources also claim that they will possibly be playing Dave Matthews Band from their favorite Sirius Radio station, The Loft. There are also rumors that there may even be billiard tables and free water. Sophomore Chad Brobingdon has had a difficult time deciding betweenContinue reading


dancehall carnivàl at the mill

This Saturday night at 10:30, the mill will be hosting a dancehall party. The party will be co-sponsored by the pan-Caribbean student organization, so it probably won’t be just hipsters listening to major lazer. But in reality, they’ve been getting deep into dancehall music, so they will have some awesome music and great vibes going around. If you, like me 10 minutes ago, have no idea what dancehall music is,Continue reading