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Op Ed: Melancholy

from Maddie Hoar ‘17.5: I spent the semester doing an independent study to look at the topic of student stress at Middlebury with Professor Pam Berenbaum. Here is a link to the draft formal summary of my course with these concepts in greater detail. Other than broad causes that exist for any college student, there were a few tropes we found to be particularly true at Middlebury:   The busyness competition.Continue reading

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An Open letter to the Middlebury College Social Scene

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Sophia Parker ’18: 1. How does our categorization of students by class and race affect the stratification of Middlebury’s social scene? Difficult discussions on campus often generate around conversations of privilege and disadvantage. It’s no secret that many Middlebury students come from significant wealth. So when French Professor William Poulin-Deltour asked our French Politics class what demonstratedContinue reading


Arts Column: Some Thoughts on Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’

this is the second addition of Joy Zhu ’17‘s arts column: Sometime in late March, some of my friends and I, among whom had religious persuasions, watched To The Wonder by Terrence Malick. Afterwards, my friends A and B proceeded to parse their differences on Christianity. A, a Kierkegaardian, believes that the practice of Christianity is a process of letting God’s voice be heard to you in the process of self-reflection,Continue reading


Abroad in Rome: Staying Safe, Thanks to My Gun

Marney Kline (‘17.5) is studying abroad in Rome for the Spring 2016 semester. This is a comedy* blog, meaning we should all calm down. * She also writes for Middlebury Discount Comedy, a student sketch comedy group that has shows on May 17 at 9 & 10:30 PM. Please, do go.  My Gun So I actually don’t have a gun here. Nobody does. Except members of law enforcement. What? Yes. But in the spiritContinue reading

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Thursday Thought: Blah Blah Don’t Complain Be Mindful Blah Blah

Middbeat Dad Aleck Silva-Pinto ’16 writes in: “Often the expectation of a weekend imbues in us a great sense of urgency.  This urgency is then compounded by the amount of weekends one has left.  As my friends and I face a dwindling number of these briefs sojourns my anxiety gets a bit worse.  My Saturday nights are characterized less by good times and more by the constant need to find the best, theContinue reading

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Op Ed: The Tragicomic Awkwardness in Having a Dead Family Member

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole  from Millie von Platen ‘18.5: My very first day at Middlebury marked exactly one year since a sudden cancer killed my dad. Although it seemed very painful at the time, I have come to view the coincidence with a breath of relief: the mayhem of Feb orientation meant that I was kept from moping alone in my room,Continue reading

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Op Ed: Derby Day

*the following opinion does not necessarily reflect that of middbeat as a whole from Addis Fouche-Channer ’17 4:48pm : Sweaty bros in the same pastel outfit call each other “niggas” and laugh. All are clutching lukewarm beers. Derby Day 1:05pm :  I slip on a pair of bronze Jack Rogers that sleep in the back of my closet. I went to boarding school in New England. This is nothing new.Continue reading

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Crush of the Week

Crush of the Week: Julien Souffrant ’19

middbeat contributor Charlotte Reider-Smith ’19 sat down with Julien Souffrant ’19 to learn about some of his sandwich-making, stress-avoiding quirks.  MB: What year are you? Julien: Freshman. Class of f2019. MB: Where are you from? Julien: Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. From down south. Charlotte, North Cakalakee (North Carolina). MB: What do you think about romantic culture at Middlebury? Julien: Romantic culture at Middlebury… um…. I don’t know I mean I’m enjoying it now,Continue reading

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THIS WEEKEND: Midd Mayhem 2016

from MCAB Traditions: MCAB Traditions Presents Midd Mayhem 2016! Thursday, May 12th Student Bar at Crossroads -7:30-9:30 pm -Lemonade and Snacks -Otter Creek Beer, Woodchuck Cider & Wine -Live Music with MSTRYWHSKY Friday, May 13th machineheart concert on Battell Circle -8:00 pm Tropical Paradise at the Marquis -10:30 pm -18+ -Beachside Cocktail Menu -Tropical Ice Luge -DJs Peter HUffman & Norris Ou Saturday, May 14th Pig Roast on Atwater LawnContinue reading

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Op Ed: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet)

