Tonight! Ta-Nehisi Coates and “The Case for Reparations”

DgBVOs-ynJfn1cGgZjaB7-Wd-1Stop by Mead Chapel tonight to listen to Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, discuss some of his recent work.  The young author shook up the journalistic word with his piece “The Case for Reparations, a rhetorical admonition for the repayment of the black race in America for a saga of injustices that spans from slavery to discriminatory real estate practices.  Other topics may include Coates’ experience at the French Language School this past summer, an experience he wrote about for both The Atlantic and Middlebury Magazine.  Come early as this should be one of the most crowded events of the semester.

Date: Today, March 4
Time: 7-9 pm
Place: Mead Chapel
Cost: Free! get there early for a good seat!


Nile Project Lecture: The Role of Audio-Visual Archiving in Recapturing Cultural Collaboration in the Nile Region


If you haven’t heard of the Nile Project already, now’s the time. The Nile Project is a musical group The Nile Project, inspired by Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project, hopes to spread the musical traditions of the 11 countries touching the Nile, using music to raise awareness for the area’s environmental and cultural challenges. The group’s first recording, Aswan, was named one of NPR’s Top Five Must-Hear International Albums of 2013. The group consists of Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethiopian American singer Meklit Hadero, along with various musicians who live along the world’s longest river, united for a boundary-crossing symphony of music. This April (March 31-April 2), Middlebury will be hosting the Nile Project for a series of concerts and talks.

In anticipation of this April’s event, a lecture will be given today by ethnomusicologist Dr. Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza. Dr. Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza is Associate Professor of Music at Makerere University (Uganda), where she is also the curator of the Klaus Wachsmann Music Archive. She is a sought-after presenter on topics such as Ugandan, popular, and church music, school music competitions, sexuality in music and dance, politics, plus gender and music. In this suite of three lead-up events to our Nile Project in April, Nannyonga-Tamusuza will explore aspects of music and dance selected from cultures in the Nile basin (Uganda in particular) and how they directly benefit from and are shaped by the resources of the Nile.

Date: Today, Wednesday, March 4
Time: 4:30-5:30
Place: Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall
Cost: FREE!

THIS WEEK: More Master Dance Classes

This week’s Woman in Dance showcase continues! Through today and the rest of the week, we have the opportunity to attend master dance classes with visiting dancers to learn from the greats. No dance background is required!

Today’s master class will be taught by image003Brooklyn-based Afaliah Tribune, who has toured with Rennie Harris Puremovement, Bebe Miller, and VOICES created by Middlebury’s own Philip Hamilton ’82. As a choreographer, rapper, singer, and songwriter, Tribune uses her various artistic skills and interests to create a marriage between movement and music in a way that speaks largely to the urban experience.

Date: Today, March 4th
Time: 4:30
Place: MCA Room 110
Cost: Free!

More master classes this week: Amy Chavasse (March 5th, 4:30), Bliss Kohlmyer (March 6th, 4:30), Pam Pietro (March 7th, 4:30). Don’t want to actually dance yourself, just watch? Tickets are still available for tonight’s Camille A. Brown and Dancers performance!

Talk TOMORROW: “Slayer of Demons, Consort of Gods: Bridling Feminine Power in Premodern Bengal”

Got some extra time around lunch tomorrow? Head down to the RAJ to hear what’s sure to be a fascinating talk by Jef Pierce, a visiting instructor in Religion, as he discusses his latest feminist research:

Poised at the intersection of the Brahmanical tradition and the local religious life of premodern Bengal, the circa 7th- 9th century Devipurna offers a complex negotiation of gender in its integration of extra-Brahmanical beliefs into the orthodox sphere. The adoption of indigenous goddess figures—many of whom are fierce, haggard, and/or deadly—advocates the efficacy of potent feminine energies, thereby allowing for a more prominent position of popular religious expression.

