Students Organize Die-In During Midnight Breakfast

This past Wednesday, a group of students organized a die-in in solidarity with the national movement against racist state violence.  Around 100 students arrived in Ross dining hall at 10:30, lying down in every corner of the room, as students Rubby Paulino, Kizzy Joseph, and Elizabeth Dunn read a series of statements recounting recent police killings like Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and calling for the student body to join in solidarity.  You can find some of the statements below, and Molly Stuart’s video footage of the event above.  If you are interested in learning more about student activism around these issues, see here.

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REMINDER: Middlebury Ferguson Action Group Meeting TODAY at 5

<> on November 24, 2014 in New York City.

In case you missed last night’s die-in at midnight breakfast in Ross, students have organized a discussion tonight at 5 PM in the Warner Hemicycle about developing student activism at Middlebury in light of the nationwide worldwide mobilization against race-based police brutality.  This is the second in a continued effort from student organizers to bring the heightened national awareness of the persistent racism in the U.S. back to Middlebury through actions like last night’s die-in, developing ways to combat racism on campus, in Middlebury, and back home.  Hope to see you there.

When: Today, 5 PM
Where: Warner Hemicycle

New Music From Jack Tipper and Mike McCann ’15: “Caverns”

Pop on your headphones, take a a three minute study break, and have a quick listen to some awesome new student music from Mike McCann and Jack Tipper ’15 Tipper writes in:

“Caverns” began this past summer, under a different title, when I was listening to a lot of music by Zhu and Kygo. I designed a short tropical melody, and some big drums to accompany it, and then, as I do with many of my projects, I left it buried away on a hard drive to revisit on a later date.

That day arrived a few weeks ago, when professor of music Peter Hamlin suggested that Mike and I collaborate for our final project, combining electronic production with vocal writing! In Middlebury’s musical environment, I rarely find opportunities to produce modern music for class credit, so naturally I was ecstatic! I often feel like I’m procrastinating when I work on my own music outside of my classes, because I have a dangerous tendency to get overly obsessed with my solo projects, sometimes to the point that I fall behind in my other work. This was the perfect chance for me to channel my personal motivations into an assignment!

Mike and I met in my studio to discuss some ideas, and I showed him a couple of song concepts. He latched onto the foundation of “Caverns,” and from there we fleshed out some chords on the piano, dragged the tempo down to 108, and began writing lyrics! I asked him where he felt the song belonged, and what the sounds inspired in his mind. We came up with some interesting words to use as starting points: blue, deep, distant, dark, echoey, underwater. It was then that a memory struck Mike, of a story he’d read about cave diving lobster fishermen off of the coast of Greece.

These fishermen would daringly plunge into the unforgiving mazes of underwater caverns, in order to corner prize lobsters. At a certain depth, they’d encounter a point of no return, choosing either to continue on in hopes of finding an elusive air pocket, or retracing their path back to the surface.

We then pondered the themes from the story of the lobstermen, first relating it to the acquisition of knowledge. Once we discover or experience something new, we can never truly forget. We are from then on unable to fully return to the untainted state of ignorant bliss from which we came. Knowledge, for better or worse, changes the way we perceive the world around us. It shapes who we are and who we become. The lobstermen must choose whether to dive deep, and potentially learn more, but in that process they risk sacrificing what once was.

Free download here! Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: J Prov: a Winter Term Workshop



Our good friends at Middlebrow asked us to repost this as Winter Term Workshops have now been released and people’s schedules are filling up.  Again, anybody can sign up, it’s free, and it’s a lot of fun.  email [email protected], or even just comment below with your email address. SQUAD

We at middbeat are fans of a lot of things.  We’re lovers.  Not haters.

Three of the things we love most are Improv comedy, J Term, and free, open opportunities for people to try new things.  So nothing gets us jazzed quite like J Prov.  J Prov is a J Term workshop run by Middlebury’s two improv comedy groups, Middlebrow and the Otter Nonsense Players, which offers all students the chance to try their hand at improv.  For those who have auditioned for the groups in the past, or wish to do so in the future, J Prov is the best way to hone your skills and get some experience; however, you don’t need to be keen on joining a group to participate.  Any interest in comedy, theater, improvising, or becoming more comfortable speaking in public, is reason enough to check it out.

Some logistics: J Prov is NOT registered in the official Winter Workshop Catalog.  Why?  Because, somewhat unbelievably, they require all workshops to charge a fee, and neither the Brow or Otters are interested in your filthy money.  To sign up, email [email protected]  Meetings will be Monday and Thursday nights at 8 PM, during J Term.  Location to be determined.  We good?  Cool.

