Month: January 2013

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The Moth: Storytelling in the Gamut Room

We don’t get to meet random people enough at Midd. We just don’t. Yes, we exchange classroom salutations, dining room smiles and all-too-frequent “how was your break?”s during those first weeks back. But we all-too-infrequently make the effort to listen to one anthers stories. How we really feel. What has shaped us. Which experiences we remember, and why. Only by taking the time to listen to these raw life descriptions can weContinue reading

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Alpenglow @ Mead Chapel 2.0 ft. Maryse Smith

Alpenglow, the first Middlebury band with potential to make it big in a long time, will be playing at Mead Chapel tomorrow evening. The serene atmosphere of their indie-folk music combined with the setting and acoustics of Mead Chapell made for what many described  as a “transcendent” experience the last time they played there (in the spring of 2012–see video above). Alpenglow is also currently raising money through a KickstarterContinue reading