Date: Wednesday, March 4
Time: 12:15-1:30pm
Place: Robert A. Jones ’59 House Basement Faculty Lounge

Tom the Record Man is Here Today!

lot of records in sleeves

We’re “hip” at Midd, right? If there’s any “go-to” way to confirm your hip status, we suppose it’s a record collection. Truly, we hope you listen to the records as well as hang them on your walls, but either is great. Anyways, “Tom the Record Man,” a lovely man named Tom who sells a lot of records for pretty cheap prices, will be returning to the Midd bookstore to amp your musical repertoire today. Check it out.

Date: Tuesday, February 3
Time: 9am – 5pm
Place: Bookstore beneath Proctor

Translingual Magazine Open for Submissions!!!


Here at Midd, we claim to be all about languages. And many of us are. So, if you’ve got talent in any foreign language, enjoy reading any texts in such language, and wish you could share the beauty of another tongue with the campus at large, Translingual Magazine is the place for you. Founded just a couple years ago by two lovely Midd students, Translingual Magazine is a compilation of texts of any type (poems, stories, essays etc.) in which each text appears both in the foreign language and with its English translation. If there’s an English translation available, feel free to submit that, or translate it on your own! Translingual depends upon student submissions, so definitely take the time to consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to get published! Translingual co-editor-in-chief Kalya Koltes ’15 writes in to describe the submissions:

Calling out to all appreciators of foreign languages! Translingual wants YOU to step forward! Submit any piece of writing in any language you want. It may be your first time writing a poem in Arabic or your 12th time submitting a short story in French; we accept them both and
anything in between.

As long as you provide us with the original language and an English translation, we welcome any style and genre. In the past, we’ve featured fiction, nonfiction, poems, stories, cartoons, plays – whatever you guys come up with.

Have any pictures from your study abroad, vacation, or home country? Submit!

Send submissions to: [email protected]

More info: go/translingual

And finally: Check out our new logo created by the talented Danny
Andrada ’15!


Mellow Monday Middbeats

Mellow Monday Middbeats

Merry Mellow Monday in the first week of March! Here is some new music to augment the excitement of this straight up balmy weather. I added “I’m On Fire” by AWOLNATION because it is from Fifty Shades of Grey (which is just absolutely hilarious in all respects). On the subject of movies, “Blood” by The Middle East is from one of my all time favorite rom coms, Crazy Stupid Love. “Wrong Direction” by British India is a little on the angsty side, but hey, we are all angsty sometimes. Have a great day and happy March!


Disappear by Seryn

Land of Dreams by Langhorne Slim

Tides by Hey Marseilles

Arms by Seabear

Blood by The Middle East

Wrong Direction by British India

Dance Master Class and Tickets for Camille A. Brown

Calling all dancers, aspiring dancers, and those who really need a PE credit. This week, the dance program is sponsoring a series of master classes open to the college community. This is an awesome opportunity to learn from fantastic choreographers and teachers who have trekked all the way to good ole VT. A little more info from Michaela Davico:

[A note on PE] If you are looking for a PE credit, next week will be the last time to start attending one of the PE eligible classes, and receive PE credit. Simply show up and sign in for one of the classes. These classes are open to the college community. PE credit may be available with attendance at a minimum of eight classes; ask instructor for details. register at the first class unless otherwise noted.


Today’s open master class will be taught by Danae Hannah!
Denae Hannah, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, is a comedian, consultant, and the CEO of the dance and comedy collective DNA Comedy. She believes in the power of humor, movement, and fun to create new perspectives, bring healing, and engage difficult topics.

In addition to teaching a master class, Hannah will also present her work in the second half of the Camille A. Brown and Dancers performance on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Camille A. Brown is a prolific choreographer who has earned multiple accolades and awards for her daring works. Her latest work, Black Girl: Linguistic Play, is a multimedia depiction of the complexities of carving out a positive identity as a black female in urban American culture. Combining history and musicology with fantastical imagery from Alice in Wonderland, this work offers a grand narrative reflecting on feminism, patriarchy, and how women navigate within this world.

Master Class:
Date: Today, March 2nd
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: MCA Room 110
Cost: Free!

 Camille A. Brown and Dancers Performance:
Date: March 3rd and 4th
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: MCA Dance Theater
Cost: $6 for Midd students (tickets at go/boxoffice)