Fall Student Film and Animation Screening

What better way to sneak a break from finals work than watching a series of short films created by your incredibly talented peers? Answer: none. Get pumped, because tonight the Film and Media department invites us all to attend a screening of final Sight and Sound II and Animation work in Dana Auditorium, fo freee! The lineup is stacked, to say the least. Some features middbeat is especially stoked to promote include:

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The FMMC final screening is always a highlight of the semester. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll temporarily forget your finals woes. Grab a friend and some snacks, and be there at 7:30.

Date: Tonight, December 4
Time: 7:30 – 9:30ish (you can leave between films)
Place: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Nada.

Lecture, Today: Why the Digital Liberal Arts?


As millennials, we’ve watched technology steadily creep into almost every aspect of our lives over the past twenty-some-odd years. From the gigantic dial-up desktop computers and AIM to the slender iPhones in many of our pockets and the Smart Boards in many of our classrooms, the “digital” has become not only omnipresent, but also formative in the ways we learn and interact every day.

But should the digital infiltrate our academics, too? As a liberal arts college, are we trailing behind in our use of technology? Is technology antithetical, or actually pivotal, to the humanities? If you’re interested in any of these questions, you should absolutely take a quick break from finals and attend today’s lecture “Why the Digital? Why the Digital in the Liberal Arts?” being given by William G. Thomas III, a professor of U.S. history, specializing in Civil War, the U.S. South, Slavery, and in Digital History/Digital Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he is currently the Chair of the Department of History. The lecture is described as follows:

This public lecture assesses the current state of the “the digital” in higher education, including the digital humanities, and makes the case for integrating digital research practices and pedagogies into the liberal arts more fully and broadly than has yet been realized. This talk will critically appraise the digital humanities as well as examine models of collaboration and integration of research and teaching that can be applied across the liberal arts.

Date: Today, December 8
Time: 12:15 – 1:30 PM
Place: Axinn 229

Acapella Concert Tonight Featuring SIM

pres search photo-page-001

Roger Winters ’17 writes in:

Come listen to Middlebury’s all-male Acapella group Stuck in the Middle this Saturday evening at 8pm in the Abernathy Room. They have a bunch of great new songs and rumor has it there will be some appearances by the rejects of the preidential search! Ever wondered who else applied for the job maybe siamese twins, or a cross-dresser, or Malhalo Mailikiewalo?!! Well this is your chance to see and hear all about it. Plus it will be a great way to shake off the edge of finals!

When: Tonight 8 PM
Where: Abernathy Room


Tonight: Atwater Holly Ball

Holly Ball


Tis the season for the Atwater Commons Holly Ball! Whether you’re looking for a dance floor to show your friends that you’re ‘like actually good enough to be in Riddim’ or just want a reason to get a little dressed up, this annual semi-formal should be in keeping with the Midd tradition that the weekend before finals is randomly really fun.

Past res-lifer Davi Miller (’16) is DJing and refreshments and holiday cheer will be flowing all night long (actually, from 10:00pm-2:00am). No tickets necessary and all are welcome! 21+ Bring two forms of ID. Attire tends to encompass everthing from “formal” to “semi-formal” to “dressy-causal” (i.e. wear what you want). And no, you don’t need to bring a date.

When: Tonight from 10:00pm-2:00am
Where: Atwater Dining Hall
Cost: Nope!

RIDDIM Tickets Still Available!

It’s been rough, but pre-finals week is almost over. If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to break loose of the lib and have some fun. And we all know the best way to shake off the academic stress: Dance party. Thankfully, RIDDIM, Midd’s beloved hip-hop dance crew, has it’s much-anticipated end of the semester show, “It’s Reigning RIDDIM,” tomorrow night, and there are still tickets left for the 7:30 show!!! If you’re looking to enjoy some loud music, amazing dancers, serious swag, and get a guaranteed energy boost, be sure to lock down tickets for you and your friends ASAP! You won’t regret it. Tickets available at go/boxoffice.

Date: Saturday, December 6
Time: Tix available for 7:30 PM show
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: $6 per ticket


shitty flower imagesWe may have limited photo editing skills, but we have big hearts and the best of intentions! To fundraise for our trip over Feb break 2015, the MAlt Trip to Puerto Rico on Women’s Education will be selling flowers outside both the RIDDIM performances on Saturday. Bring cash, and support not one, but TWO awesome groups of students: the MAlt participants and your fave RIDDIM performers!

It’s for a good cause(s)!