Day: February 14, 2013

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Students to present board of trustees with divestment plan

Update: Middblog interviewed some of the students present at the meeting about what went down that morning. On Saturday morning at 8AM, seven students will have 45 minutes to present a case for the divestment of Middlebury’s endowment from fossil fuels and weapons industries to the Board of Trustees at their tri-annual meeting. In case you’ve been living in a hole in Ross, divestment has been a really big dealContinue reading


Adam Ferrara: 9 PM Friday, McCullough

  Tomorrow night Adam Ferrara, comedian and Rescue Me cast member, will be doing a stand-up set in McCullough social space.  I watched some of his stuff, and I think he’s worthy of a middbeat stamp of approval.  He’ll be cracking jokes til about the time your pregame starts, and should start the night out right.  You can either get tickets at the box office or at the door. When:Continue reading


Middlebury to do the Harlem Shake in BiHall

Our dream was answered!!! People are organizing a Harlem Shake at Midd this Sunday. Amazing. According to the Facebook page: Come to Bi-Hall at 4:00pm on Sunday, February 17th. Bring all the weirdest/craziest things you own (note the totally crazy stuff in the other videos, i.e. masks, hats, stuffed animals, plastic flamingos, bright colors, anything at all that you want to bring). If we get as many people as we’reContinue reading


Colleges everywhere do the Harlem Shake–will Midd be next?

Update: Middlebury is doing a Harlem Shake Sunday at 4PM in BiHall. The Harlem Shake, the biggest video meme since “Call Me Maybe” lip-synching, has spread to colleges and universities. If you are just catching on to the phenomenon, it started (at least to our knowledge) with this video from a unit in the Norwegian Army: Then people everywhere started putting together videos to the tune of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”Continue reading


Video of Amherst win over Middlebury gets on well-known sports blog

Two nights ago, middbeat posted a video recap of Middlebury’s mens basketball team’s heartbreaking loss to Amherst. The clip of Amherst tying the game in the second overtime to send it to a third overtime somehow made it to the folks at, a well-known sports blog owned by Gawker media, with the title, “Here’s A Perfectly Executed ‘Miss The Free Throw, Score The Putback’ To Send A Game ToContinue reading

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Crossroads FroYo Puts Proctor and Ross BOTH to Shame

Chocolate and vanilla dining hall froyo can take their fight outside, because there’s a new kid in town: CROSSROADS TART FROYO. While your hometowns may be flooded with new lo-cal froyo joints with flashy names like Pink Berry, Berry Line, Red Mango etc., you might have noticed that there is no place to get frozen yogurt anywhere in this town. But rest assured, Crossroads Cafe has their froyo machines up and running onceContinue reading


Bill McKibben and other celebs arrested outside Whitehouse protesting pipeline

Yesterday, Middlebury scholar-in-residence and big-deal climate activist Bill McKibben was arrested protesting the Keystone Pipeline with other prominent figures such as Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, civil rights leader Julian Bond, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., actress Darryl Hannah and NASA climate scientist James Hansen.  Here is what Bill McKibben had to say on twitter yesterday morning:


Follow Up to “Love Gone Wrong at Midd” 51 Main Event

As mentioned in my last post, “Love Gone Wrong at Middlebury,” Meghan Laslocky ’89, author of Middlebury Magazine article “Withering Courtly Love,” and book “The Little Book of Heart Break: Love Gone Wrong Through the Ages,” presented her theories on Middlebury love culture last night at 51 Main. Along with a friend, I attended this intriguing discussion. While the majority of attendees were at least twenty years my senior (asContinue reading


TONIGHT: Winter Carnival Kickoff

Tonight marks the beginning of the College’s 90th Annual Winter Carnival, a three-day weekend of events (Orange Crush dance, a snow sculpture competition, ski races at the Snow Bowl, overpriced dances in a too-big gymnasium, etc.). As always, the College will kick off the festivities with a bonfire and fireworks. Make the most of that Student Activities fee and come to the Ross “Firepit” (the flat patch of land betweenContinue reading