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Charlotte Reider-Smith: Dear High School Seniors: Don’t Go to College (Yet), and Don’t Come to Middlebury (Yet) You may have heard the news that I’ve seen all over Facebook that last couple of days – Malia Obama is taking a gap year. I’m extremely curious to hear what she will be doing. So, maybe not just becauseContinue reading

Thursday Thought

Thursday Thought: Thesis? More Like College… More Like Life #Existential

The Renowned Theodore Gold ’16 thinks a thought: “Writing a thesis is sort of like getting into college. And then going. And then reflecting on what it could have been. V meta, like a fractal. (Cause is it all could theoretically culminate at the same time). Dude… trippy visuals and proportions.   You expect something great. Like, transcendent great. Like, maybe this thesis will propel me from the underappreciated political science studentContinue reading

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FRIDAY: Gardner Campbell “Romantic Computing”

from the Provost’s Office: We are pleased to announce the second in our series of speakers for Envisioning Middlebury, our yearlong conversation. Dr. Gardner Campbell serves as associate professor of English and special assistant to the provost at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his talk, he will discuss how the paradigm of “romantic computing—the experience of wonders [and] uncanny encounters” through technology—can help us fulfill our highest educational ideals. Dr. CampbellContinue reading

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TODAY: Write-in

from MaryEllen Bertolini: Wednesday, May 4th from 8-11 PM, the Writing Center at Middlebury College will join 75 other colleges and universities from around the globe in sponsoring a Write-In between the weeks of April 24-May 5 .  Supported by CTLR, the Writing Program and the Library, the Write-In fosters a writing community by setting aside time and space in LIB 201, LIB 145 and the Harman Reading Room for studentsContinue reading

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WEDNESDAY: Talk by Rick Hodes: “Extreme Medicine: Practicing in Africa for 28 years”

from Pam Berenbaum: Hear from someone whose life took a very different direction than planned. Alum Dr. Rick Hodes (’75), subject of an HBO documentary, will speak about his treatment of some of Ethiopia’s most desperate patients. It’s not the journey he thought he was going to be on when he graduated from Midd. Date: May 4, 2016 Place: MBH 216 Time: 7-8:30pm Cost: Free

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Arts Column: Tristes Continents

In this column, Joy Zhu, a junior from Hong Kong who is studying abroad in Germany, will reflect upon mostly english and european cinema and literature as a foreigner to western civilization ‘Well you say that I treat you like a book on a shelf. / I don’t take you out that often ’cause I know that I’ve completed you’ remarks Conor Oberst in the song You Will. You? Will.Continue reading

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Press Release: JusTalks: Past, Present, and Future

“Diversity.” “Inclusion.” “Community.” This past year these words seem to have bubbled to the surface of campus conversation.  However, topics of power, privilege, and identity have always existed on campus, and various student initiatives have been wrestling with these issues for years.  JusTalks has been one of these initiatives. Since 2011, we have dreamed to engage the entire campus in courageous dialogue that confronts privilege, engages with difference, and contributesContinue reading

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Interview with Amelia Marran-Baden of The Consent Project

Ever find it hard to navigate the complicated, elusive world of sex, pleasure, and relationships? The Consent Project, started by Amelia Marran-Baden ’17, creates spaces on campus to have open conversations about these topics. From weekend brunches, to sacred sexuality workshops, to information sessions about the anatomy of pleasure, The Consent Project is working to reframe our paradigm of consent and sex by talking about it. Middbeat contributor Juliette Luini ’18.5 satContinue reading

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Crush of the Week: Willie Brown ’19

middbeat sat down with this atwater-loving freshman (???) and fell in love with his *caring*, *academic*, and *outgoing* demeanor.  MB: Where are you from? WB: Hinghah, Mass. MB: What year are you? WB: Uh, what does that mean? How old am I? MB: Yes what grade are you in? WB: So like 13th grade? MB: Yes. You’re a freshman. MB: Are you single or taken? WB: I’m mingling. MB: What’s yourContinue reading

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Reflections from Abroad: Lessons from the Subcontinent

*the following opinion does not necessarily represent that of middbeat as a whole from Oisín Reed-Kelly ‘17:  What living in Delhi has taught me about being a white dude: Disclaimer: I am just trying to relay my experience – In no way to I mean to generalize or claim to characterize India or Indian people as a whole. It wasn’t that I was previously not conscious of the systems andContinue reading