Day: February 18, 2013


Tomorrow: Middlebrow Improv Show

Middlebrow’s first improv show of the semester is tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 10PM in the Chateau Grand Salon. They’re fresh off a Feb Break tour of New York colleges and a show in NYC. If you’ve never seen an improv show before (what’s up, new Febs!), improvisational comedy is a form of performance which is entirely spontaneous and unique; everything that happens will be made up on the spot, basedContinue reading


Middlebury Does the Harlem Shake

As we reported last week, Midd students jumped on the viral bandwagon and shot their own “Harlem Shake’ video in BiHall, complete with unicycles, butterfly wings, and men in Speedos. Check it out here: great work, everyone. you all have some serious moves. try out for Riddim tonight! 7PM in Coltrane! (you, shirtless kid in the suspenders, I’m talking to you.)