Day: February 16, 2013


Post-Carnival Banger at Palmer Sat.

  To celebrate the end of the Winter Carnival ski races, Ski Patrol will be hosting a small gathering in Palmer House Saturday.  The ski team has a race at Dartmouth Sunday, and can’t throw their usual rager, so Ski Patrol will be picking up the slack, or rather, redefining what the word have-more-fun-than-you-ever-thought-was-possible means.  There’ll be a DJ, beverages, and ski bum swag.  Come looking like you got deniedContinue reading



  Incase you haven’t seen the whimsical posters decorating most wall surfaces on campus, it’s urgent that you know TEDX TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22!!! Have no idea what TEDx means? Is you’re mind immediately flooded with images of a vulgar-speaking little brown bear? Let’s help you with that. Lucky enough to live with the lovely Moria Sloan ’15, a key member of the TEDx organizing team, IContinue reading


Faculty speak out in support of divestment

Student Alexa Beyer ‘15.5 of Divest for our Future just put out this video of faculty members, including Peter Matthews Economics Department Chair and Professor of Economics, and Jay Parini, Professor of English and American Literature and renowned poet and author. The video quality is a little rough around the edges, but the point gets through that seasoned professors and prominent members of the community are on board with divestment–notContinue reading


Students Rally for Divestment

There are few things that I believe in before 8am- I don’t even believe in breakfast until at least 9. But 45 students gathered in the biting wind in front of Old Chapel this morning at 7:30 to show the Board of Trustees that divestment is something they believe in, even before the sun comes up. This rally was the latest in a series of student-led actions calling on theContinue reading