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Thursday Thought: Embracing Stress

As the mercury drops in Vermont, I’m struck by my ability to adapt — there’s something both banal and extraordinary about the body’s ability to maintain its preferred 98.6 °F. I don’t consider myself a science-minded person (for God’s sake I just used degrees Fahrenheit) but I’m pretty sure this phenomenon is called homeostasis. I saw it in my sweat-drenched t-shirts from the first week; I felt it in myContinue reading

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Reflections on It Happens Here

Katherine Brown ’18 writes in with her thoughts following It Happens Here’s event last week: IHH Changing the Conversation About Sexual Assault On January 26th Wilson Hall was the site of something truly amazing. The event is called It Happens Here, and it takes place on Middlebury’s campus every year, drawing a smattering of people to listen to stories told by survivors of sexual and relationship assualt. This Tuesday, six survivors,Continue reading

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Crush of the Week: Cece Richter ‘17.5

Middbeat sat down with campus cutie Cece Richter ‘17.5–read on to learn more about this febulous female! MB: Name? CR: Cecelia Rose Summers-Richter. I have different last name from rest of my family. We found out when I went to get my passport renewed and they realized there was a mistake on my birth certificate! MB: What’s your hometown? CR: Chicago! MB: What’s your ideal Friday night? CR: Theoretically if IContinue reading

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Reflections from Dinner with Strangers

Last Sunday I had the honor and privilege to attend my first Dinner with Strangers. In case you haven’t heard of this amazing event that occurs every few weeks, let me fill you in real quick. Dinner with Strangers is a student-organized dinner that includes Middlebury College students and faculty, as well as Middlebury town members. It seeks to foster connections between members of the community whose paths might notContinue reading

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Shuffle of the Week

To see what people are really listening to, Middbeat is asking people to put their music library to the test. By hitting shuffle and talking about the first 5 songs we are ready to reveal this community’s deepest guilty pleasure songs…. MB: I am here with Zahrrah Ahmed ’19 for the first ever Middbeat shuffle of the week. We have her Spotify playlist ready for shuffle. And we are going toContinue reading


“Fiasco!” is anything but…

Despite all the wonderful characteristics that make Middlebury a truly wonderful place to go to school, the dearth of late night grub has left a serious gap in my educational development. Enter Jeremy Alben ’18, Ben Gleekel ‘17.5 and their new culinary venture “Fiasco”. The pair has been serving homemade pupusas, burritos and apple pie and Thursday and Saturday from 9pm to 12am out of the Gamut Room kitchen. Alben and Gleekel generously invitedContinue reading

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TOMORROW: Community Council Voting

Tiff Chang ’16 writes in: Vote on banning energy drinks, vote on security cameras and bias incident response team At this week’s Community Council meeting we will be voting on two items, including a ban on selling energy drinks at all Middlebury College food vendors proposed by Myles Kamisher-Koch, dining services and class of ’15, and a proposal by Michael Geisler, VP for Risk and Compliance, to install security camerasContinue reading

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THIS WEEK: J-Term Hunt Events

Winson Law ’16 and Janessa Gonzalez ’17 write in: It’s almost the end of J Term, which means that The Hunt is almost here! If you don’t already know about it, the Hunt is a three-day event in which teams of 10 students compete to complete a series of challenges for a $1,000 grand prize. It will start 9am Thursday 1/28 and end 9am Sunday 1/31. Janessa Gonzalez ’17 and IContinue reading

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TOMORROW: It Happens Here

Maddie Orcutt ’16 writes in: Tell our readers what’s up: It Happens Here (!HH) events are centered on anonymous readings of students’ experiences with sexual and relationship violence. By focusing on location, personal narrative, and anonymity, IHH campaigns empower survivors to use their personal stories to illuminate the prevalence and human impact of sexual violence while sidestepping the traditional problems involved in a survivor coming forward. The IHH Project was startedContinue reading


Thursday Thought: Us Lazy People Can Get Out Too!

A week ago today I got out of bed at 5:45 am to climb Snake Mountain with some friends.  Our original intention was to catch the sunrise then head back to campus for a well-earned breakfast.  Ill-equipped and out of shape, I struggled with what is generally a straight-forward hike.  At the top, I was greeted with the sinking realization that Snake Mountain faces west and any sunset would appear pretty unassuming.Continue reading

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LinkedIn Photoshoot

Daria Cenedella ’18 writes in: MAlt México is hosting a series of photoshoots for students to get new business head shots (for professional portfolios, resumes websites, etc.) while also helping us fundraise! Suggested donation is only 10 dollars (for three edited photos), and we accept cash or cards. The dates are Sunday, January 24th and 31st from 12-2 PM, and Wednesday, January 27th from 2-4 PM. To find out moreContinue reading

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Try This, Not That: Filler Question of the Week

Even though there is technically  more free time during J-Term because we’re only taking one class, it can sometimes feel just as busy because of all the extra fun things there are to do! Whether you’re rushing off to go skiing, go to class, watch a movie in bed, attend a workshop, or start drinking, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time to really engage in conversation. ToContinue reading

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Middbeat Crush of the Week: Jonah Conlin 2018.5

mb: Name? JC: Jonah Conlin. mb: Hometown? JC: Cambridge, mass mb:Major? JC: Political Science mb:Year? JC: 2018.5 mb: What did you do over Febmester? JC: I worked at a bakery, I made sandwiches. mb: J term class? JC: Persuasive Legal writing. mb: Very cool.  What department is that? JC: Interdepartmental. mb: Any Worshops or other things for J Term? JC: I am trying to go to the ceramics place andContinue reading

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FRIDAY: MLK Day of Service

Elle Bacon writes in: Join the Community Engagement Office and the Anderson Freeman Resource Center in a day of service and subsequent reflection dinner in memory of Martin Luther King Jr! While MLK’s actions show us year-round that “justice is what love looks like in public” (Cornel West), a day of service reminds us how we can take daily action within our communities. For details and sign up: go/mlkday  Date: JanuaryContinue reading

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Community Dinner on Sexual & Relationship Respect

Maddie Orcutt ’16 writes in: Our guiding questions are simple: (1) What is our current culture surrounding sex and relationships at Middlebury? (2) What is the culture that we want? (3) How do we get there? The SGA is hosting an Atwater dinner on Thursday, January 28th, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to discuss sexual & relationship respect at Middlebury. Facilitation will occur in small groups thanks to a collaborationContinue reading

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TODAY: Community Council Meeting on Surveillance Cameras

Tiff Chang ’16 writes in: Community Council’s meeting TODAY at 4:30 in the Crest Room, McCullough, is on surveillance cameras. Michael Geisler, VP for Risk and Compliance, will be gathering feedback on a topic related to security cameras. All meetings are open and all students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend and speak. Please note that we changed our weekly meeting from Mondays to TUESDAYS from 4:30 – 6:00 PMContinue reading