Day: February 20, 2013


Students discuss female power in politics

Luke Carroll Brown ’14 and Anna Esten ’13 have had some pretty incredible experiences interning at the White House and working on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s campaign trail this past fall. They want to share with the community what they learned about gender dynamics and the  power of women in the highest level of government. The talk is titled “Female Power in Politics: My Time on the Elizabeth Warren Campaign andContinue reading



(UPDATED) At about 6:50PM a siren and flashing lights began going off in Proctor while an automated voice said, “Please evacuate; there has been an emergency.” What looked to one Midd student observing from outside like “strobe lights at a haunted house with a long line outside” felt like “really, I’d love to finish my fried clam strips” inside. Curious about our favorite dining hall’s state of emergency, we calledContinue reading


TONIGHT: Diversity in Muslim Identity

Seen this up in Proc? Been wondering what that jot-down-your-thoughts-about-Islam poster in the lib atrium is all about? The Islamic Society of Middlebury College (ISMC) is hosting “Diversity in Muslim Identity.” Date: TODAY Time: 7PM – 9PM Place: McCullough Social Space Cost: FREE. Open to students and to the wider Middlebury community. The goal of the event is to “promote an authentic depiction of the varied faces of Islam and to show the diversity andContinue reading

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ES Colloquium: Trees and Methane

Tomorrow’s Environmental Colloquium series will feature Kristofer Covey, a PhD candidate at some school called Yale University.  His talk will feature his research regarding how trees are actually methane producers because they channel the gas through their root system and perspire it into the atmosphere.  If you are just as confused as I am about what that means, go to Hillcrest 103 tomorrow from 12:30-1:20 to get your biogeochemistry on. Continue reading


RIDDIM FlashMobs for TEDx

Earlier this week, RIDDIM flashmobbed Proctor at peak mealtime: they danced. they were sexy and confident. and then the rest of us mere mortals shuffled off to scavenge for bowls. (oh, and they did it for a reason- the performance was an advertisement for TEDxMiddlebury, an awesome day (March 9th) of inspirational people giving 18-minute speeches (18 minutes – long enough for things to get interesting, and short enough for themContinue reading


Midd vs. Williams Basketball Semi Finals Fan Bus

Middlebury Men’s Basketball is our colleges most successful winter team, and they are only two games away from another NESCAC CHAMPIONSHIP! The boys are ranked third in the NESCAC, preceded only by the always rival Amherst and Williams. Last week, Amherst beat Midd in the last game of the season, at our home court, in TRIPLE OVERTIME by just ONE BASKET. For an extremely comprehensive overview of this absolutely epic, yet tragic game, checkContinue reading

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Human Trafficking Meeting TONIGHT: World Day of Social Justice!

As mentioned in our last post, Last year, Middlebury Students Maddie Li ’15, Jai Jun Lee ’15 and Bree Baccaglini ’15 began Stop Traffick – a student organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness to combat human trafficking world wide. With various symposiums and speakers under it’s belt, Stop Traffick is looking to expand its group membership. This international human rights crisis is the fastest growing means by which people are enslaved, and is also tied with arms dealingContinue reading